Burned to Death in Nässjö

This latest horror story from Sweden doesn’t mention any culture-enriching specifics about the “gang” that committed the heinous crime described in the text. However, I’m told that Nässjö is known locally as “Little Mogadishu” — an honor which had previously been conferred on the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis. I hardly need to point out that the main thing the two places have in common (besides Somalis) is Swedes.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Gang burned pensioner to death in Nässjö

February 3, 2021

[Photo caption — Three persons are being held for murder and arson]

Three people are being held for murder and aggravated arson after burning a defenseless elderly woman to death by setting fire to her house and letting it burn to the ground while she was home.

The rescue service was called to the villa in Nässjö (in Småländ) at 19:40 Monday, but by then the house was completely on fire.

The woman’s remains were later discovered in the building.

Earlier the same day the woman had called police after windows in the house were smashed by people who wanted to “f*** with”* her, reported Aftonbladet. Police visited the woman at the time and made a report.

A gang of four persons is suspected of being behind the act, but since one of those involved is under 15, he will escape punishment and is not being held, according to police.

According to information obtained by Aftonbladet, four persons were seen at the address just before the fire. They have also been identified in connection with the harassment, according to the newspaper’s information.

* Translator’s note: “F*** with” as in “harass”.

13 thoughts on “Burned to Death in Nässjö

  1. My oh my, who could have possibly been doing something like this?

    I take a educated guess here, but I’m pretty sure that this could have had something to do with a certain “Book” and a certain “people” that “read” it perhaps and want to follow it’s guidance?
    You know, like those “people” that created the “Myth of the Andalusian Paradise”, that specific and oh so tolerant type that loves to cultural Enrich others so much.

    But maybe, just maybe, they left their Firelighter lying on that “Book” for to long, and then the Firelighter took it on itself, like all those pesky knives, to use their bodies and minds to help the Firelighter to do the deed.

    We all know that inanimate objects tend to do that, since they cannot do anything by themselves and need to take over a human mind.
    The weaker the better.

  2. Sweden like the west of Europe is destabilising as fast as it can to meet the demands of enrichment. El Stupido laws. Muslims rule.

  3. The question I have for all who visit here is, if this was your mother or grandmother, what would you do? Be like the sheep, wring your hands and cry of what happened to your beloved family member and depend on a police farce that no longer cares about what happens to you or yours and that you should be grateful that your family member was sacrificed to the diversity god and that social cohesion is far more important than you and yours. Or? Would you be the Wolf and deal with those of the 3rd world that did yours harm by something far more profound and absolute? Look at your family members and ask yourself this question. Sooner or later, if it hasn’t happened already, this will affect you and yours and you will no longer turn your backs on the problem.

      At least you have your mobile / cellphone / handy (german word).

      It contains at least one camera, internetconnection and you can livestream the attack on yourself.
      AND as the mobile connects to celltowers the government knows your location down to 5 meters (officially!!!) and therefore knows how this burned body once was – or who the evil Nazi was, that dared to defend him-/herself against the glorious enrichment.

      So, be a good citizen, always carry your mobile with you and let yourself be enriched – without fighting back of course!


      • Alex, the thing is? That really is the bloody reality of it all. LOL Why bother calling police if you are the one they will prosecute for your trouble? Handle it yourself and leave the police out of it.

        • Then let me be clear:

          OK, you defended yourself and did the smart thing and ran away.
          You are safe, right?

          The first thing the police does is to check the cellphone connections.
          Now they now the names of all people who were in the vicinity of the “murder”, because if an enricher dies, regardless if he raped or murdered, he is the victim.

          And then you will be hauled in for questioning.
          How long do you think you can hold out?
          Do you really think you can outsmart the police interrogators?
          They do this day in, day out.
          And even if you can escape, the leftwing press will smear you.
          And lets not forget forensic evidence. If even one drop of blood of the enrichers bloodtype or DNA is found on your clothes – congratulations, you are charged with murder.

          We betray ourselves by carrying smartphones everywhere. We are already in 1984.

  4. Time to join the Chinese Communist Party as our Western governments will do nothing to protect us.

    • It’s bloody up to you to protect you and yours, depending on other people to protect you is a quick way to suicide. So man up and do what you have to do to ensure your and yours safety and well being.

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