Rage and Brutality on German Playgrounds

The following video from Germany is disturbingly brutal. Readers who are sensitive to violent imagery may want to skip watching it, and just read the transcript.

It’s important to note that there is no mention of cultural enrichment in this documentary. A few of the violent youngsters shown in the included video clips appear to be ethnic Europeans. As for the rest, viewers may make their own judgments about ethnicity. Some of the perpetrators appear to be “New Germans”, but not all.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   Brutal brawls and severe bodily injuries. These videos make clear the level of rage and brutality
00:09   that young people in Germany are facing on a daily basis.
00:13   Punching melees, unhinged fighting and threatening people’s lives.
00:17   When looking for confrontation, killing the opponent is apparently acceptable.
00:22   Humiliations are captured with the camera and published via social networks.
00:29   “That’s right! Lick! Put the whole thing in your mouth” “What are doing, what are you doing?”
00:37   Strikingly girls are both victims and perpetrators. First the humiliation in front of the camera
00:42   and then being brutally beaten up until the victim is lying motionless on the ground.
00:49   Dr. Martin Carsten is a paediatrician and juvenile doctor in Berlin Wilmersdorf. In addition to
00:53   classic childhood diseases, he has also been treating injuries
00:56   caused by conflicts between children more and more frequently in recent years.
01:00   Clearly youth violence has increased. I’m not referring to normal scraps on the playground.
01:04   Those don’t exist anymore, not even at the elementary school level. There are increasing numbers
01:08   of students who master martial arts like kickboxing, for example,
01:12   or any other wild fighting techniques which can lead to serious injuries.
01:17   These children can kick someone in the head with precision with their feet.
01:21   In addition to that, in this age group, children just coming into puberty, where
01:25   it is normal of course to test boundaries and strengths but certainly not under these conditions,
01:29   where one has been trained in martial arts and the other could be seriously injured because of it.
01:33   Within the last couple of days, I have had two-three cases like this
01:37   with serious consequences. One of the fights resulted
01:40   in a teenager with a broken nasal bridge, and the other had a black eye.
01:44   Both from being kicked in the face by another.
01:47   The videos make it clear that the goal in most cases is to seriously injure the opponent.
01:53   In this fight, the boy on the ground has broken his leg,
01:56   but person filming with his mobile phone does not seem bothered
01:59   by the serious injury of the victim and continues the recording.
02:03   It’s no longer a normal physical confrontation
02:07   like it was 30 years ago, when they met on a field after school. It’s clearly a confrontation
02:12   in which it is consciously taken for granted that the opponent is injured,
02:16   even with life threatening injuries. If you receive ten blows to the head, that is going to
02:20   have consequences for the rest of your life. You can’t say,
02:24   Well, what’s done is done and it doesn’t hurt anymore now. No.
02:28   That’s just permanent damage. Such an enormous force
02:31   striking against an unpadded head can’t be absorbed.
02:34   This brutal brawl was recorded at an event after school
02:37   and shared a hundred thousand times over social networks
02:40   and messenger groups. Increasingly, knives are also being used by children in conflicts.
02:48   Now we are clearly seeing more injuries with knives among juveniles
02:51   than before, and I also had a case not so long ago
02:54   where a juvenile grabbed a knife during an attack
02:57   and the ligaments of several fingers in his hand were severed.
03:01   Certainly that hand will never be a normal functioning hand again.
03:05   The role that knives now play in the reality of life among young people
03:08   here in this country becomes clear when you look at the variety
03:11   of self-defense videos uploaded to various online platforms.
03:15   Let’s say the attack comes from above, I have to try to — ouch!
03:19   I have to try to defend myself from that by deflecting it.
03:23   In hundreds of thousands of videos it is claimed that
03:26   a knife attack can be fended off with simple tricks.
03:29   It gives a false impression of this deadly weapon.
03:32   Few professionals realistically estimate the actual danger.
03:36   Have fun! So people, right from the get-go, it has to be said
03:40   that disarming someone with a knife or stopping knife attacks
03:44   is as good as impossible. OK? In a knife attack
03:48   there will only be a few seconds, maybe two to three seconds.
03:51   In these two, three or four seconds, you could get stabbed
03:56   up to ten times. OK? Every self-defence instructor
04:00   should be so aware of that and should teach his students about the reality
04:04   that disarming someone with a knife on the street doesn’t work.
04:08   Maybe it does in a dojo, OK, but not on the street.
04:12   The reality of knife violence even in the smallest disputes among children is made clear
04:15   by this recording of a threatening phone call obtained by RT German editorial team.
04:20   “You f***ing son of a bitch, you… answer me when I talk to you. Do you hear me?
04:26   Yes. —Oh yeah? You better you little c***, you. You wanna get stabbed, don’t you?
04:31   You want me to slash you real good…
04:35   and stab you. Little dog, why are you talking so cheeky?
04:39   A knife injury can be just a small cut in the skin, but as I’ve said,
04:44   when a large artery is hit, the victim could bleed to death.
04:48   That’s certainly not something these teenagers seem to understand. Most of the time they have
04:52   a knife wound on the upper leg. On the leg in most cases it’s of course not life-threatening,
04:58   but if a major artery or a large blood vessel is hit,
05:02   then such knife attacks can have deadly consequences.
05:05   This recording of a dispute among young people shows
05:08   how dangerous the use of knives can be. After being stabbed,
05:12   the victim remains seriously injured in a puddle of his own blood on the ground.
05:20   How often knives are used in conflicts in Germany cannot be estimated.
05:23   The crime statistics of the BKA [Bureau of National Criminal Statistics]
05:26   don’t show knife attacks separately. Only the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia
05:31   has statistically evaluated criminal offences with knives.
05:36   In the first half of 2019 there were already 2,883 registered knife attacks.
05:42   One thing is quite clear. It has clearly increased. More and more young people are armed.
05:46   Of course they say they have to defend themselves when they go out on the street.
05:49   That’s what I hear when I speak to young people. On one hand,
05:52   they have to be able to defend themselves and on the other, of course,
05:56   within the age group between 14 and 18,
05:59   alcohol and drugs very often play a role in these conflicts.
06:03   In such cases, then they are also completely uninhibited.
06:07   So it is a very dangerous trend that has to stop. I also think also there must be more discussions
06:11   in the schools, highlighting what the consequences are for victims as well as for perpetrators.

