Jimmie Åkesson: “The Social Contract Has Broken Into Pieces”

Last month when Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven appeared on the TV program Agenda he said, “We did not see it coming,” meaning the current crisis of violence and lawlessness that mass immigration has brought to Swedish cities. He and his party did not see it coming, despite the fact that Swedish patriots had been warning about exactly that for decades (and were reviled by polite society for their views).

The above synopsis provides context for a recent speech by Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna). Thanks to the cluelessness and perfidy of the Social Democrats (and also the Moderates, the “center right” party in Sweden), the Sweden Democrats are now leading the polls as the most popular party in Sweden.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

04:29   We’re again in Örebro,
04:35   despite what Aftonbladet and other leftist and liberalists wished for, we succeeded in campaigning
04:41   for the Church Elections in 2001 and it was a great success for the party.
04:48   And we could successfully gather for the general elections, and the rest is just part of history.
04:57   My dear friends and party members, it’s a history which is still at its beginning.
05:03   We are again in Örebro about two decades later.
05:09   We’re a party which has grown massively; we are still growing by leaps and bounds.
05:16   The opinion surveys seem to be very pleasing
05:22   It’s obvious that our patient toil through all the years,
05:28   the ability to describe the reality as we experience it —
05:32   our close relationship to common sense:
05:36   all of this has started to show results.
05:41   It’s worthwhile, in the long term, not to hide under a bushel and walk around,
05:44   and not to bury our heads in the sand.
05:47   It’s worthwhile to distance oneself from empty words and exaggerated political correctness.
05:54   It’s worthwhile to describe the reality as it is and call a spade a spade.
06:01   Dear friends of Sweden, we are growing very quickly,
06:05   We are growing quickly despite Rosenbad’s [the government’s] recently renovated façades,
06:11   we are growing expeditiously on the doorstep of the Social Democrats
06:16   and among the labour unions leaders.
06:20   The ground is shaking under PM Stefan Löfven! Here we come!
06:25   We are Sweden Democrats and we are ready to take charge of our country!
08:34   2019 has been some sort of “year of anniversaries”.
08:40   25 years ago last week, we voted to become a member of the EU.
08:47   Personally, that was the gateway reason for me
08:51   to start engaging in politics, which resulted in my standing here today.
08:55   We who were against EU membership were almost half of the electorate.
09:01   We saw a political union in front of us
09:05   with an increasing centralization and increasing supranationalism.
09:09   The exact thing we warned about has become a reality.
09:14   The steady development towards building a federal Europe has continued.
09:18   The power has been transferred from each country and the nations’ elected politicians
09:27   to bureaucrats and legislators in Brussels.
09:32   This is a pure hostile development against Europe which we would never accept.
09:40   It’s a development we Sweden Democrats should do our best to fight continually.
09:49   Collaboration?
09:52   Collaboration to solve a common problem, that’s a matter of course for us.
09:59   Our trade and industry are dependent on continuing good trade relationships with other countries.
10:08   International co-operation to secure and solve international organized crime,
10:12   to guarantee the security of our citizens is, of course, an obvious matter.
10:17   It’s crucial for the coming generations that we are borrowing this country from
10:22   that we together do our best, at least in the local issues,
10:26   to tackle the serious environmental problems.
10:31   Collaboration, dear friends, is an obvious matter for us, and it’s essential.
10:40   But the 25th anniversary of EU membership is not something I celebrate.
10:45   But now that we are already members in the EU,
10:49   we are going to be a constructive, offensive force, decreasing centralization and supranationalism,
10:57   transfer the power back to individual member countries.
11:03   Dear friends, I have said this before and I reiterate it now:
11:06   Every nation has the right to be the masters of their own houses.
14:29   Democracy, which we take for granted, was considered a pure fantasy just several generations ago.
14:39   Our democracy is worth celebrating
14:43   and worth praising, and it’s ours, which we should look after.
14:52   Speaking of fantasies,
14:55   after Stefan Löfven’s well-known Agenda [TV program] interview,
14:59   it’s probably time to expand the concept.
15:03   The development that we have been warning about for years,
15:08   which the large majority of thinking people in our country
15:12   have been worried about for a long time,
15:15   Stefan Löfven said [and I quote] “did not see it coming!”
15:20   He said [in the interview]: “We did not see it coming!”
15:23   How many times they can get away with such whitewashing and excuses such as:
15:27   “We were naïve.”
15:30   Or, “It didn’t turn out the way we thought!”
15:33   How naïve can one be to continue doing this, and still have the trust of voters?
15:40   How many times can they be obviously exposed as being totally disconnected
15:45   from reality without being removed?
15:49   It’s completely incomprehensible that a single thinking human being in this country
15:56   would ever vote for such people again, absolutely unreasonable.
16:09   The other person who also “didn’t see it coming”, as Josef mentioned earlier,
16:13   was Ulf Kristersson [Moderate Party leader],
16:17   When he was a minister during Fredrik Reinfeldt’s term he encouraged the open-your-hearts-politics.
16:25   But what Ulf Kristersson has and Stefan Löfven lacks
16:29   is obviously the courage to admit his mistakes.
16:35   The apology that the leader of the Moderate Party made,
16:40   even though it was half-hearted, but he delivered it anyway,
16:45   I think all of us should accept it,
16:48   Regardless of to whom the apology was directed.
16:51   Either only to fellow expelled party members,
16:55   or to the rest of us who have been forced to take seek safety for years,
17:00   sometimes literally, in the face of one hateful attack after another.
17:05   It’s hard to admit it, but if you have made a mistake, then you face it.
17:10   But if you are very mistaken and caused serious damage to others, then you have to make an apology.
17:18   It’s better to confess and ask for forgiveness on the gallows than not to ask for it at all.
17:28   After Ulf Kristerssons’s apology, some demanded that
17:35   Stefan Löfven would also apologize for the way he treated our country.
17:40   But some say that can never be expected to happen.
17:45   Being honest, we don’t need any apology.
17:50   We don’t wish for any apology from Stefan Löfven.
17:55   Stefan Löfven shouldn’t apologize; he should resign.
19:48   This method of restraint and the simple approach rarely yield immediate results.
19:56   As many know, it has taken many years to end up where we here today.
20:03   But today, dear friends, according to multiple opinion polls we are the biggest party in Sweden.
20:18   All of who have been engaged within the party know that opinion surveys go up and down constantly.
