Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Interlude IB)

Here’s another interlude post in Seneca III’s latest treatise. See the archives link at the bottom of this post for previous installments in this series.

Signs and Portents Everywhere…But of What?

by Seneca III

Interlude IB


Mass alien immigration from the Third World into the First and the social and cultural decomposition that followed is now a fait accompli. This same aggressive war on our way of life is also being fought on another front by other means and by members of the same cabal. They plan to control the ways and means that determine the state of human health on a global scale — aided and abetted by the UN and the WHO, naturally — and through that monopoly to eventually control the world itself. They are the wealthy, politically well-connected and anointed disciples of Mammon who are shaping an autocratic global future controlled exclusively by them and for their benefit alone, not for ours.

If by the time you have finished reading this article and, most important of all, watching the video, you are not frightened by thoughts of what the future holds then so be it. If, however, you can see and understand how the globalist plan is unfolding and it is not what you wish for the future of your children and grandchildren then it is time for some serious preparation and then action.

But before preparation, first must come a full understanding of who the enemy is, his methodology and how he operates as an international distributed network with tentacles stretching into every corner of our lives, and finances and thus what his ultimate destination is.

“The social atmosphere is that of a besieged city. And at the same time the consciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes the handing-over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of survival.”

— George Orwell, 1984

A short review of the revelatory video

…by Amazing Polly.

The video is 38 fascinating minutes in length. Below are seven snapshots of some of the graphics found therein. In the video there are many more accompanied by full explanations of the lineages and interconnections between the principal players.

This ‘Pledging Event’ lasted two and half hours. Always follow the money — as the video does.

The web of conspiracy starts to develop.

More players arrive…

…and more…

…and more, including Big Pharma. Now, there’s a surprise.

Covid makes a first, but not last, appearance.

And with the advent of Event 201, attendance at which Bill Gates at first denied, the conspiracy starts to take on a precise shape.


The creator and narrator of the video lives in Canada, Soy-Boy Trudeau’s Sino-Globalist Puppet State, and I find it encouraging that the flames of truth and freedom still burn everywhere in the West despite unremitting censorship and persecution.

In all this is a remarkable piece of investigative journalism, soundly researched and acutely analyzed. Thank you, Polly, for providing me with copies of your original graphics as well as your permission to reproduce them as I so choose.

[N.B. — A link to the full BitChute version of the video can be found here, and I recommend it without equivocation — it is an eye-opening revelation in this time of Covid hysteria, lock-downs (psychological conditioning), police state controls and the consequent economic destruction and then retrograde social re-engineering of the West through endless iterations which ‘reductiones ad insulsitas’.]


I have not forgotten those other minor prime movers within the global conspiracy who have been operating effectively in the UK, Professor Neil ‘Bonking’ Ferguson and his perambulating ICL leg over, and I will be dealing with them in a later article.

However, at this point it is worth bearing in mind that Antonia Staats is a hard-left fist inside a velvet glove who works as a senior campaigner on climate change for the Imperial College London element of the online network Avaaz, another global player which is also connected to the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation through the World Economic Forum.

Avaaz is a huge and influential online US organization, also with tentacles reaching into many places including the infantile minds of that destructive collection of loony tunes known as Extinction Rebellion. There are no indications that it has any connections to St. Greta of Poobucket’s controllers, but that is a distinct possibility and cannot be ignored. Also, the Cabal certainly has delegate status of one kind or another at the annual Davos luxury bean feast.

— Seneca III, this thirteenth day of May in the year of our Lord 2020

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39 thoughts on “Signs and Portents Everywhere… But of What? (Interlude IB)

  1. Unbelievably just unbelievable, how this mafia destroying our lives to the core!!, and Germany!! Is involved with shit too!!, Merkel the biggest traitor in German history said : We are dealing with this biggest crisis since World War 2 !!, how people can believe that ??, destroying people lives globally, is a biggest scandal in history on our planet, the worst part is most people believe in that scum, “ We are in this together “ hahaha and this scums making a billions in the same time ..

    • This German hag has destroyed white European countries with her terrorist muslim friends and now she is complaining that Russia is hacking her emails. This is is a really evil woman.

