When the Truth Counts Against You

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff recently spoke in Montreal, and while she was there she was interviewed by Vlad. In the video below she discusses her conviction in an Austrian court for “denigrating a recognized religion” and her subsequent series of appeals. The entire process took almost ten years and concluded at the European Court of Human Rights, which ruled against her.

She also talks about the fact that freedom of speech has disappeared in Western Europe. She points out that the USA is headed in the same direction, given that the Demonic Convergence — the alliance of the Socialist Left and Islam — is agitating against the First Amendment in its current form.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading the video:

For previous posts on the “hate speech” prosecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, see Elisabeth’s Voice: The Archives.

4 thoughts on “When the Truth Counts Against You

  1. ” When the Truth Counts Against You”

    Over the last decades those who lied got elected. So politicians learned something: namely, that telling lies will get you elected and then you will visit many countries, private plane, best caviar, climate change meetings, G7, useless G8 . . . you got the picture.

    When greatness is thrust upon them undeservedly, they become drunk, stupid, and confused. Most importantly they become asses driven by invaders.

    1. You cannot say merry Christmas,
    2. you cannot say “jesus blood”
    3. You can’t say “The Saviour” Only prophet.
    4. Say holiday season or winter madness
    5. Rememver : eid , ramadan, jihad, to be sensitive to the feelings of . . .
    6. Don;t discuss taqqiya, Be blind to it. Stay asleep until your throat is scratched.
    7. To satisfy them show your enmity to Israel.
    8. to save your skin listen to the Ministry of Manufactured modern Truth.
    9. Offend everyone, every religion except . . .

  2. It is absolutely unbelievable that she was sentenced for “slander” of a religious figure – in the middle of the Western world built on another religion, predominantly opposite to Islam; she was destroyed by the very same people born to her culture and country and having been exposed to the same cultural, societal and religious milieu .

    Ramifications of this seemingly marginal case are immense. But the bigger picture may be this: we have entered a stage of our existence where the progress – bringing us throughout millennia to where we are – changed to retrogress and plunging us into the same unfreedom we had thought to be leaving behind.

    Which is what she is saying quite loud and clear.

    Nothing short of a bloody corrective action can fix this – I just do not know if that is gonna happen still in my lifetime.

  3. Elisabeth had a great interview with Eric Metaxas this past week as well. I was very impressed, never having heard her interviewed previously.

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