Swedish Education in Free Fall

The article below provides a useful follow-up to my earlier post about culturally enriched education in Sweden. It was published last April in Samhällsnytt.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

Teacher: Swedish schools in free fall

In all the years I have had the benefit of teaching young people, I have felt that I have a task to fulfill. A child who learns to read, write, and count, discovers the world, and I have the possibility to open up the world for them. Today the world has unfortunately been opened up for Swedish school children in a more brutal way.

In this and thousands of other classrooms in Sweden, we have received newly-arrived children and young people. Children and young people who cannot read, write or count. These children and young people are placed in classes with Swedish pupils who can read, write and count.

Of course, I as teacher have to prioritize and help the newly-arrived to learn the language. Many are completely illiterate and have never had the possibility of going to school. Anyone can figure out that this affects the Swedish pupils who don’t get my help and knowledge to develop their education. Unfortunately, Swedish parents do not understand that this affects their children.

There are some newly-arrived young people who struggle and invest everything to be able to learn and go further with education, and may become doctors, lawyers or programmers. To teach these ambitious newly-arrived young people is a joy for me as teacher and educator.

Then there is a large mass of the newly-arrived. The ones who ignore school, who ignore the teaching, who are unpleasant and rude. Some are even threatening. From feeling happy when I go to my work, now I go with pain in my stomach.

I know I will be called a “damned whore”, “damned pussy”, and I know I will hear, “You don’t decide for me.” There will be mess and noise in the classroom, the hallways, the schoolyard and the dining room. Changing rooms where classes change for physical education classes will, as usual, be places where girls don’t dare change since boys will show up and sneakily photograph the girls.

Showering is not on the world map for girls and even for some boys in school. It is enough that one or two pupils refuse to follow the instruction and scream “shut up” at me every time I am going to say something; thus is the lesson destroyed for 28 other pupils who want to learn something.

When I call parents in for a conversation, I hear that I don’t have the right to tell their children off, that I should be careful so that I won’t be reported to the principal or school inspectors. They know where my family and I live, what car I drive, and I know that the risk is great that my car will get scratched or destroyed in some other way. I know that certain pupils threaten other pupils, but I don’t dare get in the middle because I risk being beaten.

I know that it is no use to talk to my boss, who is the principal, because I will hear that we teachers are required to accept these newly-arrived and that we cannot treat any pupil differently by sending the pupil out of the classroom. The National School Agency has said that we will include pupils; this has gone so far that many principals completely refuse to remove pupils from the classroom.

Now that the national tests are starting in the spring, I have sadly sat and corrected my classes’ tests and see the results collapse. This, the principal says, he wants to change — by “correcting positively”. This means, for example, that if the student answers incorrectly, one can think that this is just a careless mistake or “the person in question actually meant it this way, so it is almost right.” I have been present when the correcting teacher went into the classroom and asked the pupil what he really meant, and you can correct (the error) by thinking that the student does not have the words to explain the answer in Swedish.

The principal also said that unauthorized teachers will correct the national tests. Soon the spring term will end and the grades will be recorded, and these grades will also be recorded by unauthorized teachers and the principal signs off on them, which he has the right to do.

If I, as a teacher, believe that a pupil has not been active in the lessons nor shown his knowledge, but should receive an F grade, then I know the parents will nag and threaten me. But the principal will also see to it that the pupil gets an E, or better, an A.

For most of the newly-arrived parents, there is only an A for their child. For one to even suggest that their child should get anything else generates complaints and harassment. The politicians who hold municipal office state that, as a teacher, you should go to your immediate supervisor if you are threatened or harassed. But nothing is done.

In the worst case, one may be referred to make a work environment report, and in the case of threats and harassment between pupils, then one should make an incident report. These incident reports may not contain anything allegedly “racist”. For example, one may write, “student A called me a whore and a pussy” — but not that he did it in Arabic. Then it becomes clear that it is a newly-arrived pupil who said this.

If I, as a teacher, write an incident report, then it goes to the principal, who fixes it, so that when it goes to the municipality, it is beautified. The principals are frightened of having a bad reputation. A bad reputation means that parents don’t put their children in the school, and that leads to no funding. The schools depend on funding, and therefore, they do everything to look between the fingers of abuse, threats and harassment.

In one school there was a pupil who choked and beat another student so badly that he ended up in the hospital with a concussion. The police report was made and the student was terminated — we thought. On Monday the following week, the pupil came to school and was just as threatening as before. The effort the principal made was that he hired a 19-year-old boy as a resource for the pupil.

Now it has been decided that 9,000 newcomers will be able to go to high school, and they must finish school to be able to stay. As a result, we teachers now have the power, in the eyes of the students, to decide whether they can stay in Sweden. They demand their grades be approved, threaten, and harass. They ignore attendance at the lessons and then, when they risk more than 20% absence, they come up with various excuses, such as they don’t feel well, the support money had not come for SL [bus/metro] tickets, or something else. They want people to help them with housing applications, CSN [student loan agency] support payments during the homework hours. I have less and less time to be a teacher and to teach.

