Four Years in Juvie For Burning a Woman to Death

Back in February I posted about a gang of culture-enrichers in the Swedish city of Nässjö who set fire to a house with an elderly woman inside, burning her to death.

The Swedish “justice” system has now thrown the book at those rascally youths: the ringleader has been sentenced to four years in juvenile detention, and his accomplices were given similar sentences. Ha! That’ll teach those young whippersnappers a lesson!

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

17-year-old sentenced to 4 years in juvenile custody after arson

ANNEBERG: On Friday a 17-year-old boy was sentenced for setting a villa on fire in Anneberg in Nässjö municipality and killing a woman who lived there. SVT reports that he has been sentenced to four years in juvenile custody for murder and arson.

The crime occurred on February 1 of this year. The 17-year-old admitted that he set the fire which caused the total destruction of the house and the incineration of the woman inside, but maintains that he didn’t think the woman was still inside and that he had no intention of killing her.

The Eksjö District Court convicted him of murder and arson as well as aggravated theft, vandalism, and harassment, and the punishment is four years in juvenile detention. He will also pay 180,000 kronor in damages to the woman’s relatives.

“That is a reasonable punishment, which corresponds to life in prison for an adult,” says Prosecutor Helene Thomasson to SVT.

Before the fire started the 17-year-old and his two companions harassed the 68-year-old woman. They followed her to her home and shouted curse words at her and spat at her, among other things. The woman called the police, who came, but by then the trio had left.

The two accomplices have been sentenced to juvenile detention and youth service for harassment and also for violation of the law for protection from accidents, since they did not sound the alarm for the fire.

9 thoughts on “Four Years in Juvie For Burning a Woman to Death

  1. Swedicide continues. If 4 years is equivalent to an adult life sentence I guess that is what, 5 years? No deterrence, no real punishment. Why bother to be a Swede? Just turn Muslims my friends, you are all going to be soon anyway.

  2. One of the many very positive things that the British Empire did for Hindu India was to pass laws that forbid the dumping of live wives on the funeral pyre of their deceased husband. The oh so clever feminised Sweden
    seems to be advancing backward again. Four years time to radicalise properly, be accepted in the ranks of ISIS and their fellow travellers the Muslim Brotherhood. The stuff of revolts on the mainland – wherever your mainland may be.

    • What was it that the British General Napier who was in charge of India said to the Hindu again? Oh yes of course, He Said, you may make your funeral pyres and right next to it, we shall build our gallows to hang those who throw women on fires. Thus no more females being sacrificed to Kali.

      • How many women will be remembered for liberation of females of all ages from Muslims? By the looks of it so far – zero. Very strange.

  3. He wont serve the entire term, mark my words.

    I suspect before half the time is over some deluded leftwing loony will start a campaign to set him free.

  4. I have reached the conclusion that the very concept of juvenile offender needs to be eliminated.
    Give them adult sentences and throw them in the tank with the sharks, especially for violent crimes.

  5. When I see what they did to that poor women and the times the police failed to do a damn thing to stop these bloody 3rd world vermin, I certainly know what I would do to stop this insanity before it got anywhere this deadly. It amazes me that one day these vermin are here, and the next day they disappeared, what a shame.

  6. So this piece of filth say he’s 17. I doubt that very much. By pretending to be a minor, he has blagged a smaller sentence. For a heinous crime like that, he should have got life.

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