White People as Prey

There has been an increasing flood of news stories from Western Europe about brutal attacks on elderly people by “persons with a migration background”. Muggings, assaults, rapes, and the occasional murder — such is the state of cultural enrichment in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, and other European countries. I’ve been publishing translated videos and articles about such attacks, and there have been dozens more articles about them in the news feed.

The targeting of old people is nothing new; similar stories have appeared here over and over for more than a decade. But the frequency has increased in the past few months, as if COVID-19 or Black Lives Matter were somehow a factor.

The vicious actions of culture-enrichers in Europe are examples of tribal behavior. Most third-world immigrants have no loyalty to anyone other than members of their own tribe. If a group outside the tribe is larger and more powerful, then the attitude towards that group will be one of fear and avoidance. If an outside group is small and weak, however, then it is regarded as prey.

Europeans used to understand tribal norms, but they have been civilized for so long that they have forgotten them. Twelve hundred years ago the Svear and the Götar were separate and distinct tribes, and would prey on one another as the opportunity presented itself. Then they merged into Sverige, becoming a nation instead of separate tribes. A hundred years ago that nation became a socialist utopia. Sweden has now discarded even the idea of a nation, welcoming the whole world into its open arms.

Unfortunately for the Swedes, most of the rest of the world still has a tribal nature. More than seven years ago I wrote the following as part of a lament for Sweden-That-Was:

The most important prerequisite for a functioning welfare state in Sweden is that it be run by Swedes, for Swedes. The mindset of those whose taxes fund it and those who receive its benefits needs to be, well, Swedish. They must be people who value labor over idleness; who are congenitally indisposed to game the system; who have a basic understanding of their duty to contribute to the general welfare. Absent such characteristics, the system could do nothing but fail.

Why was this fact so difficult to recognize? Why was it so hard to understand that Somalis and Kosovars and Iraqis are not at all like Swedes? How could anyone with an IQ above room temperature fail to predict that the newcomers would extract everything they possibly could from the Swedish benefits system, whilst putting as little as possible into it?

Inviting in the Third World is not the same as importing Finns, or Norwegians, or even Danes. The “New Swedes” originate largely from predator cultures, those benighted societies in which anyone outside the tribe, or even the immediate clan, is an object to be exploited. From their perspective, the Swedish welfare system is manna from heaven, a windfall just waiting to be harvested and consumed by the family and the clan. Such bounty! Such abundance!

No one in Puntland or Pristina or Karbala had ever experienced such a profusion of wealth, just sitting there waiting to be taken.

Throw Islam into the mix, and you have the current state into which modern Multicultural Sweden has descended. Yet it was all so predictable. This, as they say, is not rocket science. Why was it so hard to foresee?

From the point of view of a culture-enricher, Europe is a herd of gazelles, and he is the marauding lion. When he stalks his prey, the lion typically picks off the old, the weak, and the diseased members of the herd — the ones that are easiest to catch.

That’s why we see so many elderly Europeans targeted by migrant invaders. They are easy prey.

The same praxis is applied to children, obviously. If a culture-enricher finds an unprotected youngster, he or she is considered fair game, a baby gazelle who has strayed from the herd. If the child has anything worth stealing, it is stolen, and then the victim is usually brutally raped. That applies to either sex: third-world migrants are notoriously omnisexual. I’ve heard of at least one incident (in Germany) in which an elderly man in a nursing home was knocked out of his wheelchair and raped by a “New German”.

For tribal-minded Muslims, such actions represent the confluence of lust, sadism, and the urge to exert raw power over a helpless victim.

The “grooming gangs” in Britain are another example of white people as prey. Vulnerable children in care, with little or no protection from sexual predators, are easy game to be picked off and exploited.

That’s what a tribe does to outsiders. If we can’t recover some sense of tribal identity, we will gradually be erased.

The lions will first consume the stragglers, and then slowly move into the center of the herd to finish it off.

14 thoughts on “White People as Prey

  1. And when Europe is no more and USA erased what will these beasts of prey do then? Welfare gone? Usually they will turn upon each other. We are already witnessing this today. It will be nasty and barbaric. Low intellects live in the Now-instant gratification is all, No sense of other nor the future. Britain is already falling apart and degenerating under the Covid hoax. We do not even have the military and police in enough numbers to stop mass gatherings on beaches or in London-indeed the Stasi modern Police is more worried about acceptable speech and their pensions, than keeping order.