20:26   But let’s enjoy this for a moment.
20:31   Feel it!
20:34   Take a deep breath.
20:37   Sweden’s biggest party!
20:40   This is what Stefan Löfven didn’t see coming!
21:00   Friends, we live in a fantastic country!
21:03   Sweden is our home and our country.
21:07   It’s our country, which previous generations built up century after century.
21:13   They did it through rock-solid will,
21:17   tireless work and the continuous effort to achieve something better.
21:24   These are our country’s basic elements.
21:28   This is our heritage, which we are obligated to take care of.
21:33   Many of us here remember another Sweden.
21:37   We lived through a period which, obviously, had its fair share of problems and challenges,
21:44   but still a daily feeling of being safe and of social cohesion
21:50   was its very lifeblood.
21:54   There was confidence and trust between citizens and society.
22:00   There was a firmly established feeling that if one day
22:05   our mothers, fathers, children or relatives were to need help and support,
22:12   there would be a robust safety net that would safely catch them.
22:18   There was a safety net which would rescue them.
22:21   That way we would feel secure.
22:24   What remains today are just debris of what used to exist once.
22:31   The social contract has broken into pieces.
22:35   The motto of previous generations, “Do your duty, demand your right”,
22:41   Has been reduced to empty words without any practical understanding.
22:46   The reliance we once had weakened
22:51   when the public commonweal went off track due to irresponsible politics,
22:57   which forces the cutoff of what many used to take for granted.
23:04   To save money, senior citizens are forced to sleep in places where the heat is turned down.
23:10   Medical care is known to be constantly suffering from a of lack of staff.
23:16   People die through the lack of the medical treatment they are in dire need of.
23:20   A police authority which is forced to accumulate a heap of files waiting to be looked at.
23:26   “You should contribute at your best level but just get a crumb back!”
23:33   This breaks social cohesion in a country, and it generates insecurity and fear.
23:41   It fertilizes distrust, the distrust of everything we once had as our common bond.
23:49   It is what we had and what bound us together.
23:53   Sweden is being ripped apart.
23:57   What does the left-liberal government constellation do about all of this?
24:02   Their method is to warehouse our elderly, the sick and the vulnerable,
24:09   that resources should be divided,
24:12   not least among asylum seekers, chain family migrants, and unaccompanied minors.
24:17   They prioritize tax cuts for us, the people with the highest income.
24:22   Our citizens, who need real help and support, are quite simply prioritized away.
24:29   This is unjust and lacks all respect!
24:33   I denounce this in the truest sense of the word!
24:39   Let’s remember that the majority of the people who are neglected today
24:44   have lived here and striven to contribute to the common good.
24:52   All of these working stiffs, senior citizens, medical patients and youths
25:01   have the right to the highest level of welfare and security.
25:05   It’s a matter of course for us, dear friends.
25:08   In the name of reason: We in Sweden, a country with probably the world’s highest tax burden,
25:14   must be able to assure this security.
25:19   But we don’t see this in Sweden today!
25:22   What we see instead is a country where welfare deteriorates,
25:25   the municipalities are falling to their knees,
25:28   serious crimes, shootings and explosions have become part of our daily food.
25:34   We see a Sweden where gangs have taken control
25:38   and have imposed their own laws in their own parallel societies.
25:42   An increasing insecurity, which step by step
25:45   is transforming our country into something unrecognizable.
25:49   It shouldn’t be like this! It won’t be like this! We can do better than this.
25:57   What does this development depend on?
26:01   Our beloved Prime Minister has a hypothesis, which he still hasn’t scientifically proved.
26:09   But the main point and the punch line is that the explosions and shootings would have happened
26:14   regardless of which policies might have been applied.
26:19   And, “It’s already fated with the outcome would be.”
26:24   OK, then! So you definitely can leave the leadership to someone else
26:30   who believes we can change society through politics. We are ready!
34:05   We must point out that Sweden is full,
34:09   and we are going to be like this for the foreseeable future; this is the fundamental requirement.
34:13   If we don’t succeed in addressing this, the outcome
34:16   will continue to deteriorate and the results will be even worse.
34:19   We must dare to demand once again that people who come here must have self-reliance and adaptation.
34:28   Nobody should ever have any doubts: this is important,
34:31   This is very important. Nobody should ever have any doubts about
34:35   the inclusiveness of our nationalism and our Swedishness.
34:39   You should be able to move to our country and should be able to be part of our common society.
34:44   But if you do it and if you live in Sweden permanently, you have to adapt yourself.
34:50   Adapt to our values and respect our norms.
34:56   You should learn the language and the way society functions.
35:01   You have to understand that you have come to a new country, and not expect
35:05   that you can live your life exactly as you did before in your home country.
35:08   If you are ready to do it, then you are welcome to live here and to be part of our common good.
36:27   We must make sure the broken welfare recovers and will be patched up again; this will take time.
36:34   The municipalities are bleeding; the financial burden is so difficult to handle, the consequences
36:39   due to irresponsible immigration policies are so heavy,
36:44   that the desperate municipal councils, across all of the political spectrum,
36:50   can’t find any solutions other than to cut their core activities and tasks.
36:54   It’s an extensive challenge to solve this, but it is possible. It should be possible.
37:02   I’m sorry Stefan Löfven, but your meaningless integration project,
37:10   which has only succeeded in wasting billions, will be thrown into the dustbin.
37:15   I’m sorry, Stefan Löfven, but the idea that Sweden should function
37:20   as the world’s ATM will also be thrown in the dustbin.
37:26   Swedish taxpayers, our own elderly, the sick and employees,
37:30   and not least our own children and youth come first.
37:38   We put our own citizens’ interests first, every day of the week.
41:17   We are a political party in Sweden in 2019 that seriously wants to make its policy a reality,
41:27   and we must bring it forth from the exact same world.
41:31   We aren’t ashamed of who we are!
41:34   We don’t feel shame for describing the reality as we experience it
41:39   We are not tempted by the allure of utopias or flippant populism.
41:45   Our goal is not and has never been the power per se.
41:51   Dear friends, our goal is to make Sweden a better country.
42:08   Our goal is to make a good home for all citizens.
42:14   Dear friends of Sweden, we would like to change the world. We would love to save
42:19   the world, but let’s start by saving our part of it.
42:24   Thank you so much.

