Silvia Sardone: The European Union is Just a Pathetic Concentration of Propaganda

Silvia Sardone is an Italian MEP for the Lega. Last week I posted a translated article that referred to remarks made by Ms. Sardone in the European Parliament. The following video shows her complete two-minute speech.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   …colleague Sardone for two minutes.
00:04   Thank you. This report on the fundamental rights of the European Union
00:10   seems really to be the program of a party of the Left.
00:14   In fact, to tell the truth, the extreme Left. There are passages which, frankly,
00:19   are really factious and embarrassing.
00:22   I quote you just some of the many which I was able to read:
00:27   You talk of a European Union that has helplessly watched the spread of racism,
00:31   Islamophobic sentiments, hostility and intolerance toward Muslims.
00:36   But you say nothing — I say nothing — about terrorism,
00:40   about the victims of attacks, about those who hate us Europeans,
00:44   and our way of life, our culture, and our values.
00:48   You say, rather, that anti-terrorist policies should not lead to discrimination.
00:55   It is absurd and shameful.
00:59   On the immigration side, you take it out on those who defend the borders, security,
01:04   and national sovereignty, for example, Matteo Salvini. You speak of the criminalization
01:08   of solidarity, the rejection of law,
01:12   the policies of racism, and that they hurt human rights.
01:16   But not one word of condemnation against human traffickers,
01:20   against those who favor illegal immigration, against those NGOs
01:23   who systematically violate national laws.
01:29   And nothing against those, who through the business of reception,
01:32   profit from the immigrants to enrich themselves. In the report,
01:36   there is even a passage against police officers and their abuses.
01:40   You say they should limit their use of force in order to avoid disproportionate reactions,
01:44   but not one hint about the violence to which
01:48   men and women in uniform are subjected to every day. It is intolerable.
01:51   In summary, this European Union is already just a pathetic concentration of propaganda.
01:55   So, in summary, don’t be amazed if citizens have little faith in you. Thank you.

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  1. This women is telling the truth , “ protect Muslims, nothing mention about terrorism „ its disgrace, and disgusting what that EU. Us doing to European people..

  2. Turkey men having the inside on NATO and some of the latest Russian weapons known and unknown. Together with a huge fifth column spread across Western Europe. Even Bozo de Wrecker and feminist half men and idiots to boot everywhere. Erdogan must be awake with possibilities.

    • It’s even worse because he officialy stated in 2019 that Turkey should poses nuclear weapons. So, in a few years Turkey will be unstopabble.

      • Unless all those tortured into submission anti Erdogan forces seek revenge and revolt. True blue scruffy and his collection of third world characters in the UK and Trump missing in action is not a very positive outlook.

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