Soros: A Man with a Mission

The following thoughtful essay by the Hungarian writer Demeter Szilárd was immediately deleted almost everywhere it appeared. After 24 hours of publication the author was forced to delete his Facebook account. has preserved the original article. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation:

Soros: A Man with a Mission

by Demeter Szilárd

Published on, November 28, 2020
“Revoked” on November 29, 2020

I observe quite a few artists and intellectuals nearing to the end of their lives and looking back to their oeuvre, perceiving that they have been judged in the balance and found wanting; just moments after their deaths they would be forgotten — even by their biographers. Somehow, I can understand the frustration of these people. They have made bad choices and are now facing the consequences. Everybody is living their own lives, but — what is more important — as philosophers have said: everybody will die their own deaths.

Presumably George Soros is struggling with the same feelings. Just before the end of his life, he was hit by the truth of the commonplace wisdom: money does not bring happiness. One cannot bring his money with him to the opposite side of the river. The financial security of his family had been established long ago for several generations to come, so only one question remains for him: what will happen to George Soros once he ceases to exist? He is not talented as a writer; his philosophy is troubled and inconsistent. He is, however, smart enough to realize he is not a genius. This might be his greatest grief.

Standing in the doorway of death, George Soros is carving his own statue. He thinks of himself as a man with a mission. His mission: George Soros, the New Messiah. However, this mission is lacking a transcendent dimension. The god of George Soros is George Soros, incarnate and descended to our world in the form of George Soros.

He is moving his chess pieces on a global chessboard. Given that the key to his financial success is playing unfairly, no wonder he also keeps changing the rules in his assumed “world-saving” chess game to his own taste. He is the playmaker, the referee, the striker and the scoreboard clerk in one person.

We have seen enough of this type in the history of mankind. Those with enough money and power made themselves dictators; those lacking it, servants of the dictators. And all of them — without exception — wanted to reach the throne of eternity by climbing a mountain of the corpses of the victims of their own tyranny.

In today’s world, the path to the throne of Soros leads across our very bodies. Europe has became the gas chamber of George Soros. The toxic gas is flowing from the capsule of the “multicultural open society”, lethal to the European way of life, and we, the peoples of Europe are doomed to fight for the last gasps of breathable air treading and climbing over one another’s bodies.

These Liber-Aryans are now aiming to exclude us Poles and Hungarians from the one last political community where we still have rights. We are the new Jews. Call it the “open society”, “rule of law” or “solidarity” — these are all just code words for the same ideological bludgeon, and are used as instruments for the deprivation of our rights. When they question the will and ability of Hungarian and Polish voters to choose their own way of life or elect their own political leaders, they are essentially saying that we have big noses, we stink and we are lousy. We are deemed “inferior creatures” by them. Believe me, practically speaking this is what they think of Central and Eastern Europe, all “E-European” nations.

They are topping their aforementioned behaviour of good old supremacy and colonization with a nebulous utopia. Because of the situation not being any better in their Western countries than in ours, Liber-Aryans are fighting their own battle: their fêted cult of “embracing diversity” is attacking our right to be ourselves. Anyone they cannot re-educate into a “multicultural person” is in their crosshairs. It sounds better than Übermensch, but it is fundamentally the same concept.

George Soros is the liberal Führer. And his Liber-Aryan army worships him in an even more servile manner than Hitler’s worshipped him, back in the day.

They have learnt nothing from the 20th century.

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  1. Sometimes, rarely, the bogeyman is real. It is amazing how much damage relatively small amounts of money can do when properly targeted. Soros has tipped elections for state Secretary of State and Attorney General in many states and major cities. They conduct the elections, and enforce the laws, respectively. Or don’t. He has gotten a good return for his investment.

  2. “If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    One can certainly hope and pray that Soros is almost at the end of his evil life.

    • Exactly.

      He was a Nazi collaborator at 16.

      One sees that he hasn’t changed much.

      I’m sure that he’s a subcontractor for bigger powers, too. Perhaps the Chinese Communist Party? That’s my guess, anyway.

    • It would be far better and more effective if he were to be helped to the hereafter with extreme prejudice and a smile and the rest of his God forsaken spawn as well.

      • The only thing that would truly affect such an evil creature would be to know with a certainty that his evil works will not survive him. His evil son winding up as the recipient of a hemp necktie, his vast fortune being confiscated and used to fund nationalist groups around the world, and all his evil NGOs being dissolved and their leaders being put to the sword prior to Soros himself facing capital punishment for his crimes would be the only way to truly punish him.

