Singular and Multiple Convergences

Seneca III takes a look at the peculiar dichotomies of the Culture Wars.

In the UK a Muslim man is being prosecuted for removing his son from LGBT lessons, which he claims risk the safety of his child.

“Jabar Hussain, 51, faces fines and potentially time in prison for removing his son for months from the Parkfield Community School in Alum Rock, Birmingham. The dispute emerged after the introduction of the LGBT inspired ‘No Outsiders’ curriculum, that inspired protests from mostly Muslim parents in the school district.” [Breitbart]

The full report is here.

What surprised me after a first glance at the leading comments was that they massively came out in support of Hussein’s position. My second surprise was that this was precisely the conclusion that I had subliminally come to as I read through the article, and that for me is a very dichotomous position to end up in.

That the implantation in young minds of a retrogressive evolutionary aberration of this type could be of such anathema to the most socio-inhumanistic and primitive ethnic grouping currently occupying large parts of this country tells us something about the magnitude of this aberration’s assault. That they, already trapped in a fourteen-hundred-year old sessile cul de sac, should be able discern that this means they are being forced even deeper into that cul de sac demonstrates an awareness buried deep in species memory. Is it not a pity that so few of the rest of us fail to see this thing for what it is, or allow ourselves to be forced to stand back and do nothing about it for fear of persecution?

Well, one thing is for sure: both the secular and the spiritual are equally vulnerable to this corrosive plague that is taking deep root in the human psyche. Those who are still of sound, uninfected mind intuitively understand that any movement towards a state contrary to biological reality is a sure path to extinction should we fail to deal with it, no matter how draconian the treatment may have to be.

In all, it is a most difficult task to determine which is the most dangerous pathogen of our time — Coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Islam, the Political Classes and their enforcers, or the demented, cis- and transgendered, multiple personal pronouned LGBTXYZ alphabet soup and their equally mindless ‘Woke’ acolytes.

Perhaps all or three at once could be the answer, each with a vector of its own but each vector ending at the same point in time and space, a place where these intellectually and morally deficient creatures will have destroyed nations, cultures and traditions throughout the West leaving only a sterile physical and metaphysical wilderness behind them.

So, how many horsemen of the apocalypse are there really? One, three or four?

Afterword. I did not categorise the ecoloons as a stand-alone pathogen because I always include them within the same sub-grouping as the carbon-tax-benefitting Political Classes. They are just monkeys belonging to and performing for these wealthy organ grinders.

— Seneca III, in a mostly uninfected part of Middle England on the 7th day of February in this the year of our Lord 2020

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17 thoughts on “Singular and Multiple Convergences

  1. fourteen-hundred-year old sessile cul de sac…

    I had to google that it means a “dead end”…

    Well, I disagree, I believe that Islam is actually THE religion that will come after Christianity in any place… It begun in the Christian middle east and North Africa, then they conquered the Christian Byzantine Empire, and now they are going for Europe, Asia, and the USA…

    Islam is in fact very well thought out religion for the people who are “worldly” – i.e. they want sex, food, and some music every day – and don’t care about spirituality or knowledge or virtue. And that is why Islam will dominate the World, sooner or later.

    How? Simple: They keep worldly goals in mind.

    They protect themselves, they work on their strengths, and they Reproduce!

    Any Bible believing Christian would tell you what are the ends of unchecked promiscuity, multiple sex partners, homosexuality, and broken families. However, Christianity is noc cool anymore – now the next thing that can save the reproduction of humanity is Islam, and the western LGBTQ+Feminists won’t even know what hit them.

    • Maintenance is what hurts Islam in the 21st Century.

      Look at the incredible number of patents awarded to Israeli citizens vice all Islamic States together.

      Islam has some strengths, as noted above. Progress, maintaining complex equipment and scientific advancement are n0t strengths of Islam as a culture. There are many good maintainers and scientists that are Islamic. But these are rarely taught by Islamic schools.

      Maybe Islam as a whole will improve. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.

    • First: When we use “google” as a verb to replace “look up” or “research” we are promoting and giving free advertising to a globalist, anti-western civilization entity.

      Second: I wonder if those who are “property” because they are not muslim men agree with you about islam providing “sex” (it is a very different situation when it is automaticf for muslim men with anyone else as their “field to be plowed” or “easy meat”…food, everyone wants, so no sure why that is listed as something only islam concentrates on….”music” is not accepted in fundamentalist, sharia-ruled countries while it is an old tradition for Jews and Christians.

