Brazil’s Supreme Court Targets Jair Bolsonaro

The Brazilian Supreme Court seems to be acting as the executive arm of the Deep State in Brazil, as reported here most recently last week.

The video below from Brazilian TV discusses the latest tactics of the Supreme Court in its campaign against President Jair Bolsonaro. A journalist named Guilherme Fiuza is the featured panelist.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The translator also sends his original article about the machinations of the Supreme Court:

In an illegal operation, Brazil’s Supreme Court tries to criminalize support for Bolsonaro

by José Atento

Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court (STF) is composed of lawyers (not necessarily real judges) mostly appointed by the previous Socialist governments of the past two decades. For example, Minister Alexandre de Moraes was a lawyer for the notorious criminal group PCC, which has connections with the FARC. Moraes was never a judge, like most of the members of the Supreme Court. One may correctly say that the Supreme Court has been populated by Marxist activists disguised as “ministers” (that is how members of STF are designated) throughout the years.

Instead of doing its work to decide whether or not laws from parliament or decisions from the lower courts contradict the Constitution, the Supreme Court has turned into the main opposition to the government of president Bolsonaro, and has enacted several rules that in practice constrain the action of the federal government. Such decisions are always acclaimed by the Marxist-leaning mainstream media both in Brazil and overseas. The latest was the decision that the fight against COVID-19 was the responsibility of state governors and the illegal leaking of a tape documenting an internal meeting of the federal government.

The behaviour of the Supreme Court has enraged a considerable portion of the population, who have been very critical. The latest was a trend on the Internet, #STFshameofBrazil.

Since the 2018 election, the establishment opposing Bolsonaro (and in Brazil, the establishment is mostly left-wing) created the narrative that Bolsonaro was elected because of fake news spread via social media. In fact, because Bolsonaro was incapacitated for most of the campaign, after he had been knifed by a Communist militant, his campaign was run in the most decentralized way by his supporters, nicknamed “the aunts of WhatsApp.” But the Marxists cannot understand that. They think in hierarchical ways. They hate what they cannot control. They call it “fake news.”

The Supreme Court president, Minister Dias Toffoli, himself the former lawyer for the Labour Party (PT), who remained in power for 16 years, created an inquiry to investigate “fake news”, namely, the flow of information they disagree with, under the justification that the Supreme Court was being criticized, therefore, disrespected. Minister Alexandre de Moraes leads the case.

The problem is that no crime has been committed. They are, in practice, in search of a reason to prosecute those they disagree with. The Supreme Court ministers are judging a supposed crime committed against themselves. Yes, the “victim” is the “judge.” That is both illegal and immoral.

Then comes the events of March 27th. Teams of federal police officers were sent to several cities around the country with 29 search-and-seizure warrants. They targeted members of parliament allied to Bolsonaro, along with the journalist Alan dos Santos, the president of a political party that supports Bolsonaro, Mr. Roberto Jefferson, businessman Luciano Hang and several others Internet journalists and commentators.

Again, it is not clear what the charge is as well as what crime these people may have committed, but given the inquiry, it is believed that the crime is to criticize the Supreme Court. They confiscated cell phones and computers. Yes, an absurd display of state violence against individuals, targeting allies of President Jair Bolsonaro.

It is curious to realize that Bolsonaro’s detractors have been saying that he would implement a dictatorship, when they are the ones using every illegal trick possible to undermine the government.

Rui Barbosa, a 19th-century Brazilian diplomat, said something that summarizes the current situation: “The worst dictatorship is the dictatorship of the Judiciary. Against it, there is nowhere to turn.”

Who will judge the highest court in the country?

Video transcript:

00:01   Our first subject. Early this morning Federal Police enforced 29 search-and-seizure warrants
00:08   in the so-called ‘fake news inquiry’ that investigates alleged insults,
00:12   attacks and threats against ministers of the Federal Supreme Court.
00:17   The warrants were issued by Minister Alexandre de Moraes
00:22   targeting names involved with the “hate office”, as some say.
00:26   The minister ordered the breach in bank and fiscal secrecy of the financiers,
00:32   in addition to the 29 search-and-seizure warrants in the Federal District,
00:36   Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Mato Grosso, Paraná and Santa Catarina.
00:40   Among the targets are the homes of entrepreneurs, former MP Roberto Jefferson,
00:46   the blogger Alan dos Santos and the office of state MLA Douglas Garcia (São Paulo).
00:51   Minister Moraes decided that eight MPs will be heard within ten days.
00:57   They are federal MPs: Bia Kicis, Karla Zambelli, Daniel Silveira, Felipe Barros,
01:04   Junior Amaral and Luis Felipe de Orleans e Bragança, and state MLAs
01:09   Douglas Garcia and Gil Dinis, all from PSL [President Bolsonaro’s party].
01:13   The politicians affected by the minister’s decision called it unconstitutional.
01:20   That is how we start today’s show. I want to hear the opinion
01:23   of Augusto, Zé Maria and Fiuza about today’s events.
01:26   [Guilherme] Fiuza, I will start with you. Do you agree with the criticism
01:30   made not just by those affected, but also by many others,
01:33   who consider this action of the Supreme Court excessive, abusive, even unconstitutional?
01:42   The Supreme Court is playing dictatorship, right?
01:46   It’s kidding, and has many people in society,
01:50   which presents itself as democratic, supporting it.
01:53   In reality, the Supreme Court only has the courage to commit this theft,
01:56   without any basis, we will discuss in the show,
01:59   because a part of the society that supposedly affirms democracy
02:05   is giving cover for these raptures of the Supreme Court.
02:10   Victor, this thesis of an obscurantist wave of fake news
02:18   was planted back there; this is not a casual discovery of the moment.
02:24   It is not that recent. It has existed for almost two years.
02:29   It was before the 2018 elections when the Electoral Court,
02:34   through the then-minister Luiz Fux,
02:37   declared that the 2018 election could be canceled
02:41   if any episode of fake news were discovered
02:45   that involved the electoral campaign.
02:48   A statement, in my view, since then, rather frivolous
02:52   because it was vague, and after the conclusion of the election,
02:56   the result of election started to be questioned with equally fluid
03:02   and inconsistent assertions, of tricks via WhatsApp,
03:07   that was raised by the press, and the Supreme Court all this time kept hiding a card up its sleeve,
03:11   and created the parliamentary fake news inquiry,
03:14   the twin sister of this aberrant inquiry,
03:19   by the Supreme Court,
03:22   and, since last year,
03:26   they have been trying to create a thesis
03:30   that all the emanations from social media
03:34   have been decisive in relation to national policy,
03:38   regarding the election, and was decisive, for example,
03:41   in relation to the approval of reforms by parliament.
03:44   We remember several rallies across the country
03:49   asking for pension reform. I never saw the population
03:54   so enlightened, defending a specific agenda, and we can remember that at that time
04:00   this narrative, that groups, instrumented and directed,
04:05   were trying to create fascist street rallies,
04:10   so there was already this attempt to transform
04:13   an organic manifestation of public opinion, through social media,
04:16   in “hate offices”, in influencing anti-republican and illegal groups.
04:23   This operation, in my opinion, is another rapture to try to affirm a thesis that is false.