      • Yeah, because Mass-Immigration doesn’t predate 2015, right? She is merely the latest in a series of European politicians, the “destruction of Europe” occured decades ago.

        • Which European country will be the first to self-identify as Muslim? Probably Britain b/c the British are burned out from Brexit. A global war against leftist globalist scum would be very satisfying. Wi the vaccine produce Covid-like symptoms, but more severe, resulting in semi-permanent rolling lockdowns. So those dependent on government will exceed 50% in most countries. The Muslim gangs will continue & expand their occupation of the West even as populations sicken & die from vaccines in record numbers. The left has always been devious, treacherous, & glories in mass death.

  2. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has watched the video.

    “European countries should brace themselves for a deadly second wave of coronavirus infections because the pandemic is not over, the World Health Organisation’s top official in Europe has said.

    In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Dr Hans Kluge, director for the WHO European region, delivered a stark warning to countries beginning to ease their lockdown restrictions, saying that now is the “time for preparation, not celebration”.

    Dr Kluge stressed that, as the number of cases of Covid-19 in countries such as the UK, France and Italy was beginning to fall, it did not mean the pandemic was coming to an end.” [Daily Telegraph 05/14/2020.]

  3. Bill Gates shaking hands with IBM. “That’s 50k then! It’s a deal. Thank you for the opportunity. I just want to see if I can help. Myself that is”.

  4. I started to watch, but gave up at the “three sixes” before I found Satan himself sittting on my shoulder. That’s the trouble with conspiracy theories; even if they’re nonsense, they’re impossible to disprove.

    Now, I’m no fan of the UN, EU and other manifestations of globalism, but think back to WW2, when the US, Britain etc. allied themselves with Stalin- Stalin!- to defeat the more immediate threat of fascism. Or the Cold War, when the US propped up, or even installed, right-wing military dictatorships to oppose communism, though some were equally vile.

    Point is, a global threat demands a global response, however unholy this particular alliance may seem; like an asteroid heading for earth, only some pieces have hit us already.

    On a personal note, I’m considered high risk for Covid 19; I’m 72, male, a smoker, and on immune suppressants for a chronic condition, so very unlikely to survive if I get it; I’m supposed to stay in my flat and not see anyone, for what looks like an indefinite period. Of course I do see my partner (but no other friends or family), and I miss my volunteer job in a charity shop (which is now closed, but very cramped anyway), and I’m really disappointed to have missed the trip to Russia we were taking this month, and I WANT THAT BLOODY VACCINE NOW! But not only for me.

    As I said in an earlier comment, whoever develops an effective vaccine first will probably license production at cost anyway.

    • I totally understand your concerns. Fear in itself can be a good thing to have. The fear of jumping off a cliff or stepping in front of a moving car is what keeps us alive. Wearing a mask, washing your hands, or doing a little physical distancing can be ways that a little fear can help slow the spread of a disease. But fear can also be crippling and prevent us from enjoying life. People, armies, governments, and global elites can use fear as a weapon to control us. There are many examples in history of people in a conflict who surrendered out of fear when had they fought they surely would have won. Patrick Henry supposedly said “Give me liberty or give me death”. Wow, why would anyone say or even believe such a thing? In my humble opinion it is because Henry understood that living life with a tyrant’s boot on your throat is not a life worth living.
      We are all going to die. In this, we have no say. But we do have a say in what kind of life we have while we are here. Much blood has been spilled for the freedoms we now have. If I have to spill some more so be it.
      Filthy rich and powerful people got that way because they are ruthless, not altruistic. Whether a conspiracy theory or a coincidence theory I for one will not be getting any rushed through, possibly unsafe, ineffective vaccine. When the CEOs and doctors of big pharma are so confident that it’s safe and effective, that they test it on themselves instead of human guinea pigs like me, maybe I will change my mind.
      Enjoy your life. Don’t let the media induced fear mongering take any of it away from you.

      • Thanks, Freedom. I feel a bit ashamed of my outburst; people suffer much worse things from wars and natural disasters.

