Alice Weidel: “The crisis isn’t coming, the crisis is already here”

Alice Weidel is the co-leader (with Alexander Gauland) of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

The following video shows a speech given by Ms. Weidel on the floor of the Bundestag. In it she addresses the manifold failures of the policies of the current German government (a coalition between the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats) under the chancellorship of Angela Merkel.

Ms. Weidel is blisteringly effective in her presentation, as evidenced by the other parties’ attempts to shout her down. It’s encouraging to hear the list of issues she covers, which extend far beyond the topic of immigration, which is usually the primary focus of the AfD. These policy proposals indicate that the AfD has matured to the point where it has the competence to govern the country, if it is ever given the chance.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Dear Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen: Germany is facing a recession.
00:06   This isn’t just an economic dip,
00:10   but a tangible decline in economic output.
00:13   Exports are collapsing by double-digit losses to important
00:17   export countries: China, Great Britain. The automotive industry and mechanical engineering sector,
00:26   the backbone of our industrial production and thus our prosperity, have been particularly hard hit.
00:31   The announcement of massive job cuts in major companies and key industries is not abating.
00:38   Economic growth is stagnating. Gross domestic product even shrank in the second quarter of 2019.
00:47   This puts us at the bottom of the league in comparison with the other EU and Euro member states.
00:53   The crisis isn’t coming, the crisis is already here.
00:58   The next recession won’t be falling from the sky,
01:03   nor will it be the work of evil powers. It’s first and foremost homemade.
01:09   The difficulties that the German economy and thus the whole country are sliding into
01:13   are the result of its disastrous and business-unfriendly policies.
01:17   Policies that are “Green” to the core,
01:21   a Green socialist ideology that is ruining our country and robbing it of its future viability.
01:27   This government bears the responsibility for the dismantling
01:31   of the automobile industry based on a climate-saving delusion
01:34   in order to promote the e-auto centrally planned economy. You are ruining our country with
01:38   the absurd idea of being able to exit from nuclear energy and coal
01:42   at the same time in order to meet some fictitious date
01:46   in the not too distant future, typical of centrally planned economies,
01:50   for CO2 neutrality. Just think about it.
01:54   That’s absolutely grotesque. And this kind of economic and
01:58   scientific nonsense that has already given us
02:01   the highest electricity costs in Europe. It puts hundreds of thousands
02:05   of low-income and middle-class households
02:08   in existential distress, endangers the security of supply,
02:13   and will gradually drive energy-intensive industries out of Germany.
02:18   Climate protection is the pretext. It’s nothing more than
02:23   a monstrous deindustrialisation programme combined with
02:29   veritable job destruction. You are spending billions to avert
02:33   some imagined doom-and-gloom scenario in the distant future.
02:37   You are led by the nose by questionable lobbyists such as the German Environmental Aid Group,
02:41   which in my opinion is a lobbying organisation that should be banned, yet you blindly follow
02:47   and allow the destruction of the basis of our prosperity,
02:51   and hinder our ability to master the very real and urgent challenges of the coming decades.
02:57   For example, the consequence of the unresolved unregulated migration into
03:02   our social welfare system and the criminal statistics.
03:06   Yes, I already know why you’re shrieking so much.
03:09   The former federal intelligence service chief, August Hanning,
03:12   has said that more than two million predominantly young men have immigrated here since in 2015.
03:18   And the next wave is already just around the corner. The images from Lesbos are
03:22   the writing on the wall showing that the Turkey Deal that you so loved to cling to for so long
03:26   has utterly failed. The Balkan route is wide open
03:29   and you just close your eyes to it. We could end the migration
03:33   coming across the Mediterranean if you were willing to join Italy
03:38   and other countries in monitoring the Mediterranean to ensure that no one can cross the sea
03:42   and enter Europe illegally. Instead, what is being done?
03:49   Instead, you encourage humanitarian smugglers and traffickers, also known as NGOs.
03:55   You even allow their illegally smuggled passengers
03:59   to fly into Germany. And now you want to set up your own
04:02   state-run water taxi service. This can only be described as grotesque, ladies and gentlemen.
04:08   Effective security and border control is possible.
04:13   The costs would be in the single-digit billion range per year, and you know it.
04:18   That’s nothing in comparison to the economic, political, and above all,
04:22   the socially consequential costs of continuing unregulated immigration. You want to restrict
04:28   the individual mobility of millions of citizens with car bans,
04:33   tax penalties and short-term interventionist measures, but illegal immigrants can continue to
04:37   move freely and unhindered across our borders. Even in the cases of asylum fraud, where
04:43   residence permits are denied, no one has to fear deportation.
04:49   You have money enough for every type of obscure interest group thinkable,
04:53   but not for the effective control of our borders
04:57   or the protection of our citizens. The same citizens
05:00   who are required to give you a record proportion of their income.
05:03   You owe them a service in return.
05:07   Meanwhile, every second Hartz4 [welfare] recipient now has a migration background.
05:13   In addition to that, almost two-thirds
05:18   of the so-called refugees live on Hartz4.
05:22   That’s two-thirds of your “skilled workers” living on Hartz4.
05:26   Incidentally, asylum seekers are disproportionately a criminal burden
05:30   when measured in proportion to the rest of the population.
05:34   Serious sexual offences, homicides and theft committed by migrants have increased alarmingly.
05:41   The Federal Criminal Police Office confirms that
05:44   as the current situation of migrant crime in black and white.
