If You Don’t Obey the Corona Rules, We’ll Take Your Kids Away

The following video was recorded by a German woman whose children were taken away by social services because she had kept them home from school to protect them from the masks-and-testing regimen they would have had to endure.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The translator summarizes the woman’s situation, based on the descriptions on Telegram, where the video originally appeared:

In the video she gives the latest update. She and her supporters have been singing (as she said she would) and she posted at Telegram a short video of that. The children’s home/facility where her children are located is at the opposite end of the city from where she lives. She thanks supporters who drive her there. In her opinion, this is done purposefully (the distance). Police were present while they were singing with one police car and five cops without masks, but they were friendly. She thanks them for that.

For unexplained reasons, she is only allowed to officially speak with her children twice a week. She was informed just before Christmas Eve about that. So regardless of the Christmas holiday or the fact that her children are under quarantine, she is only allowed two phone calls. There hasn’t been an explanation for this or any written confirmation, and the administration of the facility is unreachable.

She is only able to speak to facility employees who answer the phone. The evening before, she had to call back, because the children were eating [dinner?]. When she called back, she was told that she was only granted ten minutes and not permitted to speak about the actions she had been taking outside the facility. After questioning that, she was told if she insisted on discussing that topic [with the children], there would be no phone call. She said she wouldn’t mention it, but if the children spoke to her about she would answer their questions.

On the phone with her children, she asked how they were doing. She explains that they answered with an automatic “good”, but she could hear in their voices whether this is true or not. She explains that now she has to be cautious about what she asks them because it could be interpreted as manipulation. (For example: She can’t say, “you sound nervous or stressed” etc.)

The phone conversation was short because she was too upset and overwhelmed to continue. She told them that she is doing everything she can to get them out of there. Following that, they were able to watch her and the group of supporters sing to them from a window. She waved to them.

She addresses all the advice she’s been getting recently. The suggestion of breaking her kids out and leaving the country and “just do what you are told — wear the masks, do the tests and send them back to school” were not an option. Many have suggested organisations and lawyers. She is thankful for all the advice and support. She explains that she has been trying to speak with child protective services to find a compromise, such as another school, but they aren’t cooperating.

She isn’t permitted to find another school because they claim the children need to have an aptitude test before that happens. They’re stalling, and the test hasn’t happened. Her son has told her that they were told that they will now go to school at the location where they currently are — without testing. She receives no information, verbal or written, from the authorities. Lastly, she recently found out that the facility receives €15,000 a month for both her children. She says that pretty much explains it all.

She ends by saying singing in front the Children’s home is the only was she is able to see her children, even at Christmas time, and thanks everyone again for listening, support and caring.

Video transcript:

00:00   Dear listeners, today is the 22nd of December 2021.
00:07   I’m Maria, from Berlin.
00:11   Some of you know me and both of my children. Some of you will receive
00:16   this video message from friends or acquaintances.
00:21   I turn to you with a cry for help.
00:25   On November 15, the police along with child protective services broke into our apartment.
00:31   They physically overwhelmed me and violently separated me from my children.
00:36   They took them away and placed them in the foster care facility in Treptow-Köpenick.
00:41   The reasoning of the family affairs court judge is as follows:
00:44   Child welfare endangerment due to noncompliance with school attendance.
00:49   It is true that since the beginning of this school year my children have not attended school.
00:54   I feared the threat to their bodily and mental health
00:57   due to requirements of masks and regular testing.
01:04   I repeatedly requested assistance from the school direction and the school board
01:09   through distance learning, but this was refused to us.
01:15   The clarification of the question of how and to what degree
01:19   child welfare endangerment existed, if at all,
01:22   remains unanswered as well as the question, among others, of the safety of the tests,
01:28   the masks, as well as the legitimacy of the masks at all.
01:35   The child removal raid was orchestrated to be as dramatic and traumatic as possible.
01:43   To have done all this in the name of child welfare
01:47   and to justify the action as such is pure mockery.
01:51   Since December 14th, a quarantine has been in place on all the children at the facility,
01:57   after a symptom-free girl tested positive.
02:04   The isolation was to last seven days, followed by
02:08   the opportunity to regain freedom through testing.
02:13   In addition to that, the facility director ordered regular testing.
02:20   Although I prohibited this, my children were coerced [into testing] and, as I feared,
02:28   one of my children allegedly tested positive.
02:34   That means they will be in quarantine over Christmas until December 31st.
02:39   Neither of the children have symptoms. In other words, they’re healthy.
02:45   Since then, my 9-year-old daughter cries every time she’s on the phone with me.
02:51   She is homesick and missing me.
02:56   Nevertheless, I must honestly say, my two children
03:01   still have it better than the other children,
03:06   locked up alone in their rooms at the facility, because they are together.
03:10   My son and daughter play computer games the entire day.
03:14   No one occupies them with games or crafting.
03:17   Nobody talks with them about Christmas.
03:21   I made a request to the child protective services
03:24   that my children return home for the Christmas holidays,
03:27   placing myself in quarantine with them during their stay,
03:32   but I received no response.
03:37   When both of them are unable to return to me for Christmas, from tomorrow,
03:43   Thursday the 23rd of December, I will stand every evening
03:48   in front of the facility and sing for my children.
03:53   Whoever would like to support me in this effort
03:59   to have my children returned to me
04:05   and more specifically, bring attention to the suffering of the other children at the facility
04:10   and to all the children in this country suffering in the same situation.
04:15   Please join me.
04:20   The greater our numbers, the greater the attention we’ll receive
04:27   and the greater our safety will be.
04:35   At the following Telegram addresses you can contact us: @AniKa_17 + @mariamaria_71
04:40   We will tell you the exact location and time of our meeting.
04:46   Thank you for your attention. Thank you for condolences and support.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had to reimburse for the €15,000/month whether she got her kids back or not. If they were trying to make a point.

  2. “We are from the government and we are here to help…”

    Criminal behavior on the government employees part, IMHO.

    I heard that the real slave traders of old preferred to steal children from their families, children are smaller, eat less, have “more future” in front of them…

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