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  1. why don’t they just come out and say that they made a serious mistake and now they are exploring the ways and means of correcting it, but I suppose that would be too much to expect from someone who has made a life out of speaking out of both sides of the mouth.

  2. “The explosions and shootings would have happened regardless of which policies might have been applied.”

    Gotta’ watch out for da Swedish mafia dontcha know… Out here in the Swedish ghettos of Minneapolistan and Fargo if you cross Lena and Ole they just might toss you into the wood chipper after they first kill you by locking you into a room with a plate of lutefisk.

  3. “He and his party did not see it coming.”

    No, they willfully refused to see what was obviously coming.

  4. I almost feel bad for people who still think that the Bolsheviks didn’t have these worst case scenarios in mind all along.
    Nation wreckers and destroyers who cannot create will only smash and grab because that is all they are capable of.
    The old parable about the scorpion and the frog comes to mind.

    • »What is that flower that symbolizes the Sweden Democrats?«

      It is “Blåsippan”


      As you may see from the photos in that article the flowers come with varying numbers of petals; German article says 6–9. In Sweden it can be found in the southern part; in many regions it is illegal to pick them.

      Pictures of the flower have been used for symbols also by other conservative or christian organizations in Sweden.

  5. When an entire population is bitching and whining, there has to be something wrong with their governance, or their mental genetics are defective. This latter is not possible because we all have the same genome and some other countries are fairly happy. A guess is that they don’t really have democracy; it has been adulterated in some way.

  6. Before deciding to get a good is-lamming the Swedes had the highest suicide rate in Europe.

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