  3. Soros can’t have much time left. Meanwhile, here’s hoping that Hungary and Poland continue to resist, that they protect their cultures and – with any luck – thereby hasten the death of the EU and globalism.

    • His God forsaken spawn are as bad as he is and his millions are funding these bloody evil ideas and people who at some point have to be dealt with.

  4. Here here! Fantastic, well, truly written,

    I want to hear that George soros is DEAD!

    I believe he will die soon, George soros is a pathetic pile of [ordure]

    George soros is A murderer, a rapist, a paeodophile,

    George soros is a tin pot Stalin,

    George soros, the game is over for you………flea before the mob surrounds your house!

    • Don’t forget He have son ,who will be charged of same barbaric actions like this old fart , He destroyed Europe and way of life if Europeans, along with Merkel., Macron , and whine elite in this awful European Union ..

    • Actually, I feel sorry for him. I would not want to stand before the Lord God who is seated in His great white throne and be forced to answer for all that I have done while the flames of hellfire are licking closer in anticipation of having me for a BBQ lunch.

      • I don’t put much faith in divine justice. If truly there is a God, he doesn’t have much power here in that such evil creatures as Soros are allowed to not only exist but flourish. I am far more interested in temporal justice, since there is no doubt that when a slug like Soros is hanging from the end of a rope that it has been served in this life.

        • I suppose you mean like those who arrested, tried, beat and crucified Jesus the Messiah the Son of the Living God. Is that the God to whom you refer?
          Since HIStory records such a person and event, one would have to be ignorant to not know this. Moreover, if He did not rise from the dead why does history not simply record that His body was presented in public for all to see? Again, He is risen He is not here is what is actually recorded. And the Roman guard that was posted at the tomb was likely paid off to remain silent as the penalty for allowing a body to be stolen under their watch was death! All 16 of them.

          It must be that the disciples, whom all scattered when He was arrested came back to steal the body away, right?

          Daniel 4:17, 25, 32….

          ….until you know that the Most High rules in the Kingdom of men and gives it to whomever He wills.

          Repent and believe! Lest you REMAIN under the wrath of Almighty God and condemned already…. John 3:36

    • I had not heard of his rapist and pedophilic tendancies, although I wouldn’t be shocked if it was indeed true. Such a slimy Jabba-the-Hutt looking slug of a man with the wealth he has stolen through currency manipulation certainly isn’t a saint in his private life.

    • soros look like a reptile and he is like satan on earth. hoping for satan to welcome him to hell where he belongs for being a Jew killer.

  5. Ole Soros sure doesn’t like anyone criticizing him does he? Amazing that he can just make a bloody phone call and make FB post just disappear. History is littered with Soros type, they all come to a very bad end and it can’t come soon enough. When these high and mighty types start fearing us, they will cease and desist from their excesses, it is the only language they respect and understand, for they truly feel they are invincible, it is time to show them just how wrong they are.

    • I don’t think they fear us at all. They are far too arrogant for that, and even if someone were to start hunting them down and take care of justice Jack the Ripper style, they would still think they were special and immune and invincible. Historically, most of these evil creatures don’t come to the end that they deserve.

      • About bloody time that changes eh? God give me 50 rough hard men and I will do what needs to be done with extreme prejudice.

  6. I don’t get why this writer’s article got taken down. It is just his opinion. Why would Facebook care? Why bother fussing about it? If Soros has all that money, and power people talk about, why would one little article be a threat?

    • His post was taken down, when all the Jewish organizations in Hungary (there are plenty) started screaming in unison. (Yes the so called conservative ones too). It seems they learned nothing from the decapitation in France and Germany, they still vote and support for the Left and attack anyone who dare to compare themselves to their fate. In the previous week the Bolshevik opposition called Orbán a new Hitler and Stalin, they were quiet. A couple of months ago there was a mid-term election, because a Fidesz representative died in an car accident. The person the Left selected to replace him, is a real life neo-Nazi from Jobbik, who now completely melted into the Liberal-Bolshevik opposition. Surprise-surprise all the Jewish organization were not only quiet, but openly supported the guy… Funny how this works!

      • Good post, CrossWare. And thanks for the translation.

