Masks Help Protect Us From Fines

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this amusing clip from Germany, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Hello. You will be wondering why I have a helmet on.
00:06   Yes, he will now be my constant companion, the reason for which is:
00:10   I read in a Stanford study that the probability
00:14   of dying from a Corona infection when one is under the age of 70
00:19   is 0.05 percent.
00:23   This also explains why one could not determine any excess mortality for the past year.
00:28   And then I read something else, namely from NASA. NASA writes;
00:34   “The probability that the earth
00:37   will be hit by an asteroid is
00:41   0.2 percent per year.” So, four times more likely.
00:45   And that’s why I’ve got myself a helmet like this one now.
00:48   It’s for my own protection; it’s a so-called FFP2 helmet.
00:53   By the way, FFP stands for “free falling parts”.
00:57   And then, I still have this helmet,
01:01   very thickly stuffed with aluminum foil
01:04   That way I have a twofold benefit, first a hard hat,
01:09   and the other hand a tinfoil hat.
01:12   In terms of wearing comfort, very pleasant.
01:15   Much more comfortable than with any mask,
01:18   and also much safer and healthier.
01:21   Nevertheless,
01:24   I have to clearly point this out,
01:27   MASKS protect… against fines.
01:31   PLEASE NOTE, thank you, good-bye.