13 thoughts on “Rage and Brutality on German Playgrounds

  1. It is impossible at this point to put the cultural enrichment genie back into its bottle peacefully. I can understand why teachers, administrators, local government officials, and even police would hesitate to get involved in this self-inflicted disaster. Aside from the threat such young criminals pose to anyone who intervenes, the tribal mentality ensures that any adult who dares to interfere will find their safety and that of their own families at risk from the parents and extended clans of these wonderful enrichments to German culture.

    Every organism in nature has a weakness or limit to unrestricted growth within its ecological niche or something else which preys upon it that serves to keep it in balance and prevents domination of the ecosystem. Invasive species are precisely such threats because the ecological counterbalance does not exist within it’s new environment, and it can quickly multiply out of control and cause extinction among local species which have not evolved a defense against it. An example would be the rats introduced unwittingly by sailors to the island of Mauritius which helped to wipe out the flightless dodo birds who laid their eggs unprotected upon the ground.

    Modern Europe finds itself in a similar situation today. There are many parallels between the plight of the dodo, and Europeans and the invasive species which they have unwittingly imported. High trust European societies where every life has value and which is replaced slowly and at great expense vs tribal, insular and aggressive invaders who have the fecundity of rats and place a correspondingly low value on human life and who seek to take by force and theft what they have no interest in getting by industriousness and peaceful cooperation. A dispassionate apprisal of the situation based upon ecological principles and biology would show that the situation is indeed dire for the native inhabitants of Europe. The only solution that I can see that makes any sense would be excisement of the invasive species root, branch, and all. This certainly will not happen under a popularly elected government so it remains to be seen if a government will come to power by force that is less concerned with such scruples and will decisively act to restore balance, or if Europe in general and Germany in particular will soon go the way of the dodo.

    • eurabian societies where every life has value …

      a few years ago a guy named eric blair observed some lives are more equal than others.

      more years prior it was said something along the lines, if you want to know who rules, observe who can not be criticized.

      european socialism has morphed into a cultural suicide cult

      so much for a utopian paradise, eh ?

  2. “… Some of the perpetrators appear to be “New Germans”, but not all….”

    New Germans? Could you be thinking of another country, a humanitarian superpower, on the other side of the Baltic? The phrase suggests a sense of national pride, purpose and organization, three things that are noticeably missing in Germany with respect to immigration and integration.

    Here is something to ponder: imagine the effects on the other students of witnessing such fights.

  3. Well what did they expect was going to happen with the little savages, oops, meant to say “children “ when they learned in school that anything goes?

    Today there is no religion, no discipline, no dress code nor even the need to learn how to read and write. Thanks to Big Tech, these young people of every ethnic group, are screen addicted and have lost any semblance of humanity. How can you appeal on any level to teenagers whose main focus seems to be to beat the living daylights out of one another? And what does it say about their parents who no doubt are similarly brain dead, screen addicted, drug addicted, illiterate or all of the above?

    This is one of the worst and most disgusting videos I’ve ever seen, especially the fact that the sociopaths who were watching and filming the fights were absolutely heartless and uncaring about the brutality they were witnessing.

    Think about this- in just a few short years these monsters will be running things. God help us all!