05:47   Why don’t you stop shouting around here?
05:51   The fact that citizens have decreasing security in public spaces
05:56   is obviously unimportant to you. You can see that here quite clearly.
06:00   Then we have an older burden which was also a failed experiment: Ten years of rescuing the Euro.
06:07   The loans of rescue aid money, which are now lost, and money creation at the push of a button
06:10   are merely ten years of redistribution from bottom to top and from the citizen to the state.
06:15   The zero-interest policy that Olaf Scholz was so pleased about
06:20   yesterday leads the German middle class and their savings into the Precariat.
06:24   The fairy tale of this being a rich country has not
06:28   been true for a long time. In Europe, Germans take the last place in the area of financial assets.
06:33   When Draghi bursts the Euro money bubble, it will ignite socialism,
06:37   we know that. The gigantic proportion of bad loans
06:41   on the balance sheets of southern European banks
06:45   will be consumed like fire. The house of cards of the zombie banks
06:49   stands on the shaky ground of the negative interest rate policy
06:52   of the ECB [European Central Bank], and has inexorably
06:55   destroyed the business model of the solid banks.
06:58   We are facing a gigantic bank crash, ladies and gentlemen.
07:02   If this trend continues we will be facing not only a bank crisis,
07:06   but a sovereign debt crisis as well resulting in hyperinflation
07:09   and a subsequent currency reform in which people will lose everything,
07:13   but you aren’t telling them that.
07:16   What are you doing to prevent this? Of course, nothing at all. On the contrary, you are the one who
07:20   is fuelling this development, which will be applauded by ECB’s head Christine Lagarde,
07:25   the woman who as International Monetary Fund Director declared
07:30   in 2010, and I quote: “We have to break the EU treaties to save the Euro.”
07:36   End quote. And that’s exactly her understanding
07:41   of respecting the law. Finding another solution besides
07:45   putting Germans at a disadvantage probably isn’t possible,
07:49   because the majority wouldn’t support that. In Germany,
07:53   in Europe, you have isolated yourselves, and nobody
07:57   takes you seriously anymore. At international conferences you sit on the sidelines,
08:01   while the others pursue and assert their interests.
08:05   You have shattered relations with the United States. You have driven the British out of the EU and
08:12   in the wake, the French do nothing for a sensible Brexit solution.
08:18   And now you are presenting to us a budget which,
08:23   above all, shows that you and you cabinet have not understood that your final hour has come.
08:30   You consume tax money, which is still abundantly collected,
08:33   as if it was a never-ending blessing flowing forever.
08:36   What if the baby boomers, who are now at the peak of their careers,
08:40   retire in ten years’ time and can no longer
08:44   be milked to the last drop? What will happen then?
08:48   Saving for a rainy day is a foreign concept, not present in this budget.
08:52   Despite the record volume, the amount allocated for investment
08:55   is ridiculously low and beautifully calculated with
08:58   accounting acrobatics. An additional absurdity is that
09:01   the Federal Minister of Finance will even earn money by creating debt,
09:05   because investors pay negative returns for long-term bonds. That alone shows
09:13   how the money system has gone off the rails, ladies and gentlemen.
09:16   It is our citizens who are being callously
09:19   and mercilessly expropriated by negative interest rates.
09:24   The money of our citizens is directly and indirectly collected,
09:30   and you squander it. The economist Daniel Stelter has calculated,
09:35   and I quote, “In the last ten years,
09:39   an additional €460 billion of money available for spending
09:43   and pre-election concessions have been
09:47   squandered at the federal level alone”. End quote.
09:50   There are enough problem areas in this country where taxpayers’ money
09:53   could be spent better and more sensibly. The infrastructure is decaying,
09:57   roads are falling apart, school buildings are decaying, the railways aren’t
10:02   what they used to be, high-speed internet exists elsewhere, not to mention those major projects
10:06   such as airports that never get finished. Our social systems
10:10   are overloaded and not sustainable. Germany is threatened
10:15   with massive poverty among the elderly. Public order is suffering. Security is being lost.
10:21   The Green Party doesn’t care about that, I know.
10:25   The Bundeswehr is barely operational; the working population is
10:28   burdened with high taxes and levies. And even when you try
10:31   giving some of that money back to citizens,
10:34   you can’t even do that right. The Solidarity tax isn’t being abolished accordance with the law.
10:37   Your government and the parties supporting you are
10:41   already spawning new taxes. The CO2 tax, the wealth tax,
10:45   special levies on everything. Any excuse seems justifiable to you
10:48   to further burden citizens, because you lack
10:51   the ability to handle the already abundant amount of public funds responsibly,
10:55   and that’s the truth. This simply cannot go on like this.
10:58   A fundamental paradigm shift is necessary. Conservation
11:02   of the environment and resources instead of climate protection.
11:06   Stop the reckless energy transition. Stop uncontrolled immigration
11:11   and secure our borders. We must turn away from the Euro
11:15   inflation policy and, above all, ensure more freedom for citizens
11:18   and all those who create wealth in this country.
11:21   The ability to think and speak freely, instead of
11:25   poisoning the political climate by defaming those who think differently.
11:30   Economic freedom instead of the nannyism of new bans.
11:34   Provide relief from taxes instead of bureaucracy and redistribution.
11:39   Listen to Ludwig Erhard! I quote: “Dear Government, do not worry
11:44   about my affairs, but give me enough freedom and leave me
11:50   enough of the yield of my work so that I myself am able to shape my existence
11:55   and my destiny and that of my family.”
12:00   End quote. This is the individual liberty of
12:05   conservative policy that our country so desperately needs and
12:12   that no longer has a home and no advocate in this government. I thank you.