Anyone can deduce that this affects Swedish pupils who don’t get my help and knowledge to develop their education. But unfortunately Swedish parents don’t understand that this affects their children also.

There is much more to say, but the conclusion based on my long experience is that Swedish schools are in free fall, and it will get worse.

— Frustrated teacher

The writer has worked as a teacher since the 1990s in various schools in the Stockholm District at all levels, elementary schools, secondary school and adult education, and has taught Swedish children, young people, and newly-arrived (immigrants).

27 thoughts on “Swedish Education in Free Fall

  1. Well, while you just talk and take no action what do you expect?
    Remember when all you useless teachers told us all that we had to be prepared for competition in the global world?
    Well, now its your turn. How do you like dem apples?

    • What action do you suggest this teacher take? Did you not read what was written? These migrants are threatening their property and their families. The government of Sweden needs to get serious. The governments of all western countries need to. This is disastrous.

      Oh and here is a clue: The teachers who contributed to this disaster are very, very unlikely to be the ones who would take the time to outline what the Swedish schools are dealing with as this teacher has done.

  2. While it is good to see that this Swedish teacher has finally had her “road to Damascus” moment, one wonders just how complete her conversion truly was. For example, how did she vote in the last election? If it was anything other than the Sweden Democrats then she needs to stow her criticism because she is still part of the problem and does not yet realize how her and others like her are contributing to this pestilence that the Swedes have brought down upon themselves.

    One thing that amazes me about her and others like her are how they do not realize how much power they potentially wield. Forget electoral power for the moment; undoubtedly she is not the only one at the school that feels the way she does, and this is likely not the only school where this scandalous behavior is occurring. A teacher’s strike could bring unwanted attention first nationally and then globally to this wretched situation, and the Swedish government would be forced to act once it became impossible to hide. They couldn’t fire all the striking teachers and replace them easily or quickly, and a strike at schools against the crimes of multiculti would likely quickly spread to other public sector employees such as the police, firefighters, and emergency medical responders who are also daily enriched by culture enrichers.

    As for the principal and those fellow administrators who turn a blind eye to the behavior of their charges while throwing their subordinates to the wolves, well, they also have cars and homes and it likely is not a secret where they live, who their family members are, and where they can be found. After all, what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.

  3. Seems the best course of action is to quarantine Sweden, remove them from NATO and ban anyone with a Swedish passport from entering North America. Then they can receive their education in islam.

  4. most teachers in Australia are feminist social justice warriors who demonstrate in favour of mass illegal migration of Rohingya and all muslims from the middle east (not christians). They vote Labour (socialist/communist some of them) and Greens. I have to laugh when there are stories about violence in schools as this is what they wanted! They are too stupid to think ahead and realise that the rabble they want brought in end up in their classroom the next week. How can they be so dumb and have a degree? Answer; fewer exams, many can get into teaching while actually failing their Year 12 assessments i e lower than 50% VCE results and one has to question some of the essay topics.Here in Australia teachers get what they deserve.
    PS they also bully male teachers out of the profession

    • Sweden, and most of Europe, is a lost cause. Much like most of America.

      Press and Hold for 5 seconds to reset.

    • There is widespread anger at the fools in the governing alliance in Stockholm, and the Sweden Democrats appear to have reached a position as the party with most potential voters. The problem is that the former social democrat governing party has been able to establish an alliance with a couple of minor liberal parties and left-leaning greens, with the pronounced purpose of excluding the aforementioned conservative party. Reports like this one are fairly common on Swedish Twitter, and other social media, where a background check on the author makes for better verification, too.

  5. I don’t feel sorry for countries that commit suicide. Enjoy the multikult “paradise” Sweden.

  6. I’m not sure why we are supposed to care about the mess that is Sweden. It’s not as if the country was invaded and occupied involuntarily. You did it to yourselves. Too bad, so sad.

    Also, this teacher won’t quit. Why not? She claims it’s because she wants to help the few, motivated students. I suspect it’s because she doesn’t want to part with her salary, benefits, and pension.

    Swedes have become a whiny lot. Don’t like the immigrants you’ve invited? Expel them. Don’t like your job? Quit. Don’t like the country? Move. Just don’t whine.

  7. Have to agree with the comments from TheDawg above. What’s been happening in Sweden is no secret- the whole world knows.

    I would bet anything that this teacher who’s now complaining about her problems never said a word when the insanity started. They all have good excuses for not opening their mouths, forgetting about the time when it might have been possible to say and do something to stop this destruction before it got going to where it is now.

    No doubt this teacher will hang on as long as possible to save her good job. Soon she will have to make the choice between the money and her life. That simple. There’s no teaching or co-existing with the savages that have taken over. The only solution I see is for her to take a baseball bat into the classroom and use it a few times on the disruptive “students”.

