We Can’t Throw the Rascals Out

It has now been one hundred days since the Investiture of the Puppet, and the political junkies have moved out of the “honeymoon” phase and into the early run-up to the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential contest. Republican stalwarts are plotting strategy for retaking the House and/or Senate. The intertubes are abuzz with speculation about whether Trump will run again, or whom he might pick as his running mate, or whom he might endorse if he decides not to run. Pundits and punditesses are tracking and analyzing Joe Biden’s every mumbled utterance and Kamala Harris’ every raucous guffaw. Cartoonists and meme artists are in a frenzy of mockery, given that they have so much ludicrosity and buffoonery at hand to work with.

But, really, what’s the point?

To all appearances everything in the political world is business as usual. As if nothing out of the ordinary happened in the wee hours of November 4, 2020. As if millions of votes weren’t created out of thin air — call it “fiat voting” — by the party that runs the permanent government and operates in symbiosis with the media and Big Tech. As if the same scoundrels aren’t in control of how the votes will be counted next time. As if they aren’t plotting even greater control (see H.R. 1, the “For the People Act”).

Even Donald Trump seems to subscribe to the widespread illusion, and is looking forward to trying again in 2024. Doesn’t he realize why he lost to an unappealing apparatchik afflicted with senile dementia? Why does he think the result will be any different when he has to run against Kamala?

I enjoy reading the punditry of mainstream Republican partisans, who post witty and entertaining observations about all the bizarre political goings-on in Washington D.C., or on the Left Coast, or in the lofty empyrean of the ivory towers of Woke Academia. But I don’t confuse any of it with reality. The sound and fury of D.C. bears no more relation to real life than do The West Wing or The Simpsons. Paying attention to all that political theater is just a way of passing time until Ragnarøk finally arrives in full force.

I must admit, however, that I find it difficult to put aside my ingrained habits of thinking. Whenever some particularly grotesque Progressive policy is implemented by city, state, or federal lawmakers, my customary response is: “Well, those people got what they voted for.”

It’s hard to remember that they may not actually have voted for it. It’s quite possible, especially at the federal level, that key office-holders who shepherd the enactment of all this egregious wokeness were not the choice of a majority of voters in their particular constituencies. Democrats and RINOs have now perfected the process of controlling who gets elected. From now on there will be no legislative majorities that do not support the preferred policies of the Powers That Be.

When I stop being enthralled by the baroque theatrical production inside the Beltway, and think about what’s really happening, it’s quite depressing. That’s when I wish I could take the blue pill and re-enter the Matrix. Alas, I haven’t yet figured out how to do that.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Democrats now have better control over how the votes are counted than Stalin could ever have dreamed of. And, unlike Uncle Joe, they don’t have to order anybody shot to make sure of the outcome. Or not as many of them, anyway. Just a few unfortunate suicides and car accidents here and there.

There are three major factors that have enabled their iron grip on the election process:

1.   Democrat dominance in all major urban population centers, with the exception of Salt Lake City;
2.   Advances in digital electronic technology, coupled with the Internet; and
3.   Total lock-step control over 99.5% of the media.

These advances have allowed them to do something that Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili could never manage: they have kept the vast majority of the electorate completely oblivious about what has happened.

People who get all their information from the mainstream media or Facebook or Google News believe that Joe Biden really won last November’s election. They believe that Trump supporters really are vicious racists. They believe that being able to marry someone of the same sex is a fundamental right, and that only Christian “haters” think otherwise.

In contrast, when Joseph Stalin ran the U.S.S.R., almost nobody believed the party line. Most people were simply afraid to go against it.

Not that fear doesn’t play its part in the Country Formerly Known as the United States of America.

Anybody who has heard about the January 6 Capitol “insurrectionists” that were arrested, beaten, and kept in solitary confinement knows that it might be bad for their health to express their deplorable opinions in public.

Anybody who has seen teachers and public employees lose their jobs for un-PC statements knows that it’s not a good idea to say, “Girls can’t be boys and boys can’t be girls.”

Anybody who has followed the coverage of the BLM riots knows that if he stands on the sidewalk holding a sign that says “All Lives Matter”, he might find a screaming mob on his doorstep that night throwing rocks through his windows and setting his house on fire.

Yes, fear is definitely a useful tool for the Wokistas who now run the country. But my intuition says that more than half the populace — even some of those who voted Republican — think that Donald Trump really did lose the election because he said mean things on Twitter and alienated people of color.

