Cultural Enrichment, With Tourniquet

In the following video a man in a German hospital bed gives an account of what put him there. It seems he attempted to serve an eviction notice on a “Syrian” “refugee”. Big mistake!

The prosecutor’s office ordered the alleged assailant released before his victim was even discharged from the hospital.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   My name is Alexander Arpaschi. I am 50 years old.
00:04   Today is 18th of November 2020.
00:08   I’ve been admitted to the Municipal Hospital in the city of Karlsruhe on Moltkestraße.
00:15   Yesterday, on the 17th of November at 10:30, I arrived at a shared apartment
00:19   with my building manager and maintenance man. I rent this apartment
00:25   to students. I was there to deliver the immediate eviction notice to a Syrian occupant,
00:31   because he was harassing the other female occupants of the apartment.
00:35   The girls lodged complaints about him to me and I attempted to resolve the issue.
00:42   During my visit, I was attacked. The Syrian came at me with a sharp object.
00:49   The police have still not informed me what it was. It was either a knife or a shard.
00:57   It severed my biceps muscle and it severed an artery.
01:05   I had a finger joint dislocated along with several other abrasions and contusions
01:13   all over my entire body.
01:17   From this entire incident, what makes me most furious is the fact that while
01:23   I’m being driven to the hospital with a tourniquet that nearly made me lose my arm,
01:27   and then having to go through an emergency operation and wake up sometime later
01:31   in the afternoon, I find out that the Prosecutor’s Office of Karlsruhe ordered the police
01:39   to release my attacker.
01:43   I don’t what kind of system it is that we’re living in, but it is guaranteed to be the wrong one.

6 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment, With Tourniquet

  1. Bet he will continue to vote for more of these orc-importers in the next election. Even if he didn’t vote for those who import such orc filth, their voting system likely will ensure his vote goes for them whether he wants it to or not. I would imagine Germans are smart enough to engineer a vote fraud system that isn’t quite so blatantly obvious as the Democrat fools managed to do.

    There is a proper way to deal with the Karlsruhe Prosecutor for such treasonous and despicable acts, but it isn’t anything that can be printed here.

    • What I do enjoy is watching day in and day out of these 3rd world savages committing atrocities on the natives and the politicians doubling down on stupid to admit more, giving them more tax payer money and free stuff all the while letting them commit any crime they want with impunity, and then to really top it off, prosecute the natives for objecting! I mean you can’t make this stuff up ! The insanity of it all at some point will all come crashing down because human nature demands it despite these leftist traitors best efforts. What is interesting to hear and watch is the natives are getting restless and angrier by the day, where is will soon spiral out of anyone’s control.

  2. Thanks Merkel!!, you have blood on your hands big time, You invited enemy of your own people, I hope justice will come soon , is unimaginable what is happening in Germany, ..

  3. The establishment politician is the enemy. Once the majority accept this pretty obvious point, maybe then the correct actions will take place.

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