Everything for the Benefit of the Migrants

The following article from Il Giornale references a speech given in the European Parliament by Silvia Sardone, an Italian MEP for the Lega. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation:

Europe’s priority on migrants: housing and jobs for those who disembark here

The new plan on integration into the EU revealed: Space and social inclusion projects and new housing for migrants. Meanwhile, the report on civil rights arrives in the European Parliament: No mention of terrorism, priority given to the fight against racism and Islamophobia

by Mauro Indelicato
November 24, 2020

Crucial days in Brussels, between sessions in the European Parliament and commission meetings. It was to be expected, given what is happening in all of Europe, between the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis.

Still, the ongoing arguments have nothing to do with recovery or recovery plans. On the contrary, they talk about migrants and civil rights.

The EU plan on integration

In these days, for example, placed at the top of the work agenda of the European Commission is the new plan for the integration of migrants. These are multi-year projects, with which the EU is trying to give precise directions on the issue. In recent hours, the plan, which will substitute that approved in 2016, and which should last for a period of time including the years between 2021 and 2027, was announced by the European Commission itself.

It is based on four principal pillars: Education, work, access to health care, and adequate housing. The responsible principals of social policies are the member states, but the EU has the possibility to coordinate the policies and give specific directions. And according to the institutions of Brussels, in the coming years, the various governments must always commit themselves to inclusion, with investments and spending relative to more adequate accommodation for the migrants present in EU territory.

The first point concerns inclusion in the world of education: “There is a need to commit to education and training that are inclusive from early infancy to higher education,” the commission plan reads, “concentrating on the facilitation of recognizing qualifications and on continuous learning of languages, with the support of EU funds.” The second point, however, concerns the work world, where all migrants, “and women in particular,” the plan further reads, must receive the support to express “their full potential”.

Then there is the third point, concerning the health sector. “In addition to specific financing of the EU, “the document states, “the action plan looks to guarantee the people are informed as to their rights and recognize the specific challenges faced by women, in particular during and after pregnancy.” Finally, the fourth pillar calls for, “adequate and convenient finances through the European Fund for regional development, the European Social Fund Plus, the Asylum Fund, and Migration and Invest EU,” to find better housing for migrants.

Investments and priorities that could cause — and not a little — those outside EU institutions to wrinkle their noses. Especially because for the moment, in the countries hardest hit by the Corona virus pandemic, there are no clear indications as to funds that the EU will make available to restart the economy. Whose eventual collapse, not so remote through anti-contagion measures, could involve everyone, from citizens to migrants.

Report on fundamental rights

Also because then, if on the one hand, the commission is giving importance to the plan on integration, on the other, the EU Parliament, at this time, is discussing the report on the state of fundamental rights in 2018-2019, And here, according to the EU institutions, the priority is to stop the spread of racism and Islamophobia: “Instead of confronting the actual situation, it seems the program of a party of the extreme left, with passages that are biased and embarrassing,” commented Lega deputy Silvia Sardone in her remarks in the European Parliament. “It talks of a European Parliament that has helplessly witnessed the spread of racism, of Islamophobic sentiments, of hostility and intolerance against Muslims, while saying nothing about terrorism, victims of attacks, about those who hate Europeans, our way of life, our culture, our values.”

Scrolling down the report, it speaks, in effect, of measures to take against the spread of policies that lead to discrimination and, in which a presumed “criminalization of solidarity” would emerge, with clear reference to
the tug-of-war in recent years between the Italian government of the yellow-green alliance and the NGOs. The priority, that of the EU, is quite far from a reality where, on the contrary, millions of people await a concrete response on the economic and health front.

7 thoughts on “Everything for the Benefit of the Migrants

  1. The organised invasion, replacing of Europeans, and the phoney covid 19, it’s all part same plan.

    Klaus schwab, merkel, the wef, and Davos cabal.

    The eussr kalergi plan, and the great reset.

    Now you see the big picture coming together.

    This is organised happening genocide against European peoples, white people taking place in front of us in real time, and we just sit watching!

    We’re being replaced, invaded, taken over, the organisers sit in Eussr, wef, who, un.

    It’s the re-estabilishing of the communism all over again!

    The same cycle repeating over again.

    We’re already prisoners to these people.

    I imagine soon they switch off internet, has to be,

    They going confiscate private property, it’s one main aims in communism, the abolition of private property.

    The covid is a test run, the worst is on the way, including the abolition of cash!

    We’re all done for here, this is worse than hitler and Stalin, mao,

    We all must refuse, don’t cooperate!

    • I am not particularly fond of describing the designs the globalist elite have planned for us as being communistic in nature. Communism is an easy to conjure image for the average low-information voter but it does not accurately describe what the elites truly want to do to us.

