The Mark of the COVID Beast

Jakob Tscharntke is the pastor of an Evangelical church in Baden-Württemberg. In the following video Pastor Tscharntke preaches a sermon about the parallels between getting the Corona vaccination and accepting the Antichrist.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It became clear to me these days in various discussions —
00:03   I’ll state this clearly, that whoever is vaccinated today
00:08   will one day with a very high probability also accept the mark of the Antichrist.
00:14   Why? The internal logic of what is happening is the same.
00:21   One type is completely deluded, here and there,
00:25   and does not understand what is really happening.
00:30   He will accept the most questionable syringe
00:34   as well as the Mark of the Beast
00:37   because he has no idea what is really going on.
00:43   A second type doesn’t really want to know.
00:49   He just doesn’t want to deal with it.
00:53   He just doesn’t want to offend; he wants to lead a comfortable life,
00:57   maybe wandering around for a while, with foreboding,
01:02   and finally, when the pressure becomes too great, he goes along with it.
01:07   Never really bothered with it, always pushing it aside,
01:11   burying his head in the sand, even though he sees the storm clouds and hears the thunder.
01:18   A third type knows exactly that it is wrong,
01:22   but does not have the strength to withstand the pressure indefinitely.
01:28   And what we are experiencing here, dear brothers and sisters,
01:31   has been for a year the highly professional
01:36   and ultimate tactics of attrition
01:39   at all levels and in all variants.
01:46   A part of society snoozes in a deep coma
01:50   of supervised thinking for sheeple.
01:53   And a large part of that in Christian communities.
01:57   The other part that at least partially understands what is going on here
02:03   will, through the daily back and forth of the Corona madness
02:08   and Corona terror, become systematically psychologically ruined
02:13   to break all resistance,
02:17   so that the unspeakable Satanic evil
02:21   can spread as unhindered as possible without any resistance,
02:25   and can decimate and subjugate the peoples of the world,
02:29   according to my very personal perception and assessment of the situation.

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