        I am taking your advice in one respect; I still see my beloved- imagine if we didn’t meet, then one of us died in the meantime, from Covid-19 or something else. My “total” segregation is supposed to be for twelve weeks (from late March), but what will the govt. say to us when that’s up?

    • You ‘gave up at the three sixes’, you say?

      It is no secret that Melinda Gates wears a cross upside down.

      Perhaps it’s not a matter of what you believe.

      It’s what they believe that matters.

    • I’m totally with you. I was watching up to the point of the three sixes, and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth my time to watch any more. If I had a solid case against someone, I’d leave out the buzz about 3 sixes, or wearing a cross upside down. If I wanted to tip emotions with a weak set of actual facts I’d use buckets of acronyms and mystical, religious allusions.

    • OK. I sloughed through the entire video, and it’s a complete waste of time. A lot of it is like the reference to the three sixes: a sinister-sounding factoid accompanied by winks and nods and not going anywhere. One mitigating circumstance is that she’s not bad to look at, so watching the video was not as boring as it might have been.

      I guess the thesis is that we have an organization, or two organizations, composed of foundations partnering with national and UN groups, to funnel money to Bill Gates and allies and to sponsor global pandemics. She explicitly implies that the COVID-19 pandemic was engineered by the shadowy GPMB, and that they’re preparing another round. So, she leaps in logic from their statements saying they need to SIMULATE a pandemic to conclude they engineered the pandemic.

      She’s surprised that the global organizations are headed by interlocking directorates, and wonders how they find time for all those positions. This, to her, implies a shadowy controlling organization. The Amazing Polly clearly either doesn’t own any stocks, or else she never read the shockholders proxy reports. For large corporations, the directors frequently hold multiple directorates: this holds particularly, though not exclusively, for minority directors who are much in demand.

      To me, it’s not particularly surprising that Fauci is involved in many global organizations and health directorates. If he weren’t prominent, he wouldn’t be advising Trump. Fortunately, Trump seems to have gotten enough of him and is relegating him to subsidiary adviser. It’s perfectly predictable that a communicable disease expert would be focused solely on draconian methods to lessen the number of infections. It’s Trumps’ job to bring in other experts who look at other aspects and make up his own mind.

      There is a big problem with vaccine companies and global organizations working to mandate involuntary vaccine programs. This is an offshoot of the general problem with massive government: the larger the government, the more unaccountable it is, and the more it is targeted by individuals and groups to extract money and shuttle it to them. The problem will be pretty much intractable as long as people look to government as their mana-in-the-sky, ready to drop free benefits on a grateful population. In other words, a government with the mandate to give assistance to everyone in the world will be able to take your money and control your life.

      Amazing Polly implies that the Gates Foundation exists to shuttle money to the Gates Trust, which according to her is a profit organization. I believe the Gates Foundation is evil, but not because Gates is a psychopath chasing dimes. Gates is one of the richest people in the world, so if he’s still chasing dimes at this point in his life, he leads a very uninteresting existence. Most likely, he believes in what he’s doing: massive globalism and massive government intervention.

      All in all, there is plenty of research to provide ammunition to oppose the current tsunami of government control and unnecessary interference in people’s lives. But time spent on tracing “666” in a logo, and looking at similar logos and intermeshing directorates is not time well spent.

    • sorry to hear about your problems, but that bot shot from BilLinda gates will not save you, all vacs are a year or 2 behind all influenza’s.
      and if you don’t believe this has been planned then you are a fool.

      good luck you will need it.

  5. The natural order of things for almost the entirety of human history has been for the elites to rule the masses. Perhaps the past couple of centuries have been aberrations from that pattern as elite rule was temporarily disrupted by the rise of democracies and communism and the wholesale destruction of the old order in the First and Second World Wars.

    The current trajectory of history seems to be a return to elite rule, only this time by globalist financialist scum instead of hereditary rule. They only get away with their control over the population because everyone is systematically dumbed down and then anesthetized via tv, social media, and sports. I don’t believe anything will change for the better until humans are able to get off the planet in sufficient numbers to begin colonizing the Moon, planets, and the asteroid belt at which point it will be impossible to control from Earth what is being done off of it.