      Third: Seems there is a lot of credit here given to islam when it is a totalitarian political ideology in the realm of communism, not a religion to be compared to Christianity. And there is no credit given to Christianity, with the cold-blooded assumption that the globalist elite will easily force this authoritarian system on the whole world, and that good people will quietly accept it rather than fight as at the Gates of Vienna this site is named for.

      Extremely chilling — and very blase’ about life under sharia, esp when compared to Christian values. “Very well-thought out”?? Yes, if the class system with others condemned to dhimmihood or slavery, can be considered “well-thought out.” It’s rather like saying that torture is well-thought out to serve the needs of sadists. What about all others? Only the leadership thrives under islam. The rest are their victims.


    • Baron,

      Removing an epithet is, of course, within your prerogative.

      But why are you allowing a publicly announced threat against another to remain on the blog? This should be removed. It isn’t good for the optics.

      And the poster should be permanently banned.

      • Sometimes I like people to see the extent to which other commenters are willing to go. But only within certain limits.

      • It was unfortunate response to an early context : ” Somewhere in the same area is Romania, a net exporter of murderous criminals and gangsters to the rest of the EUSSR, but which otherwise is neither of any substance nor use whatsoever.”
        Unjustified,Xenophobic.inhuman,degradating and humiliating insult cost upon entire Romanian Nation..What do you aspect ?
        Baron miss that because hi trust Seneca and didn’t check content..
        Baron is right..let the other side used the same standard..

      • Seneca has no right to judge my country
        And you Moe can kiss my behind
        If you where Romanian you will think the same
        Now I expect Barron to excise my comments

        • My ancestors came to the US from Sicily at the turn of the 20th century. They settled in various areas in and around Boston. Sicilians (and all Italians generally) were disparaged and ostracized for their culture and their ties to criminal entities, real or imagined. To say they and their homeland were judged is an understatement.

          So what? They assimilated to their new country, unlike some immigrants today, and made new lives for themselves. There are bad apples in the overall ethnic group even today as there are in any ethnic group.

          What’s so special about Romania that it should be off limits to any form of judgement? Particularly if it’s truthful? If you’re claiming your people are all angelic beings then you’re just delusional. Get over it and get over yourself.

          As for kissing your …………. behind, dream on. The only kiss you’ll get from me is “Il bacio della morte.” After all, that’s what we ginzos are famous for, right?

          Regarding Seneca, disagree with him if you must. None of us agree 100% with everything we read. It’s the writer’s opinion, nothing more. But threatening him, or anyone else, openly on a public forum shows the measure of the man. Lighten up, before you stroke out.

    • Dear Romanian friend..There is no need for this..You don’t have to lower yourself to his level..I/m pretty sure you are much more than ,what Seneca said about Romanians..
      You are rightfully feel harm and wounded..i understand well your suffering ..
      Knowing Romanian people ( my very beloved wife is Romanian) i could not sleep all night..i fell harm and crushed..I went next day at afternoon to Adoration of Holly Sacrament of Eucharist to local church to re-conciliate what has been said..I/m a man who went a lot in the life.. i experience a lot off ..suffering ..but what has been said makes my cry in the church..I don’t understand how Evil can appear with such a ease in human heart..
      There where people in not the distant past ,who with the same ease ,butcher and murdered 6 millions my Brother and very own grandfather i have no opportunity to know was killed in Stutthof..
      I know after II War Suffering and Crucifixion ordinary Romanian people.. I know what you going thru just to survive..What pain and anguish you experience from heartless people ,just because you are Romanian..We Poles and Jews were destined for ” final solution” and be wipe out from History and Earth surface..Because we were Pole and Jews.. The offspring of the same people want you out because you Romanians are :”murderous criminals and gangsters “ we Poles and Jews were labelled upon a time..
      I want assure you and other Romanians people we Love you because who you are !! I do personally caring unjust suffering and harm which is done to every and single Romanian..
      ps. Seneca own to everyone whole hearten apology for what hi said.. I refused to believe hi is a Heartless Man..

