Stéphane Ravier: Instead of Quotas for Immigration, Quotas for Deportation!

Stéphane Ravier is a member of the French Senate for National Rally, Marine Le Pen’s party. The video below shows Mr. Ravier’s recent remarks in the Senate in which he speaks out in no uncertain terms about the Great Replacement. It will be interesting to see how quickly he is hauled into court and put on trial.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen ministers, dear colleagues! Immigration is a chance for France!
00:04   For about thirty years this has been the motto, if not
00:08   of the Republic, then at least of a political class that negated everything, up to
00:12   allowing the death of the identity of French people. Familial regrouping, erasing of borders,
00:16   positive discrimination in hiring, welfare, the asylum law,
00:20   the false minors but the very real major [adult] illegals: you have created all the conditions
00:24   of a true migratory submersion. So migration is a chance,
00:28   but for whom? Certainly not for our countrymen!
00:33   For a political caste, it allowed a couple of elections to be saved, thanks to those “new French people”.
00:37   For others it allowed the reception of public grants and the chartering of boats
00:41   to bring illegals from Libyan coast to Europe. The numbers are
00:45   eloquent: in 2016 only 7% of foreigners who settled down
00:49   in our country have had a contract to be hired for a job. Immigration is no longer —
00:53   and hasn’t been for a long time already— a labor migration, but a migration of a populace
00:57   with welfare recipients. For our countrymen the bill is exorbitant!
01:01   I tell you solemnly, my dear colleagues: I don’t believe
01:05   in the Theory of the Great Replacement. On the other hand, I’m CONVINCED of its reality.
01:10   I’m not going to evoke the noises
01:14   and the smells so dear to all the presidents of the past. But those hundreds of zones
01:18   across the entire country which became foreign enclaves
01:22   are zones of non-France, where the hatred of everything that is French is spreading like
01:26   like a trail of ignited gunpowder. Our laws, our culture, our identity, our savoir-vivre
01:30   our know-how, our liberties, especially those of women —
01:34   such as sexual and religious liberties — are being rejected, fought against,
01:38   in order to be replaced as well under the blows of a militant Islamist communitarism.
01:42   The ideology of “coexist” is falling apart under the weight
01:47   of the reality of an immigration that every day is increasingly conquering and violent,
01:51   That puts in danger our national and republican unity. Only
01:55   those who can afford it are avoiding it. And among them: all of you or almost [all of you],
01:59   my dear colleagues. Because if the political class is in favor of Coexist
02:03   it is NOT INFLICTING ON ITSELF THE NEED TO LIVE WITH IT. Immigration is like
02:07   the electricity-generating windmills: those who defend the installation of them refuse to have them
02:12   near their houses. Your immigration policy, my dear colleagues, also has a price in blood,
02:16   from Bataclan to Nice, from Laura to Mauranne, to Timothy to Theo [real victims of jihad]
02:20   it’s our youth who are being sacrificed on the altar of an ideology
02:24   of destruction. In the social plan immigration policy
02:28   seems to be a provocation! While every day new sacrifices are demanded of French people,
02:33   the immigration continues to be the barrel of the Danaïdes [a futile task, like that of Sisyphus].
02:36   The cost of the AME [State Medical Help] that benefits the illegals rose from only 400 million
02:41   fifteen years ago to one billion euros today. French people aren’t fooled
02:45   any longer, or rather, you don’t fool them any longer. The majority of them
02:49   refuse this national suicide. French people are fed up. French people have had enough.
02:53   For forty years they have making an effort, they have consented
02:57   to sacrifices in welcoming others, and what have they received in return?
03:01   A development of an unbearable anti-French, anti-white,
03:05   anti-Christian racism. Our countrymen refuse the flood and
03:09   becoming foreigners in their own country; therefore you threaten,
03:13   you censure, and you drag into courts of justice those resisters who refuse
03:17   to collaborate. How can you have your eyes so widely shut
03:21   in the face of this phenomenon — unique in the history of the humanity
03:25   and of the nations — the worldwide demographic explosion?
03:30   Far from realizing it, and faithful to his [unintelligible] at the same time
03:34   Emmanuel Macron roams through Europe to sanction countries that refuse the quotas of migrants,
03:38   and he’s preparing to turn Marseille into
03:42   a port of reception for the illegals of the Mediterranean! Marseille!
03:46   Marseille, which is already going through a migratory, social and security situation
03:50   that is explosive! A provocation that I will continue defending [sic! a slip]
03:54   and denouncing — sorry! — as has been the case for a long time;
03:58   and even if this will cause me to be indicted,
04:02   as is the case today, because in this beautiful country that is France, an MP
04:06   who denounces human trafficking finds himself in a court of law.
04:10   Face the mortal danger that is threatening our nation and Europe
04:15   of Charlemagne, of Charles Martel, of Charles Quint [liberated Christians slaves in 1535]; nobody
04:19   will silence us, but we are expecting something totally different than this false debate.
04:23   The only questions that should preoccupy you are the following: do we,
04:27   we the French people, have the right to live in France according our traditions and our identity?
04:31   Do we have the right to remain what we are and to transfer to our children
04:35   what we received from our parents? Do we have the right to remain French in a French France?
04:39   We know the answer! And the national surge
04:43   therefore cannot come from any of you! Also for all the victims of your
04:47   crazy immigration policy, for the social, economic and identitarian victims, for all those families
04:53   whose lives have been destroyed under the blows of a savage immigration, I’m asking you,
04:56   my dear colleagues, as much from the Right as from the Left, because you are ALL responsible
05:00   for this disaster. I’m asking you to apologize. Do apologize for lying,
05:04   [President: you’ll have to finish] apologize for betraying; I’m finishing,
05:08   Mr. President, thank you! Do apologize by establishing a national preference
05:12   in all the fields, in reestablishing the borders, in putting in place
05:16   quotas NOT for immigration, but quotas for DEPORTATION!
05:20   Do apologize by reversing the flow of immigration! If you refuse,
05:24   if you don’t renounce your pernicious ideology [President: you need to finish], well,
05:29   in the face of posterity it will be France that will curse you!

3 thoughts on “Stéphane Ravier: Instead of Quotas for Immigration, Quotas for Deportation!

  1. This comment is from France.

    What a great speech by Stépane Ravier. He is our french Tommy Robinson… I think that before long he will find himself in jail or struck by a heavy fine… And he should perhaps invest in a flack jacket as welle as hire one or two body guards.

    We wish him luck and pray for him.
    He is precious: we have very few patriots left in France…

    • But why? The French have always loved being French. They have loved Frenchness to the point of being superior about it. And with good reason! Why shrug off so much cultural value? It’s incomprehensible.

  2. Good Lord! You cannot just go around telling the truth! He will have to be silenced, incarcerated or killed, otherwise other people might think the truth is relevant. It is difficult, I know, to suppress the facts in favour of an ideological imperative, the ‘narrative’ of the day, but you must try, otherwise the grim reality will dawn on you and your inevitable eclipse and replacement and the suppression of your cultural values will become apparent. Stop thinking about it; go and watch a late show, or a soccer match, escape reality or be prosecuted.

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