Kirk Douglas, Zionist

The following article from Italy was translated by FouseSquawk. After I read it, out of curiosity I looked up the wiki on Kirk Douglas. He was a Jew, and a lifelong Democrat. Some of his charitable gifts were directed to Israel, but not overmuch for an American Jew who supports the state of Israel. So I don’t get the preoccupation with his “Zionism”.

The translator includes this note:

Not everybody is mourning the death of Kirk Douglas, the famed American actor who died on Wednesday at the age of 103. Gabriele Rubini, better known in Italy as Chef Rubio, is attacking Douglas as a Zionist. Rubini is a supporter of the Palestinian cause, and is reportedly spending time in Gaza to support the Palestinian people, etc. etc.

Please note that Rubini a.k.a. Rubio makes a few comments in the Roman dialect, which I was unable to translate. They are in parentheses.

The translated article from Il Giornale:

Chef Rubio against Kirk Douglas: “A Zionist has died”

Chef Rubio posted on Twitter against Kirk Douglas, dead yesterday: “One of the greatest Zionist actors in history has died. Thanks to him religious and historical revisionism was possible also in film.”

by Roberto Vivaldelli
February 6, 2020

Gone from television, Chef Rubio has turned to Twitter to yet again put out polemics inflaming social networks.

In the sights of the most talked-about cook in Italy this time is Kirk Douglas, dead yesterday at the age of 103. The legendary actor and producer, born Issur Danielovitch Demsky in Amsterdam (New York) on December 9, 1916 into a very poor family of Russian-Jewish emigrants, was “saluted” by Chef Rubio in a farewell tweet that is causing much discussion. “One of the greatest Zionist actors in history is dead. Thanks to him, religious and historical revisionism has been possible also in films, and the public, cuddled by lies, has thus stopped asking questions and passively accepts everything.”

This time, however, even those who follow him are rapping him, and he replies thusly: “ I have written it often, and I repeat it in the farewell. It is also because of him, his funding, and how history and religion has been presented on film with his face, if today we are like this, and if public opinion does not fight for the only people in the world still under siege (Palestinians).” But the controversy on Twitter continues, and Chef Rubio doesn’t give in and goes on the counterattack. This time in Roman [dialect]: “When you speak the truth, they break your [manly member], there is nothing to do. Even if in 2020, #Chef Rubio, according to the Zionists, is suddenly an a*****e, Kirk’s poranima in 2016 was praised and celebrated by the Zionist comrades. Words fly, social remains #sionistisquadrish#fascisti” And still in another tweet, also in Roman [dialect], “What then I don’t say that er poro Kirk was a Zionist. The facts say it! It makes me laugh that the Zionists are ashamed of them and if you (say) this, they make you an anti-Semite. Don’t you want to be told that you are oppressed fascists? Stop being (that way).”

As reported by Vanity Fair, since last December, Chef Rubio has been in Gaza in Palestine to participate in the Gaza Freestyle Project, a member of the Vittorio Arrigoni-VIK Italian Cultural Exchange Center, which is a group of people and volunteers of diverse backgrounds, whose object is “to organize emergency humanitarian projects to help the people of Gaza”. As announced by Chef Rubio himself on his Internet site, his presence in Gaza would continue after the Gaza Freestyle Festival to document via social (media) “the humanitarian efforts of the collective of operators and the efforts of a people forced to live under siege.”

Note: I realize that to certain commenters this post will seem like an open invitation to start one of those Jew fights they have been longing to get into. Be warned that I will mercilessly squash any such imbroglios before they get started.

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  1. I will say this about Kirk Douglas, he was a Patriot of American and supported and defended Israel against the Islamic savages and was unapologetic about it all. May he rest in Peace. Amen!

  2. Why would some cook from Italy care so much about a retired actor from the US? Maybe it’s because Rubio is trying to score brownie points with the muzzie trash, most of whom have probably never heard of Kirk Douglas. The whole scenario just looks pathetic. All the leftists are looking rather pathetic these days.

  3. Kirk Douglas was an actor (a very good one) the importance the media attach to this is way beyond what he did in life. Did he put his life on the line to save countless people no, did he put his way he made his living on the line the answer is no. The opinion of some “chef” of what is did or not did does not mean a tinkers damn . I am glad he support Israel ,and America ,I think over all he is a patriot of both ,but he sacrifice little or nothing to do this so why all the attention from the media ?

    • Because he was famous, WPM, especially among we older folk (I’ll be 72 next month).

      Rubio’s bigoted- and blinkered- diatribe hardly merits a response, but ignoring the “Palestinians”, the worst current genocide is probably that of the Indonesian authorities against indigenous (non-Muslim) tribal people in West Papua, which receives little media attention.

  4. Zionists are not friends of the West, and typically they are smarter and far more cunning than muslim. See the constant harping about their genocide to estabish their victim status as shield from criticism.

  5. Ah yes, the Palestinian cause. To return to their lands after Israel and its people are wiped off the map and Gabriele Rubini is a supporter of that. Thank you for that confession. By the way I too am a “Zionist” and am looking forward to when the Messiah King rules from Mount Zion (Psalm 2.6) for the sake of his people of Israel. Possibly even just a few years from now.

    Kirk Douglas, a Jewish man who Cast a Giant Shadow wasn’t required to sacrifice anything because his God and his Lamb have already accomplished that. I can only admire what Kirk Douglas, the man had accomplished during his long life of 103 years! Only those having weak minds think calling someone a Zionist is derogatory.

    Thank you Kirk Douglas for being the Zionist that you were. Hopefully we can meet someday as described in Isaiah 66.23 on Mount Zion. Upon leaving there maybe we’ll also see Chef Rubio also described being there in Isaiah 66.24.

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