The propaganda of the Powers That Be is effective. It actually works. Therefore much less fear is required to keep the public in line than was necessary in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

People really believe that Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m pretty dysphoric about the future of the dystopia I’m living in. I don’t hold out much hope for any positive change before a general collapse occurs.

Yes, it’s true that elections still mean something at the local level. When I vote for a member of the Board of Supervisors in my county, I know the guy I’m voting for. He doesn’t have the means to steal the vote electronically. And the people in my district from both parties are diligent in ensuring that the votes are accurately counted. And when it becomes necessary to throw the rascals out, we can do it.

Unfortunately, the remit of the Board of Supervisors is limited. And even at the state level there is only so much that the legislature can do. The federal behemoth squats upon the statehouse like a giant toad, dropping fiat bucks from its warty haunches to induce the provincial rubes to get with the Progressive program. State legislatures are totally dependent on federal money to fund education — och, the puir wee bairns! — and highways, so when the Wokistas in Washington lay out their program for the curriculum or “infrastructure”, legislators and governors have almost no ability to resist. If they want to get re-elected, they take the money and do what they’re told.

There’s a slight chance, a very remote one, that the legislature in a key state like Arizona or Pennsylvania might vote to overturn the election “reforms” implemented by the Democrats and nullify any federal mandates about how they must conduct elections. They could require a manual count, not an electronic one, with official monitors from both parties to observe every step of the process.

Yes, that’s possible. I just don’t consider it very likely.

TINVOWOOT. There is no voting our way out of this.

We can’t throw the rascals out.

And, unfortunately, they’re going to get a lot more rascally before all this is over.

48 thoughts on “We Can’t Throw the Rascals Out

  1. today, May 1st is a communist holiday.

    and communism is in the pedophile joe biden administration.

  2. America, IMHO, is dead and with it the rule of law in the west Along with the peace of the world. I always views the Trump presidency as a temporary and ultimately doomed rear guard action. We enter now a new Dark Age. No time to be morose though, our Book told us to prepare for this. Maranatha!

    • maranatha = Come our Lord

      Europe will go and will drag the whole world with it.

      EU was created to supposedly keep peace. Today it is a catalyst for wars and civil wars — just around the corner. Some have started in Sweden, Britain, France and Brussels.

      No darker age has the world brought upon itself as today’s.

      They don’t want to admit that their policies are deadly: They tell us jihadis are culture enrichers.

      they pretend to defend democracy in Hong Kong Or Alexei Navalny to prove they love freedom and free press .

      well they are their own citizens’ , and nations’ enemies
      how could they be other foreigners’ friends…. unless one is so stupid as to believe them.
      They defend democracy in Venezuela, Myanmar, China…. but they hound those who work sincerely for their nation…. like Mr Trump.

      • @ Adam: Re: “EU was created to supposedly keep peace. Today it is a catalyst for wars and civil wars — just around the corner. Some have started in Sweden, Britain, France and Brussels. ”

        “Keeping the peace” in the wake of the Second World War may have been one of the stated reasons for creating institutions like the UN and EU, but the actual reasons had much more to do with globalism and the drive of people like David Rockefeller to bring as much of the world as possible under their control.

        The European Union itself is frankly globalist, and has been since its inception. Its acknowledged founder, Count Richard Coudenhove von Kalergi (1894-1972), was one of the original “globalist” thinkers and many of its aims come directly from his work and his writings and philosophy.

        Kalergi, whose father was an Austro-Hungarian diplomat, and whose mother was a high-born Japanese, was of mixed race and believed that the “ideal European” of the future would likewise be a racial hybrid. Accordingly, Kalergi believed in eradicating the borders, languages, cultures and distinct peoples of old Europe. European civilization was to be erased as the price of building this new vision.

        Kalergi claimed until the end of his life that he was against national socialism, Nazism and Hitler, but many of his ideas echo those of the “Austrian Corporal,” such as his belief in racial engineering and eugenics. According to Kalergi, in order to create the “ideal European” of the future, it would be necessary for Europeans to breed with the darker-skinned peoples of the world from Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere.

        In 21st-century Europe, Kalergi’s ideas about eugenics have already been put into practice by globalists and their surrogates, in places like Sweden and Germany, where government-paid ads exhort native European girls and young women of child-bearing age to date “refugees” and “immigrants” from other places, rather than their own kind. And to house these newcomers from the Muslim world, for example Turkey, native German pensioners are being kicked out of their apartments to make way for these “new arrivals.”

        Every year, a new recipient of the Charlemagne Prize is named, in honor of the individual judged by the EU to have done the most in that year to have advanced their ideas and agenda. It is also called the Kalergi Prize after its namesake, and past recipients include Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Tony Blair, Jean-Claude Juncker, Bill Clinton, and Pope Francis.