  8. At ohio Stare University the College of Education was known as the intellectual sewer, and that was 20 years ago. I can only imagine it has gotten worse.

  9. Read a translated article online where an interviewer asked random Swedish men why don’t they do something about the enrichment regarding the imported replacements vs. Swedish women and the most common response was that the women voted for the enrichment.
    I laughed out loud and it made my day. Let them choke on the enrichment they so enthusiastically voted for.

  10. Please send all those teachers to South Africa for a holiday and lets see how many return , how many are still multiculti , how many have been brought to their senses etc etc .

  11. Running away like rats to live in Poland from Paradise they created in Sweden..
    Real Estate market in North Poland is BOOMING like crazy..Swedes, Dutch, Germans Danes..all biggest clients ..There is no enough supplies for dee3mand..
    I/m wondering why ?

  12. Why is this teacher complaining? This is the version of Sweden that the vast majority of educators have wanted for years. They pined for diversity, shuddered and wailed like religious nuts when the borders opened, and now they’re unhappy? Only now?

    It’s too late now! You Swedes [soil] the bed when you voted for open borders, now lay there in the mess you’ve made. Enjoy it.

  13. The same everywhere in the West.Can all politicians be so stupid or is it wanted?
    You know most politicians are Ex-Communists,Marxists,Maoists…
    What did they want?
    They want the same prfit for everyone,but they saw that Africa etc. never can be so smart than Europe.so they only way is to made Europe dumb.

    Even highschool Teachers today cant write good german anymore!

    100 years ago 99% of the germans had nearly less mistakes than pupils today after 10 years.Also they were much better im Math. after 4 years.

    But hey,they knew every perveratation…a mother from Berlin wrote in the first hour about SEX the teacher telled:There are men who like to eat the [excrement] from women!!!
    No joke!

  14. Sara
    I recently resigned my teaching position after 20 years. I was forced out of the profession I loved. What passes for the new Australian National Curriculum exists to dumb down students, mine data for the government, rewrite history with white settlers as invaders and oppressors, elevate Aboriginal culture to heights it never achieved (I have 3 beloved Aboriginal grandchildren, so do not call me a racist), privilege Islam while mocking Christianity at every opportunity, harp incessantly on climate change and sustainability, promote LGBT+, and push the most lewd sex ed programs.
    The issue is never the issue, the revolution is always the issue: destroy the family, Judio-Christian values and beliefs, free markets and democracy.
    Many teachers feel as I do but we are old and when we are all gone no one will remember the history, art, music or literature of our European ancestors. Only the new breed of postmodern, marxist useful idiots will be left. Our civilisation is dying and only a long night of barbarism lies ahead.

    • We have nothing of the kind, but there is something else. The educational material in the textbooks began to be presented in such a way that it is very difficult to build a single picture of the world. A primary school teacher complained about this to me. Previously, “natural science” was taught sequentially in the development from lower to higher forms, but now everything is mixed.

      Russian language is very difficult to learn. When I went to school, the rules were formulated so that all Russian grammar is very well remembered.
      When my daughter went to school, these rules were presented so that they could not be remembered.

    • Victoria – I feel exactly the same way. Our civilization is collapsing in front of our eyes. I have lost count of the letters I have written to our senators and representatives. When you try to stand up for traditional values or when you point out what the obvious consequences will be of these lunatic decisions, you are immediately cast into the void. You are a social pariah. I have long since stopped caring about any of that but you also are at a real risk of losing your job.

      I find myself listening to classical music and looking at old European art all the time now out of a need to feel like someone somewhere still appreciates what our people once achieved before we completely took leave of our senses.

  15. It’s hard to feel any sympathy for such a country. Any Swede should see where allcthis is going, and just make it a priority to leave. But to date other Western nations have shown the same myopia, indifference, and an ingrained leftism that simply shuts down objectively confronting reality (ie. Canada, NZ, all of Western Europe).

    Gradually people are moving out of areas in-country w/ a high Muslim presence. Soon upper middle class people will emigrate from their country entirely. But the desirable places left that bar Muslims is shrinking rapidly. It would be better to have this out in some decisive conflict than to continue on the same path with the left driving the decline. Luckily for us conservative polemics are gaining ascendance slowly. The declining power of the traitorous left does guarantee escalating conflict, and resolving the Muslim question will be one of the major items on that agenda. But certain states are so far down the rabbit hole of compulsive appeasement (UK, Scandinavia, Canada) that changing course is simply unlikely. Broadly speaking though the West will deal with this when it deals with leftist globalism, which is happening now, slow but sure.

    If the left finds a way to prevail, then it’s game over by the end of this century. We could die as a civilization simply b/c we lost the will to survive, which means cutting off parasitic elements whether the left or Muslims.

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