The Geert Wilders Trial Was Rigged

Here’s the latest twist in the Geert Wilders case — breaking news from the Netherlands via our Dutch correspondent H. Numan.

The Wilders trial was rigged

by H. Numan

Of course most (sane) people know that, but how to prove it? Fortunately, our progressive activists are most helpful.

Enter Akwasi Owusu Ansah. He pretends to be an artist as a rapper. Personally, I don’t see rap as art, more as vocalized progressive whining. Akwasi was born in Ghana, in the Ashanti tribe. That’s one of the tribes that got really rich through slavery.

Akwasi didn’t like it in Ghana, so he moved to a land of milk (lots of it) and honey. He thinks he is an artist and went to work as a rapper. He is one of the many filthy rich millionaire commies. Firmly aligned with the extreme left of the extreme left. His assets are several millions in (Dutch) real estate. But don’t talk about that too much. Neither does he. That spoils the ‘poor oppressed gangster’ illusion. What Akwasi did, until last week with impunity, was to make death threats against Black Pete. I’ll talk about Black Pete in a minute. He tweeted many times that he wanted Black Pete killed, and even offered a reward of €500 for someone willing to do his dirty work.

Last week he tweeted that he was going to kick Black Pete in the face, once he spotted one. That was one tweet too many. Especially after the trial of Geert Wilders. Some people filed complaints with the police. A DA was put on this case… and… came to a gentlemen’s agreement. His lawyer (not Akwasi himself!) would read an apology, and the case would be dismissed.

This district attorney is Jacobien Vreekamp. She is not only DA, but also was chairwomen of Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP), an extreme left-wing and violent platform. It’s not marked as a domestic terrorist group, but should be. She is also director of the Anti-Discrimination Bureau of Amsterdam. This gentlewoman’s agreement is not exactly the way she normally operates. She is known for her harsh demands as a DA, especially when she can hang someone not toeing her preferred political line. She is not only ruthless, but also merciless.

This news broke over the weekend. It is causing a huge outcry, nationwide. Understandably, Geert Wilders is livid. He immediately announced he will ask questions in Parliament, on Monday.

Given the enormous outcry, the prosecutor’s office has placed her on non-active status, pending an investigation. There was little else they could do. Hushing it up won’t work. Interestingly, Jacobien was removed from a controversial case in which 25 condemned accused are on trial for racial discrimination on this Monday. It took a mere nine months to get this case on the agenda. One can give birth faster.

Let’s have a look at Jacobien Vreekamp. All judges and DAs are required to report if they have side jobs somewhere else. A lot of them simply ignore this rule. What they do outside the court is their affair, they think. Not really, because it has happened that a judge was personally involved as an legal advisor to a company that was sued. He ruled in favor for that company. As a judge it is very difficult to get punished. This judge was reprimanded, nothing more. Now he is a judge in the High Court.

Jacobien is not just DA, she is officially the DA for discriminatory cases. In Amsterdam, which is effectively a people’s republic. The communists rule the council and everything else. The mayor of Amsterdam is Femke Halsema, ex-leader of the CPN (Communist Party of The Netherlands, now GreenLeft). She is also director of the Anti-Discrimination Bureau of Amsterdam, as I mentioned before. Not only that, she was one of the directors of KZPO. Which makes her extremely biased in favor of the accused, to say the least. In Dutch we call that ‘een slager die zijn eigen vlees keurt’ or a butcher who inspects his own meat. It’s a proverb expressing extreme prejudice.

What will happen? Too soon to tell. I’m already surprised the DA’s office suspended her, especially during the weekend. However, this is The Netherlands. And Amsterdam in particular. Given the fact that the DA is already suspended, it’s likely that the politburo of Amsterdam will arrange a nice comfy job for her somewhere else. Where she can keep monitoring antidiscrimination, and take action. Another DA with the same or better qualifications — read that as: someone to the left of Che Guevara — will take over her job.

Will it influence the Geert Wilders’ appeal? Not directly. This comrade was, as far as I know, not involved in his case. She may have heard about it, or spoken with the prosecution. Nothing that can be proven. It wasn’t her case, this is way above her level. It might, eventually, play a very minor role during the appeal to the High Court. Which is two years or more in the future.

Will this Mr. Akwasi be prosecuted? Probably not, but it’s too soon to tell. Given the nationwide outcry and the swift intervention of the DA’s office, not impossible. Wilders rightly protested against this kind of judicial bias. He has been fighting for six years against much lesser charges, while this scumbag isn’t even chastised. At the moment of writing the DA’s office has no intention of prosecuting him.

Now about Black Pete. Not only Wilders is prosecuted unto death, so is Black Pete. In America you celebrate Santa Claus, which is a very ancient Dutch festival. Santa Claus comes from Sint Nicolaas or Sinterklaas. Our Santa is a Roman Catholic bishop. Not a ho-ho-ho character, but a dignified Roman Catholic bishop in full dress. With miter and crosier. Our Santa doesn’t live at the North Pole, but in a palace in Spain. Traditionally has a helper, named Zwarte Piet or Black Pete. Helper, mind you. Not a slave.

Is Black Pete blackface? Definitely not. It’s the proverbial stick to beat a dog with. Compare it with the word garçon in French. The word can mean waiter (old-fashioned) or boy. Nowadays eyes may be raised if you call your waiter with “garçon”, but that is recent. The word has no connotation at all of the American southern slang ‘boy’. Some Americans who speak French are offended by that word. Or one might compare it with the Dutch verb for breeding of animals: ‘fokken’. The verb sounds like another verb I won’t mention, but really means to breed. Our Black Pete is as much blackface as fokken means ‘that other word’.

What the progressives did was pick a word, in this case a dearly beloved cultural icon, and run with it. Contorted it out of proportion to fit their need. As long as they are successful with it, they will use it. The moment — could be now — people come to their senses, they will drop it. Do you hear much about acid rain, or the hole in the ozone layer? Not a lot. Those hoaxes have run their course. They served the good cause, now we move on to something new. Something that will have to be debunked ad nauseam as well.

Black Pete is now officially banned on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon,, and most major shopping chains in The Netherlands. To test it out, I placed a picture of Black Pete on Facebook. I was banned for 24 hours, for placing hate speech online.

Not that I care a lot about Facebook bans. I’m far more worried about the effectiveness of the Left in destroying our national heritage.

— H. Numan

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  1. Dear Baron,
    Another excellent and educational post. I did not know about Black Pete, although I’ve heard about him. We live in very interesting times. May you live in interesting times was always a curse, historically speaking.

    Thank you for this post. It was very educational for me.



  2. This melanin enhanced idiot dindu is the true racist. THe dutch love Black Pete because he is a fun character and is Santa Claus helper. He is happy, he spreads cheer and dances around when Santa comes to town. Black pete should be protected by the Dutch.

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