    • I’d like to be optimistic about the extra-terrestrial escape plan but I’m not so sure. My hunch is that no matter where we go human nature is going to follow right along with us. Even to the stars. Those Europeans who migrated to the New World had their brief moments of liberty and honest self governance but as we can see now they succumbed once again to rule by elites.

      I’m not sure why things would be different if we colonized the moon or beyond. Even if we escape the current crop of Globalists we’re still bringing the seed of human nature with us. I’d wager that our great, great, great grandchildren on Mars would eventually find themselves in the same mess we’re in now.

      • Yes, eventually the larger colonies would begin to resemble the wretched hives of scum and villiany that is Earth. The positive part about being a spacefaring race is that due to simple time and distance factors, any spacecraft or habitat, asteriod, or even the outer planets would be ungovernable from Earth and without large expensive garrisons, ungovernable by local potentates. It is the same flaw that caused the Roman Empire to be split apart, and the British to lose the American colonies.

        This doesn’t even begin to assess the many ways in which a disgruntled populace at the top of a deep gravity well can inexpensively wage war on those at the bottom of one.

  6. I have never heard anyone explain how humans will be able to live for long periods of time in, for example, the 30% Earth gravity of Mars. Will they wear some sort of heavily weighted leotards? And do vigorous exercise for a couple of hours a day? Even so, little babies and toddlers cannot be expected to do that. And can a baby grow normally inside a mother at 30% gravity. What about all the plumbing of the placenta and umbilical cord, and the baby floating around in the amniotic fluid, and bone and muscle development, etc.? Will someone please enlighten me.

  7. .
    “There are no indications that it has any connections to St. Greta of Poobucket’s controllers, but that is a distinct possibility and cannot be ignored.”

    On Thursday, CNN broadcasts a special program dedicated to the corona virus with four invited guests – including 17-year-old Swedish climate activist St. Greta.

    Under the title Coronavirus: Facts and Fears, Thunberg will share the stage with former CDC Director Richard Besser, former US Health Minister Kathleen Sebelius and CNN staff member and associate professor of neurosurgery, Sanjay Gupta.

    Former acting CDC director Richard Besser, former HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius and activist Greta Thunberg join

    @AndersonCooper & @DrSanjayGupta for a live #CNNTownHall. Coronavirus – Facts and Fears, Thursday at 8 p.m. ET

    View photo on Twitter

    St. GretaThunberg’s participation has provoked reactions. “There are no words to describe how ridiculous this is,” writes Brad Polumbo of the Washington Examiner, who also points out how CNN often distinguishes itself as a news channel where you put facts first.

  8. You’d have to be stupid to want the vaccine after watching the video. You have to go to the person’s channel to see the rest of her other videos. She also has a backup on Bitchute because you can expect her account will be taken down by the owner who is tied to the hip with the Global Public Health Mafia at some point in the future. Again if you refused to watch the video because it created too much cognitive dissonance with your programming then go right ahead and get that precious vaccine along with the mark they’ll give you when you submit to it. That is if it even gets to that point. After all we are entering into the three and a half year mark for the current administration. Just an observation on my part. 42 months, or 1,260 days. Just think about it.

  9. Well, this isn’t going to go down well.
    One of the most depressing things about this whole tragedy is seeing “rightwing” influencers I respected fall hook, line and sinker for a bunch of Orwellian conspiracy theories. There is no grand plan, whatever some crank on Youtube may have thrown together. This isn’t an attempt by the evil goblins in Beijing to take over the world with an engineered bioweapon. (Nor did they deceive the world–this bug was identified faster than SARS and fully written up in The Lancet by January 29, six weeks before it hit the West hard). This a boring old genuine natural tragedy, a particularly insidious zoonotic illness, and nations are coping as best they can by feeling the stones as they across the river. That’s all. I don’t believe in [ad hominem redacted] out looking for cookie causes to blindly embrace, with no solid evidence needed or even desired. But why not just [refrain from commenting] for a few months or years until the dust has settled and the data is in?