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  1. I just love Her , she is telling absolutely truth about Germany going down to the toilet in the speedway, I think she would be very good chancellor for Germany…

  2. Dr. Alice Weidel represents the AfD political party in a refreshing, intelligent manner! Outstanding speech. Political seats in the AfD seem to be growing with outstanding support & clapping from her colleagues.

    Wake up Deutsch citizens! Stop voting for the Green Party and other socialist thieves! They are stealing your tax dollars, retirement income and physical security. You think third world migrants with low IQs, limited education, language impairments and non-technical skills can secure the economic prosperity of Deutschland & the rest of Europe? Stop voting for Mad Mama Merkel! She’s allowing Muhammad & Fatima to replace Hans & Heidi who faithfully committed their labor & tax dollars to make Deutschland the economic superpower of Europe. If Deutschland goes bankrupt it will drag the rest of the EU down the toilet with it! This is a deliberate plan to destroy nations, sovereignty, borders, freedom to have a one world government! Stop it at all costs! Civil war may be on the horizon as the last hope of indigenous citizens.

  3. German voting system is rigged! Those stAsi east germans are back in control,
    They have controlled brainwashed 70% of germans,

    Germans live in fear, to speak up, they are in the gulag already, friends and family are the enforcers of pc, and will inform and destroy anyone who dares speak out against the german collective suicide being forced upon them!

    Where are the german men???? Fighters and patriots???
    But its there own feminazi brainwashed women who are betraying them!!!

    Only war will sort this insanity out.

  4. Our poliical class should listen to this in the uk. No idea how we can get this published here. Most institutions are remainers, and the bbc a joke for accurate reporting. Hope some talented it person will get this on air

  5. Increasingly it is apparent that there is a deliberate attempt to take down Western democracies. These same foolish policies of destroying successful economies and open door immigration are happening everywhere. Everywhere people are also being brain washed about climate change. I believe the agenda is to establish a one world government, yet so many people still are oblivious. I am very pessimistic about our future. I am in Canada and the same sinister agenda is happening here.

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