        • Diversity/Multiculturalism = Balkanization = Massive Bloodshed, as history has shown time and again yet useful idiots are hell bent on shoving it down our throats until the blood begins to flow, and they are shocked and surprised that nature didn’t take to their insane ideas.

        • “Eugenics” has absolutely nothing to do with simply encouraging people to marry in or out of their ethnic group. Eugenics is about improving a particular breed, be it animal or human, by deliberately selecting those regarded as having positive attributes.

          Ways to rapidly (hours) analyse DNA have been developed and numerous markers (up to thirty) strongly associated with IQ and other mental traits have been identified.

          A DNA blood analysis of a woman can be done on a woman both pre and post conception. Assuming a pre conception analysis of the mother’s blood has been performed, at the age of only five weeks fetal gestation a DNA comparison of the mother’s and the fetus’ blood mix could be done and it would be possible to assess the genetic potential of the five week old fetus (only the size of an apple seed at that stage).

          The mother-to-be would then be in a position to make a rational decision.

          I suspect that a certain historical entity will be invoked here by those who have absolutely no understanding of what eugenics actually involves.

          • Too bad that bloody Austrian Corporal didn’t put that mongrel Kalergi into one of the camps to save us from his stupidity

          • Having the bloody 3rd world invade our western shores lowers the IQ of the nation state, it is that coldly simple, the bloody Bell Curve shows you that.

  3. They are hoping that nobody will notice that we live in a post-election age.

    And Trump? Showing us every day that he really always was a swamp beast, and his ludicrous appointments of one swamp creature after another were meant.

    Stick a fork in it, it’s done. I am kinda curious about Maricopa though. It’s good to see all the hysteria lest the truth be outed even in the mainstream channels.

    • If you hate Donald J. Trump it is apparent that you have brainwashed by CNN and the other fake news media.

  4. In an article at the beginning of the year I questioned whether the response would be Rotweiller or Chuauah – I thing we now know the answer to that.

    The USA now has separate legal systems for Left, right and elite.

    We’ll have to rewrite all those songs:-

    “Way down yonder in New Caracas”

    “Oklahoma – when the FBI comes rushing down the Mall”

    “When I get to Albuquerque I’ll be arrested”

    “thers a curfew over L.A., and my friends have lost their pay”

    “West Virginia, mountain stronghold”

    “San Francisco here I defecate”

    “Chicago, Chicago, my bulletproof vest”

    • Very apt observations

      God has blessed America and the undisciplined and cowardly hypocrites ruined it.

  5. New York, New Pork

    “Oh give me a home where the FBI roam, and BLM and the Antifa play”

    “Nancy, Nancy Pelocci Queen of the wild country”

    “Keep them deplorables movin – Biden”

    “You’ll find him, on the side of total disorder, from the Mexicali border, to the roamin hills of Arkansas.

    Biden, Biden, tearing up the Texas Plain

    • And then there is

      California Screaming…

      and don’t forget Gates’ personal hymn

      This land is my land, this land is my land
      from California to the New York island…

      • Gates owns more farmland than anyone else. Prepare for the Gates Holodomor when he lets all of it go fallow…..
        We need to lose a few lbs anyways…

        • The Gates are divorcing. Two anti-Christ deviants trying to kill people with their poisonous vaccines.

  6. Baron- this is indeed one of your best, most profound and saddest essays that I have read in these pages. I am in total agreement with you and if anything, I can say that in the Blue DemoCommie Slave States (like NY where I have the misfortune to live) things are already much worse, even when it comes to the local elections.

    My suburban county is still Red Republican but the the towns are turning Blue as the Washed Ashore’s from the NYC cesspool make their way north to escape the dystopian wasteland they created.

    Every level of State government is controlled by the DemonRats- Gov. Killer Cuomo, the state Legislature, the mayor of NYC- DelAssholio an avowed Communista. We already have our own version of the Green New Deal and they just managed to shut down Indian Point, the wonderful nuclear power plant that has been supplying the City and suburbs with some 20% of their electricity. Can’t wait to see how the Libs like the rolling blackouts this summer when they try to use their air conditioners.

    As far as our magnificent President Trump- I have zero tolerance for those who criticize him and his many accomplishments. This man faced more obstacles to his presidency than any other president in our history. He was under vicious assault 24/7/365 as well as all the other horrors that his family and associates had to endure.

