Newborns Must Be COVID-Tested!

This story from Quebec is quite disturbing, as is so much of the Coronanews of late. Governments throughout the West have arrogated unto themselves totalitarian powers, tossing aside constitutions and basic law. Fundamental human rights are abrogated at the whim of elected officials who have declared a nebulous state of emergency based on “science”.

In the following video the distraught mother of a newborn baby describes the way hospital authorities demanded that she allow her child — despite its being confined to a therapeutic machine similar to an incubator — to be tested for the Wuhan Coronavirus, and refused the mother’s plea that they test her instead. In the absence of such a test, both mother and infant were confined in a quarantine area alongside those who had tested positive for COVID-19.

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:36   Welcome to the Colin Noir Show. Today’s issue is
00:40   an urgent matter. I told you yesterday I would talk about
00:44   globalists, obviously a subject that
00:48   must be addressed. But this morning
00:52   I received a video of a certain Vanessa Eliana.
00:56   I’m telling you, those who are emotional,
01:00   this video will disturb you.
01:04   Without saying more, here is the video.
01:08   If this is happening at Ste-Justine Hospital in Quebec,
01:12   I imagine it is happening in other hospitals also.
01:16   It’s bad, it’s very bad. So, look at the video.
01:28   Sorry, I’m trying to control my emotions.
01:34   So, I am doing this video to say
01:38   that I am now at Ste-Justine Hospital.
01:42   You can see the hospital, yes.
01:47   My baby was born only six days ago. She has jaundice.
01:54   I had to bring her in today for phototherapy.
01:58   So, I had to return to the hospital. They demand that she undergo a Covid test,
02:04   although she has no symptoms.
02:08   She’s not even one week old.
02:12   She never left the house other than for the hospital,
02:16   and, of course, she had no contact with anyone
02:20   except me; I’m her mother. I’m telling you
02:24   I told them I refuse to Corona-test her
02:28   because since her birth, she’s had more than
02:32   twenty needles… the needle-bruising on her feet,
02:36   and she is not even one week old, and
02:40   I asked them to test me instead; it is more logical…
02:44   I move around in the hospital while
02:48   She is in this state… See!
02:52   She cannot move, she can’t contaminate anyone.
02:56   And because I refused to Covid-test her,
03:00   they will transfer me in one hour, and I repeat,
03:04   that I refused to have her tested,
03:08   but me, I have no problem with a test.
03:12   They refuse to test me — the adult.
03:16   They want to test her; she is in a machine.
03:20   So, as I refused to have her tested because it is very painful,
03:24   I can tell you, I had it twice, it hurts very much,
03:28   and they are transferring us to a unit for infected people,
03:32   although we are not infected, and they are transferring us
03:36   to a testing area for people with symptoms and who are…
03:40   and when they are infected, they’re transferred there.
03:44   So, I am making this video because if after leaving this unit
03:48   we ever get coronavirus, I denounce Ste-Justine Hospital
03:52   for their services rendered, their refusal to test me;
03:56   they endangered us. So, if anything happens to my baby
04:00   or to me, I want this video to circulate everywhere
04:04   for all to see how this hospital treats people.
04:09   A six-day old baby! Remember a few weeks ago,
04:13   I told you they would go for the babies and the masks?
04:17   Funny it was, right? But look, they want to test
04:21   our 6-day-old babies, a baby with jaundice.
04:25   And you saw it. The lady Vanessa said “Please, test me instead.”
04:29   No… No… No… No… No… We want the baby…
04:33   We want the baby. Imagine that I meet
04:37   regularly with people in my circle who remain unfazed
04:41   by Corona, meaning they don’t know anything;
04:45   they are waiting for the vaccine like everybody else.
04:49   Now, it is time we spread this type of video to awaken people,
04:53   because if the case of this lady doesn’t frighten you,
04:57   we have a problem. Oh yes! — I forgot a detail, you heard it.
05:01   She wants to be tested; they refuse. So, instead of
05:05   testing her infant of six days, she said, ‘Test me.’ They don’t want to.
05:09   But if she refused to be tested, they would place her and
05:13   her infant in the Covid Unit. So, you see, those numbers
05:17   you see displayed on your screens, they’ll increase by one.
05:21   We’ll have one more Covid case and it would be
05:25   the six-day old baby who was never tested. That’s it.
05:29   Now, why would I publish the video of this girl?
05:33   You remember the young man, 19 years old,
05:37   who, it is said, died from Covid, but, in truth,
05:41   a heart attack was involved, and other issues?
05:44   You remember the 3- or 5-year-old little girl who had Covid,
05:49   but then her father said “No, No, it wasn’t Covid.”
05:53   So now, I want to stop journalists from linking
05:57   and reporting this story as a Ste-Justine Covid case
06:01   of a 6-day-old infant.
06:05   And this is why I’m publishing this story.
06:09   Because it is what they do.
06:13   Now, please, share this video because something is wrong.
06:17   Listen! A six-day old baby… Are you serious, Ste-Justine?
06:21   You are serious? Share the video.

2 thoughts on “Newborns Must Be COVID-Tested!

  1. I have a young friend who just gave birth to her child in one of the Gulf States (she’s an ex-pat working there). The child has a condition which means it is not expected to live more than a few days. She was diagnosed with covid upon admission. She is not permitted to hold her newborn because she tested +ve for covid although her husband can hold the child.

    I am disgusted and outraged. This fallacy is now breaking the hearts of young mothers. A mother can’t hold her soon to be dead newborn because of a rule somebody decided was needed. For what? To protect whom?

  2. It’s not so much “science”, as “health”. “Health” is the magic word that is used to justify steam rolling over rights, freedoms, checks and balances, and everything else, regardless of whether or not it is based on “science”.

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