    The “British” are divided among themselves and frankly too selfish to care anymore. By November this country will be a broken collapsed state. Indigenous people like me are the new “Jews” and prey for the new incomers now starting to tip the balance to a point of no return. Expect to see Moslems and others set up mini statelets and tribal areas. Eventually they will expand as the civil conflicts increases in intensity. London is already run by drug gangs as is Birmingham and Liverpool. There is a solution but people are not angry or hungry enough yet.

    A Time for Wolves, not soy boys scared of fake viruses and being called names.

    • Well then, arm the hell up and be the Wolf then! The question is? How far are you willing to go to save your country?

      • Yes. On with the armbands. Onto the streets. Up with the barricades. Fight them on the beaches. De-fun the savages.

        • When the fun and festivities really begin in earnest, you will do the most brutal and savage of things to survive.

  2. A sad reflection on any nation and it’s people. We have lost our self respect. Moral codes and manhood have been dumped at the feet of the usurpers. Topping up the pandemic with a plague. When you become this affected and stupid you deserve any outcome. Who do we think we are that we feed our folk young and old to the lowest orders of sexual predator and fanatical blood lusters? We certainly are our own worst enemies. We have committed suicide with a time bomb that will go off sooner rather than later. No room at the inn for indigenous refugees. It’s disgusting and revolting really.

  3. South Africa at present is Europe and the west in 20 years time . Use it as a gauge to see your final outcome . We were punished for serving our own interests and since then the West has invited it upon themselves with open arms , open legs , open borders while closing churches , closing traditions , etc . Now we are being murdered out . It is openly and strongly encouraged to do so , on all forms of media and not with the least bit of subtlety . It is happening in Europe , Canada, USA , Australasia etc .
    There are only 3 types of people in the world , those who make things happen , those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened . Which one are you?

  4. The law of averages is running out, sooner or later these savages are going harm the wrong mans family and he will then take brutal revenge and unleash a rage that has been seething inside him at what happened to his family. It will then set up a series of events that will quickly spiral out of anyone’s control and we become more tribal than the savages, because survival will depend upon it and it is human nature.

  5. A very informative article. Thank you! I believe Europe will be the first to see the push back assuming there’s any backbone left among the natives.

      • Quit depending on feckless politicians and political police to save you, they won’t, it is up to you to defend and do very nasty things with steely resolve to those who will bring you and yours harm. Sheep? Or Wolf? Which is it going to be? Time is rapidly running out.

  6. The problem with the “wait until the native Europeans wake up and fight back” scenario is that the government has already been largely captured by the enemies of national and cultural identity. The government will not simply shrink back and let the natives fight the immigrant and identity gangs. The government will use its resources to actively suppress any hint of native resistance. You can see this in the fact that the only people charged in the Charlottesville disturbances were the conservatives. Similarly, in Kenosha and Portland, the communist district attorneys consistently refused to charge the rioters and looters, but charged the fellow who clearly, on video, acted in self-defense, with first-degree murder. The person whose identity and face is known, who assassinated a Trump supporter and was posted doing so on Facebook, has still not been arrested.

    So, likely the political component of the game is at least as important as the military. The nationalists and patriots had damn well better have infiltrated the government and the security agencies. The Israeli movement for an independent state was a beautiful example of this. In fact, the demoralization of the government is probably the Achilles heel of the invasion. A demoralized government is going to be lax on filtering out infiltrators. Why should patriots leave infiltration to those who follow Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”?

    My guess is that the first rule for infiltration would be to stay under cover. In other words, use your position to gather intelligence and pass it on to selected activists, rather than let your views be known and paint yourself as a target. The full video of George Floyd, showing he actively resisted arrest, was leaded anonymously, rather than released by the police.

    • The militaries in Western Europe will sooner or later take charge because they will be forced to by these traitorous and feckless politicians on both sides. The Intel spooks know whose side their bread is buttered and just pay lip service to the pols, they will side with the military. It will be done in timed, meticulous, brutal , military fashion. Merkel is frightened to death of her military(she should be) that she puts useless females in the defense ministries to try to curb them. The natives of Europe know their militaries are them so the people will side with their military over the chaos created by these feckless politicians.
      You make excellent points where these pols arrest the folks who defend themselves.

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