Culture-Enriching Femicide

Mariana Harder-Kühnel is a member of the German Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following video she speaks on the floor of the Bundestag about the abuse and murder of women by migrants, addressing her remarks to feminists who protest about the “patriarchy” without ever mentioning the role that cultural enrichment plays in the increasing violence against women.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mr. President. Ladies and gentlemen.
00:04   Every third day in Germany, a woman is murdered for just one single reason. For being a woman.
00:12   Femicide is the name of this crime, and Germany has become
00:15   one of the hotspots for these targeted killings of women.
00:18   One could of course be puzzled by this. What are the reasons for this contempt for women?
00:23   Sure, it could be — as the Left constantly claims, and which is also included
00:26   as part of the present proposal — it’s due to hierarchical gender relations. Patriarchal dominance.
00:32   This often leads to the oppression of women,
00:36   and to directly applied violence, and sometimes even death.
00:40   There are societies in which women are valued. Germany used to be such a society.
00:48   There are also societies in which women are treated like dirt.
00:52   Treated like slaves. Second-class people, whom you can marry
00:56   in their childhood, as well as being permitted
00:59   to murder them for reasons of honor.
01:03   These societies may found in North Africa and in the Middle East.
01:08   Germany is well on the way to becoming such a society.
01:13   You are turning Berlin into Baghdad.
01:19   This is a result of your policies of unhindered migration.
01:23   You justifiably complain about patriarchal dominance,
01:26   although you actively import masses of aggressive machos from the ultimate patriarchal societies.
01:33   How does that fit together?
01:38   Many of the migrants from these societies who have been Merkeled into German society
01:43   aren’t willing to integrate themselves
01:47   into our society at all, let alone assimilate. Why is that?
01:50   Because they don’t have to, due to your policies.
01:53   They don’t want to integrate into our society because of the lack of our own identity and —
01:56   Madame, would you allow a question? —No. They don’t respect us due to our lack
02:00   of self-esteem and strength. They don’t see us as a desirable role model.
02:04   And so the machos stick to their traditional image of women
02:08   and continue to treat women as second-class citizens.
02:12   People who can be molested, beaten and murdered at will.
02:16   Just take a look at the numbers. The number of victims of violent crimes committed in partnerships
02:20   has been rising steadily since 2015. Now we have more than
02:23   140,000 victims of violence in partnerships every year.
02:26   Eighty percent of these are women. It is striking that although foreigners make up only 12%
02:31   of the total population, 33% of perpetrators of domestic violence are migrants.
02:37   German nationals with a migration background are not even included.
02:42   Women’s shelters continue to burst at the seams.
02:46   By the way, almost 70% of the women in women’s shelters have a migration background.
02:50   Seven years ago it was less than half that number.
02:54   Because of the devotion to cultural sensitivity, political correctness,
02:59   or simply ideological cowardice, groups of perpetrators
03:03   are deliberately ignored on account of their cultural and religious backgrounds,
03:06   which promotes a culture of violence against women.
03:10   Please just stop with your deceptive multicultural romanticism!
03:14   That’s the purest racism! —I especially address those sitting on the left side of this room,
03:17   who proudly claim that they are women’s rights activists.
03:20   They are the ones pursuing a policy that imports archaic ideas
03:23   and the oppression of women into Germany a million times over.
03:26   However, there is hardly a mention of this in the motion.
03:29   Not a word about multiculturalism. Zero. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they are turning a blind eye.
03:34   After all, they want to appear sensitive to culture. God forbid that someone might be offended.
03:39   If you aren’t willing to call a spade a spade, you’ll end up having a phony debate.
03:43   No one takes it seriously. This isn’t really going to help women.
03:46   This is your drunken utopia of multicultural politics, the consequences of which
03:50   end up being a real nightmare for many women.
03:55   Take up the fight against the circumstances that lead to femicide, but then
03:58   please do it completely and above all, honestly.
04:01   If you want to protect women, you have to deal with the causes
04:04   for the increased violence against women in Germany, without any ideological filter.
04:09   If you don’t want to see obvious connections, you make yourself complicit.
04:13   Complicit in oppression of women.
04:17   Complicit in the physical abuse of women. Complicit with women being murdered.
04:21   Complicit in femicide. Thank you very much.
04:25   I will allow a short rebuttal from Ms. Anke Domscheit-Berg of the Left Party.
04:33   Thank you very much, Mr. President.
04:39   As usual, the AfD manages to argue without fact while being as racist as possible.
04:45   I have occupied myself with topic of gender justice for many years,
04:50   even before a certain number of refugees came to Germany.
04:54   I wrote a book called “Somewhat Similar is Not Enough”,
04:57   and it contains a chapter on the topic of violence against women.
05:01   It also contains statistics. I can send you a copy if you like. Allow me to read you some numbers:
05:07   In 2014, there were 160 femicides per year.
05:11   In 2015, there were 136. So that’s less than 160.
05:17   This show that we have had a decreasing number of cases almost every year.
05:21   I’m not trying to say that the problem has become less significant. It is still scandalously large.
05:26   However, in the year 2019 there were 117 femicides compared to 160 in 2014,
05:34   obviously a decrease, which proves your racist argumentation
05:39   just doesn’t stand up to facts. You are blind to the fact
05:44   that this phenomenon actually exists in Germany, has always existed,
05:48   and has nothing to do with the phenomena you describe.
05:51   Mrs. Harder-Kühnel, do you want to respond? Please.
05:55   It’s wonderful that you have now promoted your book,
05:59   but I’d rather focus on the facts than on the figures you fabricated. Thank you very much.

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  1. It’s all been said. Nobody is listening. Merkel like Hitler and his gang stands proud. It’s over when it’s over.

  2. “Madame, would you allow a question?”
    I object to the term “second class citizen”. Muslims don’t consider women “citizens” at all.

    • What are women doing about it? Apart from a rant every now and then. Use it or lose it. Your freedom that is.

      • What they are doing about it is to keep voting for the left every chance they get.

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