    • Who pays you to troll “right-wing influencers?”

      “why not just [refrain from commenting] for a few months or years until the dust has settled and the data is in?”

      That’s your demand because censorship is failing.

      Doesn’t this expose you as the troll you are?

  10. May humanity win against these inbred globalist maggots and all of their NGOs and fifth columns.
    Their turd world pets will turn against them as soon as the free stuff runs out.
    The chaos genie won’t go back in the bottle and underground mole holes and environment damaging super cruise ships won’t save them.
    The 666 vaccine dreamed up by comrade Billy Gates will be used to turn on the virus during Plandemic phase II.

  11. Very good or excellent points – one exception: the three sixes – outright silly comments by her.

    • US Congress House Bill 6666
      To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.

      Move along people, nothing to see here. 🙂

    • If something I have said has offended you by chance then please note the mistletoe hanging by the seat of my pants.

  12. Social Monitoring: How Moscow Mocks Quarantined Patients

    How to help a coronavirus sufferer if the hospital runs out of space? Self-medicate home. For reliability, make selfies in bed every 20 minutes (at night too). Otherwise, you will be fined with fines, fines, fines. One missed photo session – 4 thousand rubles from you. Do you want to argue in court – a fine for leaving the apartment.

    Such a plan to save patients has been practicing since last week by the Moscow City Hall. Sounds like a joke? While you are surprised, not only coronavirus patients are locked up in a digital concentration camp, but also everyone with SARS, seasonal allergies, runny nose and suspicions of these.

    Muscovites placed in home quarantine began to receive decisions from the Main Control Directorate of Moscow on bringing to administrative responsibility and fines for misuse of the Social Monitoring application.

    The program was developed by the Moscow Mayor’s Office to monitor patients with confirmed COVID-19 transferred to home aftercare. On May 10, the application was charged with fines.

    Patients in home quarantine are required to install “Social Monitoring” on their phone, if there is no device, then the city hall delivers … no, not medicine, not oxygen, not financial assistance, as you might think, but tablets with a preinstalled program!

    Your business is not to try to get out of the clutches of the disease, but to send a selfie to the program for each of its requirements. And she often requires – several times a day.

    The application asks you to upload a photo to confirm your location, the patient’s location is controlled by GPS. Some patients complain that push notifications buzz every 20 minutes from 9am to 10pm. Report to the digital overseer immediately. God forbid the patient to nap for an hour or to bring his body to the soul, the patient must always watch – otherwise, the account in the State Services.

    – A notification comes about the need to be identified. This means that within an hour you need to go in and take a picture of your inverted face. With flash. The flash is built into the application and does not turn off. You sleep, your body aches from temperature, you have bloody diarrhea – [anyway]. Be kind, set aside your business and identify. When I was sick, I slept for 18 hours. For having the audacity not to take pictures for half a day, she was fined, says Maria Ivanova.

    In a matter of days, the Social Monitoring app on Google Play and the App Store has become the country’s main political platform ….

    Full text (try through Google or Yandex translator):

  13. The damned are about to burst and maybe overwhelm. Just like the Muslims have managed to burrow their way intobthe larders of Western Europe sobare their victims going to have to dig them out again. What a bloody mess that will be with watery pc versions of everything. The Mayor of London would be a good trot for tax money.

  14. “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices”

    George Orwell

  15. “Until now, nations were killed by conquest, that is by invasion. But here an important question arises: can a nation not die on its own soil, without resettlement or invasion, by allowing the flies of decomposition to corrupt to the very core those original and constituent principles which make it what it is?”

    Joseph, Comte de Maistre (1753-1821)

  16. “to organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

    Willi Münzenberg

  17. Polly, in your presentation you mentioned that WHO might have two simulations One of which might be respiratory in nature. Then, you mentioned there might be two respiratory pandemics. But, they only mentioned one.

    Also, I saw GAVI mentioned a couple of times. You might expand on their sponsorship of id2020 at where they want to have id’s for everybody in the world.

    An amazing expose on the global intent and takeover of medicine which could lead to other evil things. Keep up the good work.

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