  3. As with any problem, the solution must be sought out by examining the problem from a level above it that would allow a determination to be made of the source of the problem along with its character and nature.
    In your essay you list humans and their behaviors, along with what they advocate to justify their behaviors, as the problem. What you describe is the physical manifestations, character and behavior. What we can take as common knowledge about humans is that what we see on the outside is merely an expression of what is already present on the inside, the heart of the person if you will. Jesus also testified to this when He said, “What comes out of a man is what defiles him, for out of him comes murders, adulteries…”
    If we look at all the various behaviors we will notice one thing they have in common, that being they are not as God as show in His Word would have us behave. We are not to kill, that is purposely take the life of another without cause. We are not to engage in sexual immorality, nor abortion for that matter, because each of us, soul and body, are unique creations of the Lord God. As for morality, the Lord is the sole font of the determination of right and wrong, and has plainly said so in His Word.
    So what we have here, as you have described it, is open rebellion on multiple fronts that not only seeks to set aside the Lord’s authority but to all appearances destroy us in the process. All of the participants in the scenario you related show forth behaviors that could be regarded as different facets of the same perverse will that is intent upon replacing the Lord God with itself. We all know how that will end, but sadly there will be hell on earth before the needed resolution occurs as the result of the final judgment by the Lord that will cleanse the earth of all its filth and bring a day when the tress clap their hands, the rivers give music, and mountains sing, and the animals will break out in praise to the Lord.
    We are seeing the beginnings of the great and final rebellion that will bring the final judgment. I am well aware of what is happening as I track the events through this site and others. I pray for my family (quite and extended one) that we may be kept safe and be ushered into the Lord’s presence before it really hits the fan.

  4. “In all, it is a most difficult task to determine which is the most dangerous pathogen of our time — Coronavirus 2019-nCoV, Islam, the Political Classes and their enforcers, or the demented, cis- and transgendered, multiple personal pronouned LGBTXYZ alphabet soup and their equally mindless ‘Woke’ acolytes.”

    The source for all of these is anti-liberty, anti-freedom tyrannies all emanating from tyrannical ideologies whether they are from Islam, Socialism, Syndicalism, Eco-Fascism or Communism.

    Read Eric Hoffer’s “True Believer”

    The end result of all them is hell on earth.

  5. After awhile, it all starts to look blurry. It’s just tribalism, I suppose. I agree with the people who oppose indoctrinating our children with faggotry, as it is a maladaption; a deviance. That doesn’t mean I’m on Team Allah; it just means that there are some things even more overtly stupid than Islamic death worship.

    The political turds are a surprisingly myopic bunch, to be so power-hungry and scheming. I think globalism is starting to rot now, so I expect to see the schemers and their idiot supporters voted down and out of their offices in the coming years, with France and Germany being the final bitter clingers.

  6. Frankly this blog has gone downhill, and is not the leader in anti-sharia education and intellectual discourse concerning western self-imposed dhimmitude (and the natural exploitation thereof) it was when I started reading it some 7 or so years ago.

    As has been said, the optics here are getting bad. The blog has lost focus. And frankly, there is a disturbing tenor now that seems to have manifested over the last year or two.

    Intellectually honest individuals examine one issue at a time. We don’t “bundle” them into marketable ideologies. Especially suboptimal throwbacks which have long been relegated to the dustbin and are not coming back, despite many apparent personal fantasies.

    • Sorry but, you are not going to fight islam on an intellectual basis, that train has left the station, you are going to have to come down from your Ivory Tower and actually have to get your hands dirty to fight islam with tools of war. The time of niceties and pleasantries with tea and crumpets is over, start pounding the drums of war, because THAT is the only thing that will defeat islam and it’s unholy alliance of the international socialist left. Anything else is an exercise in futility and a sure way to lose our western lands. Deo Volente!

    • Contrary what you just side,this Blog is getting Rich by days and is expending because Baron decide other voices and narratives to be heard..
      Prevalent here until not long time ago,only Anglo-saxon political narrative and promotion of own ,but not necessary objective view of History made GOV slowly but surely going into a dust bin..
      I/m sure you are aggravated, by not necessary positive reflections and criticism of your misdeeds and short-comes in the past and in the present time…. But you will get used to..For your own benefit .. As you see this cosy ,fantasia land you Anglo-saxon created in your own mind doesn’t fit in real World anymore..So wakey-wakey !! reality is knocking on your door :-)) Don’t feel humiliated..We people from CEE & EE are human as well..Some of us even have high quality Intelligence and good Education :-)) Talking to us & trying to comprehend our World and Mentality will definitely enrich you and your capacity.. so..stick around :-))

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