Greens in Gagaland

Beatrix von Storch is a deputy leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and a member of the Bundestag. In the following video from the floor of the Bundestag she responds to an initiative by the Green Party that would allow citizens to change their “gender” at will.

In the video Ms. Von Storch refers to a Green Party member of parliament named Anton Hofreiter, who is well-known for his fits of rage in the Bundestag. He is also well-known for his impressively hirsute appearance.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   Dear Madame President, ladies and gentlemen. The law proposed by the Green Party is
00:08   an expression of advanced late Roman decadence. For the first time in human history
00:14   there is a relevant political group which is of the opinion that everyone can choose
00:18   their own gender and that governmental counseling centres are needed to help people
00:23   decide which gender they would like to be. This draft law
00:27   proposed by the Green Party states: “any person may declare at the civil registry office
00:32   that the information about their gender in a civil status entry should be replaced
00:38   by another term or deleted.” Anton Hofreiter enters the civil registry office as Anton Hofreiter
00:46   and comes out as Antonia Hofreiter. The new preferred gender also applies to the past.
00:55   Children who are very well able to remember their father
00:58   are then told that they have only ever had two mothers. This is Orwell 2.0.
01:03   The draft law explicitly applies to male asylum seekers who then become female asylum seekers,
01:09   so that the young Syrian, Eritrean, Somali, will be allowed to swim
01:15   with women’s groups without discrimination. What a miracle of integration.
01:22   This is what the Green gender diversity looks like: Men giving birth to children,
01:27   men winning gold medals in women’s sports, men going into the women’s sauna, and of course
01:32   being able to take advantage of the women’s quota. Besides that, for the first time
01:36   in human history women have to consider preventive medical checkups
01:39   for their prostate. The crowning glory for every
01:42   convicted brutal rapist is serving a prison sentence in the women’s prison.
01:50   This happened in the United Kingdom. The 52-year-old sexual offender Stephen Wood
01:57   raped women AND children. He was caught and convicted. Stephen Wood then changed his name
02:04   to Kate White. He declared himself to be a woman and made the request to be transferred to
02:08   a women’s prison. What happened? He sexually abused other women. These are the consequences
02:16   of the political battles of gender ideology against biology,
02:21   against reality and against common sense. Sheer insanity.
02:27   In their proposal, the Green Party refers to the “current state of science”, by which they mean
02:32   the ideological baloney that the 250 gender studies professorships provide at government expense.
02:38   If you want to be able to choose your gender freely,
02:42   you can also join forces with the Flat Earth Society,
02:46   Founded in 1956, which claims that the earth is a disc.
02:52   Today’s debate is quite thought-provoking.
02:55   When the national debt has exploded with seven million workers on
02:59   reduced work hours compensation and hundreds of thousands of people fearing for their livelihoods,
03:04   the Green Party is calling for taxpayer-financed
03:09   gender identity counseling centers from the Flensburg fjord to
03:14   the far corners of the Chiemgau alps. These are the First World problems
03:17   of wealthy left-wing liberal neurotics
03:20   who have lost all touch with reality in their highly subsidized energy-saving houses.
03:27   As far as we’re concerned, Anton Hofreiter or Antonia Hofreiter
03:31   can become the queen in Gender Gagaland,
03:34   but Germany has real problems and we will take care of them.

9 thoughts on “Greens in Gagaland

  1. It’s pretty much like that in Ontario now. It makes the thing meaningless. Which is fine for most purposes – except women’s sports.

    Some guys seem to have done it to get cheaper auto insurance (for some strange reason, discrimination against males on auto insurance is still tolerated).

  2. First World problems indeed.

    “It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.” But it’s still not time to take down the scoundrels. Not yet…”

      • Germany has gone to hell in a hand cart!

        Instead of applauding this common sense
        Address all I could hear was cat calling
        And cries of outrage.

  3. I have no doubt that there are people who were born in the “wrong” body, indeed I know one. However, I have no truck with the sad and narcissistic individuals who want to remain “fluid”: once you’re an adult (I’d say eighteen at least), and not unduly pressured by others, have the balls (or not!) to go through the hormone treatment and surgery, and I’ll have no problem treating you as your “new” self.

    In the UK, one cannot marry at younger than sixteen (eighteen if parents withhold consent), and if that decision turns out to be a mistake it’s a lot less difficult, and traumatic, than reversing a mistaken change of gender.

  4. So some lawyers stand to make big money off of this?
    I’m actually Merlin and a unicorn.
    Mommygov is going to buy me magic chocolate fountain you wayciss!

  5. Twenty years from now when the body parts are finally sorted once and for all, the dust and rubble is cleared enough for sane conversation no doubt the gender sicknesss will be one of those items on a long list of causes. “It’s all Chinese to me” is another.

  6. What is the source of the speaking being heard in the background in this video? Is it some recording glitch? Actual legislators speaking out of turn? What?

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