Honor Killing in Berlin

Two culture-enriching brothers from Afghanistan who now live in Berlin are facing trial for killing their sister, whose lifestyle they disapproved of. They allegedly killed her, cut her body up, and carried the pieces in a trunk to Bavaria by train.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Berlin Morgenpost:

Murdered Afghan female in suitcase. Charges against brothers

by Philipp Siebert
December 27, 2021

The accused brothers reportedly rode to the Sudkreuz train station with the body of their sister in a suitcase. Both brothers reportedly killed their sister and took her in a trunk on the train to Bavaria.

Berlin — Five months after the death of the Afghan woman Maryam H., the Berlin prosecutor’s office has brought charges against both of her younger brothers, Sayed and Seyed H. The 26- and 22-year-old men are accused of reproaching their 34-year-old sister for minor reasons. They reportedly killed the mother of two because they did not approve of her Western life style — especially after her divorce.

According to the indictment, both brothers lured their sister to a meeting under a pretense and killed her. Maryam died from beating, choking, and having her throat slit. Then they reportedly cut up the body, packed it in a trunk, and rode in a taxi to the Sudkreuz train station. Images from a surveillance camera show both of them with the trunk upon boarding the train amidst many other passengers.

Body was found in August in Bavaria

The destination of the two alleged murderers was Neuburg an der Donau in Bavaria, where the older of the two lived. The body of the 34-year-old was discovered buried there on August 5. The two brothers have been in custody since August 3.

The three siblings came to Germany from Afghanistan as asylum seekers in 2013. Maryam H. was forcibly married at the age of just 16 and had two children by her husband. The marriage was allegedly marked by violence, and so, on 2017 she was divorced under German law and took up with another man.

Lifestyle not compatible with “archaic ideas of honor and morality”

Her brothers obviously did not want to accept that. According to the indictment, they wanted “to punish their sister, by this act, for her Western-oriented lifestyle, which did not correspond to their archaic ideas of honor and morality and their image of women.” According to earlier statements by investigators, she was especially put under pressure and controlled by one of the brothers, who also lived in Berlin.

The 13-year-old son and the 10-year-old daughter of the murder victim will appear at the trial as co-plaintiffs, whereby they will be represented by the Berlin victim attorney, Roland Weber. Weber is also the victim representative of Berlin Regional State.

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  1. Memo to Berlin prosecutors:

    Those “archaic ideas of honor and morality” are not some quaint foreign tribal matter. They are standard Islam. This is Sharia.

    There is no penalty in Islam for a father who kills his daughter (Manual of Islamic law, “Reliance of the Traveller”, o.1 (4)).

  2. It seems that German prosecutors are beginning to detect a pattern. There is no instant recourse to allegations of mental illness.

    This is progress from their reaction to the Afghan honor-killing in Prien, Bavaria, in 2017. Outside the supermarket and in front of her children, an Afghan woman who had left Islam for Christianity had her throat cut by an Afghan who knew her and had followed her, years later, to Germany. “It was inconceivably terrible”, said an eyewitness. Authorities had the assailant taken to a psychiatric institution.


    • Sending these gd orcs to a psch ward is their way out for not dealing with the problem. Until the right wing welcoming squads come out to play and enact retribution that is both profound and absolute, this will continue.

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