    Yet despite all this, President Trump managed to give us energy independence, lower taxes, fewer regulations, control of the immigration situation, etc. etc. He was one of the greatest Presidents ever and if he had not been CHEATED out of the election and allowed to complete his second term, no doubt he would have drained the Swamp as well.

    For now, I can only console myself that it is always darkest just before the dawn. There is an army of 75 million+ people who voted for President Trump and who are getting sick and tired of what is being forced down our throats. Unlike the USSR and other dictatorships, millions of us have guns and know how to use them.

    I also am reminded of the words of Solzhenitsyn, ” Sometimes I feel quite distinctly that what is inside me is not all of me. There is something else, sublime, quite indestructible, some tiny fragment of the Universal spirit.Don’t you feel that?”

    • Seneca, why don’t you move to Nashville, Tenn. Nashville is democrat run but Tennessee is a Red State. You would be given Southern hospitality always because that is how we Tennesseans are. Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro and other conservatives live in Nashville and they love it here. We would welcome you with outstretched arms.

    • The Old Republic was bookended by two of her greatest presidents: Washington and Trump. Trump showed what could be done. May God bless and preserve him.
      The darkness is upon us.

  7. To possess critical intelligence was a wonderful thing, once upon a time. Today though, it is less wonderful. Indeed, it is deeply depressing. Everything BB states in this article is true (I believe) and like him, I no longer think we can vote our way out of it.

    This cheers me up though, I WANT to see an uprising and I want to see the evil, criminal left run from the field of conflict they set their camp on in 1968 and have expanded ever since.

    • You Brits are going to need Americans to send you boatloads of arms to get the job done. There are also tons of arms in the east, if you know where to find them. As a 1st Gen American of Prussian/Austrian extract, we still have very strong ties in Europe which will serve us well when the coming Great Purge begins. I dare say it might start in France.

  8. Nicely summed up. They have their dhimmocracy, we lost our Republic because dhimmocrats got the power to destroy our Republic. I don’t know where the power came from, but none of the institutions from the Supreme Court to the individual moral person acted to protect our Republic. The exceptions being 1) Mike Lindell ( the My Pillow man), I’ve watched his Absolute series, but will the movers and shakers act on any of the evidence? and 2) Sidney Powell the attorney, and her lawsuit with dominion voting systems. If the courts have not been eviscerated, through bribery, intimidation, or blackmail, the discovery process will be both illuminating and vindicating.

  9. True, but the Woke ascendancy cannot last very long. Even Dzugashvili knew better than to try to repeal the basic laws of biology or to promote hatred of Russian culture and history. The Wokeistas will very soon run their Titanic into the cold iceberg of reality known as China.

    • Wrong, the woke useful idiots of the left are going to run into fed up nationalist with an ax to grind against anything left. The day China decides to invade the US, they will find a very nasty war of gruesome horrific attrition of no holds barred and war practices not seen since the Middle Ages.

  10. I don’t pretend to understand the intricacies of the US’ electoral system, and the additional complications caused (apparently) by the federal system’s allowing individual states to oversee its operation, but fools rush in, etc…

    In the UK, ballots are monitored, and votes counted, by an independent organisation, the Electoral Reform Society, which is apolitical apart from campaigning for proportional representation, and guess what, its impartiality is accepted by all of us, including the parties. Maybe a model for the US to adopt, at least in an ideal world.

    • Guffaw! Your mail in votes in muslim areas are a bloody farce, so who the heck are you trying to kid!? Anywhere there is mail in voting there is fraud.

        • For Pete’s bloody sake! It is still going on to this day! For God’s sake man! Wake up and see the reality of it all!

    • Dominion and Smartmatic machines are here for the London mayor election….so if you think the UK is different think again.

      • You should read a very profound espose called Vatican Assassins. It is inside information from the Vatican. hope you enjoy it.

  11. When the Supreme Court ruled that states could run their elections any way they wanted, I knew honest elections were over.

  12. We ain’t voting our way out of this mess, we will have to at some point come out shooting our way out of it. I see people commenting here all the time with their wishful thinking that there will be somehow someway to have a magic vote if we click our heels together 3 times and wish there is no place like home. Listen up good people, if you haven’t seen the writing on the wall and have prepared for the coming bloodshed, you are nothing but a statistic in the making and sheep for the coming slaughter. There will be ONLY two types of people in this world shortly, Killers and victims, so start being the Wolf, or be that surprised statistic.

  13. With a sad heart I agree with Baron and, like Mr. Weston above, would like to see us quit arranging deck chairs on the Titanic and just get quickly to where we know this must end, either in overt totalitarianism where no one will be able to keep their head in the sand, or outright civil war and the splitting of the country.

