Killing Free Speech, Yet Again

Regular readers will remember Michael Hansen, the independent Danish-American filmmaker who produced the documentaries Killing Europe, Killing Canada, and Killing Free Speech, among others.

Amazon has now removed the first part of Killing Free Speech from its listings. Which is ironic, given that the film is a documentary about the threats to freedom of expression posed by Antifa and its allies in the media and the Democrat party.

A second part of the documentary, focused on the power of Big Tech, will be released shortly.

This is the second time that the documentary’s creator has been censored by Amazon. As Breitbart News reported last year, Hansen’s previous documentary, about mass migration and Islam in Europe, was also censored by the Big Tech platform.

Breitbart has a report on Amazon’s action against Killing Free Speech.

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3 thoughts on “Killing Free Speech, Yet Again

  1. Our Free Speech is warning them that we know what will happen, and it is not good.

    The Left does not want to hear that. They believe, if they are sincere enough, that bad things will not happen to them. Bad things happening to others is not their concern.

    The Left is wrong, or mentally ill, and reality gets a vote. There will be pain. Hard to see how pain can be avoided now.

    • Reality gets a vote…

      There was a saying when I worked in the HQ 10th MTN DIV, “the enemy always gets a vote.”

      Soon enough the Masters of the Universe will discover this the hard way. Although I don’t believe it will be hard enough for my liking in my opinion.

  2. Reality is undefeated and will never lose.
    Species who try to live outside of the parameters set by nature will not have any future and don’t deserve to have one.
    The comrades are riding high now but the pendulum will turn on the cultural Taliban of soft pampered spoiled children.

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