  4. I bought myself a pair of nunchakus two years ago (ordered from France) and train with them daily ever since. I’m a karate black belt (I practice since 1993) and probably not the worst, but I see no other realistic defence against a knife attack or multiple attackers. With the nunchakus one can keep the attacker(s) at distance.
    Besides, I am/ we are too civilized to have a realistic chance against these savages.
    However, the nunchakus are forbidden in Merkel Reich and one can get in serious trouble with the judiciary just for possession.

    I had Gypsy neighbours for two years (Merkel guests) and is was hell. They lived here on wellfare, of course. Police and judiciary did abolutely nothing! On two nights a have had a fight with them. The first time they broke into my appartment (two of them) with knives in their hands. They withdrew because I already called the police. The prosecutor closed the case and did nothing.

    The second time I fought with four of them and during this fight I suddenly had a complete breakdown. My nerves. I knew that if I injure one of them (just a bruise or something) I would end up convicted. So, instead of beating them up, which would be the easiest thing for me, I got injured quite severly. That really, really depressed me. And again nothing happened to them.

    Thank God, last summer they suddenly disappeared and never returned since. I sometimes fish out the letters from their abandoned postbox and learned that there is an arrest warrant for one of them.

    My district of Berlin, Steglitz, which is a middle class district, rapidly changed into Arabistan. It all goes to the pot. Even in the upperclass districts. You see more and more Arabs with their beards and their shaved heads. And Africans and women with headscarves and lots of children with them. All of them very self-confident.

    I hate this country so much and my parents deeply, very deeply regret that they chose Germany when they fled Communist Poland in 1976.
    Maybe we should go back to Poland. It’s high time.

    In 1940 they imprisoned my grandfather Leon in concentration camp Stutthoff, where they made soap from us, shot and gassed us, murdered millions of peoples all over the world, and now they are unable/ unwilling to cope with such savages. What an irony. For me it’s the revenge for Hitler.

    PS: Dear Baron, thank you for your fantastic blog and all the work you put into it. Please have my deepest sympathy for what happened to Dymphna, and to you. Please stay strong and keep going on! Certainly she would want it, too.
    And I also want to thank the other contributors and, of course, the readers who so often post very wise comments.

    • Nunchakus in Germany are TOTALLY FORBBIDEN!Even at home…

      I think good pepper spray is better for you.Or a Machete…cheap and allowed…

      Poland is not far away and they had enough free houses.If you dont speak polish,in Silesia there are still some german speakers.

      ps:The SOAP story is fake.

    • You’d be better off with a long belt and heavy buckle on it. Just make sure you don’t need the belt to hold your trousers up when you take it off.

    • Sven, Buy yourself a good pistol and learn how to use it, you can buy anything you want on the black market, so to bloody heck what is legal or not, you are at war. There are plenty of shooting schools in eastern Europe now so you can learn and practice. If you are not prepared to get your hands dirty, you are less than useless.

  5. I remember reading 1984 in high school and wondering how all of that would come to pass.
    They were all too busy looking at telescreens to do anything about it comes to mind.

    • The future turned out to be more “Brave New World” than “1984”. But make no mistake, “1984” is lurking in the background if the smartphones, sports, and television and computer screens are insufficient to keep the population pacified.

  6. Perhaps this is the wrong thing to say and/or the wrong time to say it. But I do wonder how many of the apparently Germans seen fighting are indigenous Germans who have been affected by the violence they are exposed to. I don’t like to see civilized people give in to such behavior, and yet I can’t help thinking that this may be the preview of a generation of indigenous Germans who will not be bullied so easily. “Bringing a knife to a knife fight.” It reminds me of the early days of the “invasion” when the sporadic resistance to the incomers was offered by the bikers. Even that seems to have disappeared (or not made the news). If the savages are teaching the natives to be savage, there will be hell to pay. Think of the American frontier.

  7. I am sorry to read about how things have changed in Steglitz. I probably would not recognize the place. We now have an Arab mosque a few doors down and it is rather discouraging to see *all* the female visitors, even the little ones, wearing hijabs. The mosque is in a former bank and most of the flats above it now have tenants with Arabic names.

    Steglitz is probably some years ahead of my area. When I visit the shopping street near where many more of them live, I count and calculate the percentage of Menstruating Age Females (MAFs) wearing hijabs. Don’t look at me — I didn’t make the rules. It varies between 10 and 60 percent, depending on the time of day, with 20% being typical. I am not there, however, at off hours.

    My apartment building has seen two police actions over the last few months, one to catch what must have been a badly wanted criminal. The police used a dog to get him off the roof. The previous 20+ years we had seen none. We also have had some bad tenants, the most recent of which may have just moved out. Our postman happened to ask about them this morning, as they appear to have abandoned their mailbox.

    I can not imagine living here, long term.

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