Education, Swedish Style

The news reports below show two different aspects of the educational system as it exists today in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: The Three Rs — Reading, Writing, and Recitation

Video #2: High School Goes BOOM!

Video transcript #1:

00:03   Quran schools for children — divergent opinions
00:06   There are Quran studies for children in many places around the country, for example in Borlänge.
00:11   On weekends children from the age of six can get seven hours of Quranic education.
00:15   First of all, it is god’s word.
00:19   It is our guidance in life because we live as Muslims.
00:25   Where shall we turn to if we don’t know it? —Yes…
00:31   But school staff claim that the [Quran] education takes place
00:34   at the expense of mainstream education.
00:37   Some students attend those school three days a week after school.
00:42   Some even five days a week, even on the weekend.
00:47   But if all the energy is invested to learn and to memorize those texts, which they do,
00:56   And they don’t have any energy left for the mandatory education,
01:02   I’m anxious about this perspective.
01:06   I don’t believe that is true. I have very clever students in the school.
01:13   They’re at the top there, and they are at the top here as well.
01:18   We say to the students, and encourage them, to be clever
01:24   and focused in the school. —The school principal believes the Quran lessons will create exclusion
01:27   in areas where people are already excluded. —There are children
01:30   who show no respect towards adults, who don’t have an Islamic background.
01:38   But it’s only a handful. If it happens, it’s wrong! It’s unacceptable.
01:44   We must respect each other.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   In a high school in Helsingborg [Sweden], according to the police, a [burning] bottle was thrown
00:07   through the window, followed by a very large bang.
00:13   When it was heard they called the police.
00:17   Emergency services along with five ambulance vehicles were sent to the location.
00:23   The police say that there aren’t any direct injuries from the explosion,
00:29   but some juveniles probably breathed in some of the smoke.
00:37   Are you aware of the situation regarding this event?
00:42   Do you know whether there were any threats toward the school? Or any sort of unrest before that?
00:53   The police don’t know that; they can’t say anything about that to us.
01:01   The school has been evacuated
01:04   and all the students are gathered in a football field nearby,
01:09   where they are awaiting permission to re-enter the school.
01:14   The police have called in the National Bomb Protection
01:17   to make sure the location is clear and there aren’t any more dangerous objects.

9 thoughts on “Education, Swedish Style

  1. “We must respect each other”, says the imam to the Western reporter.
    What do imams say to their muslim audiences?

    “You should hate them, disown them and their religion” –
    “No one loves the kuffaar. We hate kuffaar” – Abu Usama, B’ham, Undercover Mosque
    “Kuffar should be treated with contempt” – A Murad

    There you are – “respect”.

  2. I remember an interview taken from one bright Somali woman in Sweden. I don’t remember exactly her name. Moreover, it was published in your and our countries.
    She wrote that when she became a refugee in the 90s and came to Sweden, she was horrified that they were immediately driven into the religious fundamentalist “ghettos”. That in their homeland women were dressed in colorful national outfits, and in Europe they were forced to wear Salafi garbage bags.

    Sweden became a Petri dish for breeding radicals. For this purpose, the most prosperous country in Europe was chosen. Sweden is given to be eaten.

      • Yes, for sure, here is an interview in Russian.

        Raped Sweden suffers from Stockholm Syndrome

        KP special correspondent Daria Aslamova visited a Scandinavian country and was horrified: the European state, which has always been considered a symbol of calm and prosperity, dutifully surrendered itself to the claws of Islamist migrants planting their wild orders there

  3. I have grave doubts about the ability of the Swedish state to maintain its authority over time.

    The cartels and local politician-warlords in Mexico have grown so powerful that the central government’s writ doesn’t extend much beyond the capital. It’s really devolving into a set of warring mini states.

    As gangs in Sweden grow in power, along with Islamic types bent on conquest, could we see the Swedish state begin to lose its grip? Has this already happened? Could this go the way of Mexico?

    • Mexico has historically had weak and unstable central governments who have had a tenuous control outside the capital. Corruption is the norm rather than the exception there. Sweden, on the other hand, has until recently been a functioning stable homogeneous nation without a history of warlordism.

      I think the Swedish government has already lost control of the situation, and while they have the physical ability via the armed forces and deputized civilian populations to deal with the invaders and kill or expel them, the political will to do so is not yet present. The rise of the Sweden Democrats tells me that Swedes are waking up to reality but it is going to be a race to see which happens first; a government with a real political will to wield the power of the state to deal with the problems they have imported, or the invaders becoming strong enough to coordinate their actions across all of Europe should any nation attempt to expel them or curtail their inroads and subversion.

      My own opinion is that Sweden will get it’s nationalist government, and when it finally chooses to act decisively it will trigger uprisings and a broader war across all of Western Europe and maybe even in the middle east in response to perceived persecution or ethnic cleansing of invasive muslim populations.

      Oh, and Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself…

  4. These are the fools who were laughing at Trump. I hope he lives long enough to have the last laugh.

    Muslims are Muslims. It is up to the Swedes to be Swedes which is something they seem to have forgotten. Shameful to take one’s freedoms so lightly.

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