        Influential elements of the Jewish community have a death wish. The liberal US Jewish community supports mass immigration. The dynamics will not be the same as in Austria, because in many parts of the US, the population is well-armed and won’t tolerate attacks on the Jewish institutions, even if the Jewish institutions work against European ethnic nationalism.

        I got into a dispute with one of the Israeli nationalists I follow. I’m convinced if liberal American Jews mass migrate to Israel, they will ruin Israel’s very functional nationalism. He says that once liberal Jews migrate to Israel, they learn very quickly what the realities are. I think if enough people like that migrate, they will form the same types of cultural-Marxist echo chambers they have here, and will stay entirely devoid of reality.

        • Jew here, though not American – Canadian.

          Judging by secular Canadian Jews, you’re right. Your Israeli nationalist really doesn’t quite grasp the degree of depravity in the North American secular Jewish community. Overall, I’d say that we’re marginally worse than non-Jewish urban “white people” politically.

          Israel has survived nicely because of the large Mizrahi and Russian populations that have no use for the left. Add the Druze in there, too. If it were just the Ashkenazi socialists, the end would have probably happened.

          I’m pleased to hear that in Israeli high schools, a common insult is to call someone a leftist.

          Add 1 million secular American Jews, and that probably wouldn’t be the case any more.

          A trickle would be absorbed into the mainstream, but a large number at once would be disastrous – a process of Californication writ large.

          I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

  7. I think it was Benjamin Franklin that said;
    “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

    George Soros on the other hand wants to get into History Books by any means necessary.
    His personal Mantra seems to be;
    “If I can’t get easily into the History books for any good deeds, but for bad ones I’ll have a place in History for sure.”

    Hardly anyone of the younger Generation remembers Mother Theresa, but everyone remembers Adolf Hitler, Mao, Stalin and Lenin.

  8. not much face in the divine Justice —– then look at Azerbaijan a tiny little frog that can be crushed by Russia in 10 minutes but has faith in Allah. turkey has faith in Allah,therefore; they are brothers even Russia could not Crush Azerbaijan recently because their belief in Allah provides them with many Allies including turkey, NATO then the evil prevailed and instead Armenians were slaughtered

  9. As you rage against Soros for his actions, and are labelled ‘anti-semitic’ for doing so, Hitler raged against the Soroses of his time and was labelled anti-semitic for doing so.

    As such you should beware using the critical language of Hitler you do..

    He was ONLY a man that that fought decently for freedom and independence for European people. He was not intent at putting other European people to the sword, or binding them with the yoke of slavery.

    What you want, independence and ability to control your own lives, he wanted.

    They demonise him (with non-stop lies and propaganda) to stop European people from having such things, and demonise you in his name to deprive you of those things too.

    So don’t be unkind to uncle Hitler, he fought the same fight.. you.. and we all do.

    Europeans do not rule in Western Europe, the people Hitler fought for independence do, and we need to fight them just as he did, but win through, to be free.

    • Yeah. Hitler was a fine, misunderstood fellow who had only the welfare of the German people in mind. The attacks on innocent Jewish shop-owners, nullification of decorated Jewish German World War I veterans, mass incarceration of innocent German Jewish civilians in death camps, and last-minute commands consigning Jewish death-camp occupants to death when they might have been simply freed: these were just unfortunate by-products of Hitler’s nationalism.

      And Hitler was a German nationalist who only wanted the best for Germans? So, why did he command the army at Stalingrad to stand its ground, consigning it to mass death and leaving the defense of Germany proper to 16-year-old boys. And why did Hitler leave last-minute instructions to destroy all German industry and infrastructure because he felt the German people had let him down? Instructions only ignored because Hitler’s successor, Admiral Donitz, countermanded Hitler’s orders. With nationalists like Hitler, you don’t need globalists.

      Those who worship Hitler as the German savior have holes in their heads and rocks where their brains should be. Hitler was exactly like Soros: an evil driven man of high, but not exceptional, intelligence with enough skills to thrust him into a position of influence for which he was entirely unsuited. Hitler was every bit as deadly for Germans as he was for Jews.

  10. I am trying to think of someone who is super rich and that made all of their money by honest means. I am drawing a blank. Can anybody help me out here?

    • Probably Elon Musk comes the closest. Although he has taken quite a bit of money from the Feds, I don’t hold that against him. Better it were spent on a man who is running his own space program and will get us to Mars and beyond instead of on enabling the breeding of even more illegitimate feral orclings and future Democrat voters in the inner city ghettos.

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