      In true communism their is a common ownership of all, and the gross and abhorrent wealth imbalances that exist in the modern world and especially amongst the globalist elites vs the rest of us wouldn’t exist. I don’t advocate for communism or socialism, and indeed the lofty idealisms of its theories break down when they come in contact with human nature. It’s only redeeming feature is that it was an attempt (although deeply flawed) to deal with inequalities due to class and wealth.

      A true characterization of the globalist elite’s designs for us is a neo-feudalism, where the vast majority of those of us who are allowed to survive are there strictly to service the elites who will constitute a new post-modern noble class with unimaginably vast wealth and power and privileges. Those of us who are allowed to inhabit this brave new world will not share in any of the spoils and will live degraded, menial, short, nasty, and brutish lives to do those few tasks that robots and algorithms cannot. The depopulated world will be turned into a paradise for the elites, and a small degraded remnant will keep the machines running while they are physically confined to their places of work and kept distracted and isolated with their own virtual online prisons of pleasure so that they never can come together or even desire to do so in order to organize a revolt. Monitoring by AI and algorithm will ensure this; violations of edicts will be enforced by drone strikes or just poisoning of the daily ration of insect protein, and when worker bees reach a designated age they are “recycled”, ostensibly as part of a planned society but really to reduce institutional memory and costs of caring for aged bodies.

      This brave new world will have as little in common with communism as an elite [epithet] such as Klaus Schwab or Soros has in common with a lower class factory worker anywhere in the world. And what it promises to be will be far more terrifying and horrific than communism ever was.

      Oh, and have a happy and cheerful Thanksgiving!

      • As I said, it’s going be worse than hitler, mao, or Stalin,

        There’s a lot of similarities with to Marxist ideology with the planned methods and future script of this latest bunch of rule the world wannabes,

        They hide there true intentions by supplanting euphemisms, like environment, nature, build better, reset, diversity, sustainable,

        It all sounds so nice 🙂

        It’s just how they got the millions of children, women, men, boys, hoarded into cattle wagons,
        destined for the ovens of Belsen, aushwitz, by telling them they were going on a holiday, at an education camp.

        Sounds appealing to maybe,

        Whether this globalist gang who are supporting schwab merkel and all other traitors who now leading billions of us to our deaths are commies or not,

        They must be defeated now, pronto, at all costs, these EVIL PEOPLE, they must follow THE FATE OF ceacescu, hitler, Mussolini,

        These EVIL globalists must be defeated, anilhated from this earth!

      • That’s the full Dictatorship of The Proletariat phase.
        We still have to slog through the Necessary Socialism phase, where domesticated animals are farmed in high density complex’s, fed a rich diet of newly created because covid Digibux(TM), less taxes, fee’s, fines, levies, social credit penalties, sundry extortion’s &c. The remainder of the Digibux(TM) will be absorbed by Gov’t-Corporate partnership Service Providers, where the domestic animals may rent (just spitballing, here…) drone-delivered Cheezy Buggers(TM) or a low mileage ‘HunterB'(TM) brand ‘Niece’ E-Simulator(TM)…
        In leafistan… RCMP will enforce all covidiocy edicts, including ‘a bad attitude’, or; Careful What you Say, or you could end up dead of FMJ poisoning.
        Given the left coasts horrific informant culture, the ‘Monties’ Business Model (Service Provider with Revenue Streams) and One Jack Boot Fits All Operational model (reflex shooting-general ineptitude-overkill-aggressive belligerence and full immunity) promises some sporty days ahead.
        OPSEC and Tradecraft, folks…
        Covidiocy Business relief…The soi-disant government will provide covid relief when your small business tanks because of state imposed lockdowns that do nothing to mitagate an artificial political and economic nodemic.
        Just sign your assets over to the state.
        Or, as disguised; Elimination of Ownership
        I had assigned a low reliability to that supposed federal committee leak in September(?) detailing the schedule and plan, though the contents rang 100% s’truth.
        So far, it’s right on time, and they are implementing the plan verbatim.
        Not a bleat from the NPC’s.

  2. We must overthrow these so-called elites. This cannot go on. Spread the word. Talk to your friends and family, explain what’s really going on. It is by educating them that we will create the revolution.

    • Don’t forget.
      ‘Modern’ liberalism – overwhelmingly being fueled by feminist thinking – is destroying every principle upon which the western world was so successfully built. It hates democracy and will find any means possible of circumventing it.’

  3. These elites do not fear us and that is their critical mistake. For men do not fear swords, men fear monsters, time to become a monster of terrible vengeance and wrath that is absolute and profound. Soros and all his ilk should not have a moment of rest nor any of those who have taken his 50 pieces of silver.

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