    With a tiny number of exceptions, the majority on the right in DC seem blind to the urgency of the situation, not seeing this as the massive historical inflection point that it is, and still imagine that playing by the rules will suffice when the opposition isn’t even playing the same game any more.

    It’s up to us as individuals to fight back against the evil as best we can and I admit that scares me, for wars are fought be the young.

    • Embrace the suck, no one gets out of life alive. So why let it scare you? Age, treachery and experience always overcomes youth, stupidity and inexperience.

    • You know, when Trump was urging the Georgia January vote, I was saying to people, why bother? It’s the same system that cheated us in November. Yet nobody wanted to hear it.

      • I really don’t want Trump to run again as I believe he was not competent enough as the executive for the job. By this, I mean that he appointed the absolute worst people that a general would need to go to war against the deep state. You know I am talking about the attorney generals be appointed as well as the FBI Director and others. Not only that, but he passed the buck of leadership and criticized Mike Pence for not thwarting the election when Trump himself had signed an executive order authorizing him to take strong actions and make arrests in the event of foreign meddling and election fraud here in the states. He didn’t have the guts to do what he wanted Pence to do. I don’t believe that Trump was working for the deep state, I just believe that he took a job that became impossible for him to handle when he didn’t marshall the forces necessary from the beginning.

  14. “G” is correct when he says that we will not vote ourselves out of this mess and anyone who thinks we can is delusional. Don’t think that vote rigging was a one time event, we will never see fraudless voting again until the commies have been removed and communist governments can only be put down from the business end of a gun. My advice would be to buy a gun or two or three, plenty of ammo then lock and load.

  15. Yes agree with everything. I told my friend I feel like I am living in the matrix last week. I walk along the street and think how long can I live here? I will miss the warm weather and beaches. I watch all these people who think that we can sell our country to China and still continue to have the same rights and lifestyle as the last 70 years. They are living in a dream. I can’t talk to them as they blindly believe the media, the Marxist teachers and communist Labour trade union politicians like Dan Andrews. Despite all his personal stuff ups and bankrupting the state (happening soon) he has an approval rating of about 60%. I go to work and listen to Dan Andrew’s acolytes talking in the staff room and say nothing. Universal suffrage was a bitch. Democracy has been the best way to make decisions about who rules and how the country is run, but the majority no longer rules, we have all these fringe interest groups pulling decision making to the irrational left. Democracy is a bitch though when the country is flooded with other people who are fast tracked to voting rights after they have lived here for 5min.
    TV advertising is now “ white man with Asian wife” or “white woman with African man”. No one allowed to marry their own race. Mongrelising the population breaks down culture in a generation. That’s why it is being down and young people brainwashed.
    The Australian women are the worst, they are so greedy and self interested. They spend all their money on themselves then complain they have nothing to retire on but must have the right to steal everything off any man who comes near them. They also want mass refugee migration because they want to be seen as good, but they really expect someone else to pay for it as they often don’t work and expect others to support them already. When they end up homeless because they spent their entire income on hair,clothes and make up they expect everyone who didn’t to fund them. That’s why I call them Mad Cows, they are mad.

  16. Nothing will change for the better until those who FUNDED the coup are dealt with. Yet not dare even speak their names! The filthy maggot tribe swill will not tolerate the truth of their evil!!!

  17. For those that wonder, “when”, IT will happen, it will be when the right sees the Left covered in the blood of those on the right, and probably not before. To those that say it will never happen, I say, read up on your history. It’s replete with narratives of Leftist takeovers which always wind up over reaching, like the present one, and then no one is on any fence. To those who muse that, “All those guns, and none fired”, I say buy some hearing protection, because this country will erupt into gunfire from one end to the other. Every horrific episode you can imagine is on it’s way, and worse. And lastly, to those who muse that we’re all DOOMED! you’re probably right. Winners think and act like winners, not victims and prey. The whole mess is simple. Just work the problem.

  18. I’m on the same page, Baron. It’s a mess on such a grand scale that there’s likely no way to fix it now. Like a house left neglected for too many decades, it’s better to let it collapse altogether and rebuild a new one later. So when the world seems wrong, you need to right your self. Focus on protecting yourself and your loved ones. You can’t save the nation, but you can protect your piece of it. You won’t be alone in doing that. And when this idiotic scam of a government collapses altogether, people like you and me will be the ones to rebuild something better.

  19. there is a book called Vatican Assassins about your [religion]. It is a very profound book. Have you read it?

    • The bloody jesuits have always been the enemy of the Church so quit lumping those commie heretics in with the rest of us.

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