Out With Them!

In a follow-up to last night’s video of a migrant-loving French politician, Oz-Rita sends her translation of this brief editorial from Riposte Laïque:

In Paris, thousands of illegal immigrants are defying France: out with them!

by Pierre Cassen, founder of Riposte Laïque
May 31, 2020

All the rot of this regime was made apparent this past Saturday, May 30, in the streets of Paris. 5,500 illegal Africans, with total impunity, despite the prohibition of a demonstration, supported by 195 parties, associations, unions of the Left, were able to demonstrate without the slightest problem from the Opera House to the Place de la République.

The French had a new confirmation that this regime only repressed the Gauls, and left total freedom to the inhabitants of the Islamic districts and the African invaders.

This government of criminals confirms, in the eyes of all, its contempt for the French and its preference for foreigners, at a time when our country is ruined, and when Macron evokes, for the first time, a European tax to pay for the crisis… and immigration.

With true patriotic leaders, the only possible response to this kind of situation can be summed up in one word: get out!

6 thoughts on “Out With Them!

  1. French patriots need to start protesting in blackface.

    Another avenue to protest this idiocy is to go en masse to the government agencies that hand out all the free Macron goodies to orcs, and demand their share of the loot as well. Of course, without papers, in blackface, and claiming to be underage Syrian or Afghan refugees. Then burn the place to the ground when they refuse, and attack the first responders with rocks and molotov cocktails when they respond.

    • I really like that idea.
      Unfortunately you will be charged with a hatecrime and obstruction of your identity and cheating against the state to get Money in an unlawful way. Because you are NOT one of THEM.
      Nice idea, but not possible.
      Of course if 1.000 of us would do it and stick together through everything, then it would be a total different Scenario.

      • That is the idea; that this will be done en masse. Even if the French authorities don’t hand out Macron goodies to those impersonating orcs, if they number in the hundreds or thousands every day then it will be impossible to do any orc feedings and impossible for the police to arrest them all.

        I would also suggest bringing some fish guts or dog dirt to leave somewhere in the office or on the grounds sometime during the attempt to collect a share of the loot; rotting fish in the air vents or backed-up toilets from flushing whole rolls of toilet paper will go a long way towards improving the morale of those busy redistributing the loot stolen from poor French taxpayers.

  2. It will be an on going process until we are extinct . Relax , we dont have much time left with our negative birth rate . And to all you liberated women , well done ! Or……….?

    • At least hordes of loose women who refuse to have children is a problem which will be self-correcting, albeit in a generation or two. Same goes for homosexuals and perverts of every stripe.

      Promiscuous women have their uses though, and the epidemic of homosexual males just means more loose women to go around for those males who are not gay.

  3. Those liberated women will be losing jobs very soon to the superior newcomer. When the big bang bangs starts there should be millions of loose canons across the western world – back in focus. I imagine.

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