90-Year-Old Man Severely Beaten by Culture-Enriching Home Invaders

The following news story concerns the harrowing experience of a 90-year-old man at the hands of “southern-looking” burglars in the German city of Essen. What comes through in this report is the robust constitution of the elderly victim. Considering what the “youths” did to him, he’s in remarkably good condition, and you can see in the video that he still climbs stairs and drives, which many people in his age group can’t do.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It’s 20 to 6 [am]. A very brutal incident happened yesterday in the city of Essen.
00:04   A 90-year-old man arrives home in the evening.
00:08   Suddenly there are several masked men standing in front of him. The burglars directly attack him.
00:12   They even tie him up. We spoke with the pensioner about the worst moment of his life.
00:19   He will never forget what happened that evening.
00:22   The pensioner Otto Schultz, from Essen, was brutally physically assaulted.
00:25   Today the 90-year-old is returning home. He’s in pain.
00:28   What the perpetrators did to him is unconscionable.
00:31   They punched my teeth out. They beat my head and held a knife to my throat.
00:36   They told me to give them €10,000 ($11,050)
00:40   if I wanted to live. I told them I didn’t want to live anymore.
00:44   That’s when he kicked me in the head with his foot.
00:48   The elderly man was in a casino that evening. He goes there often.
00:51   The perpetrators had closely monitored his routine.
00:54   They broke into his home through a back door. Rummaged through his belongings.
00:58   Since there wasn’t much, they waited for Otto Schulz to return home.
01:02   First they threw me to the floor and started to tie me up. They tied up my hands.
01:06   They covered my mouth. My eyes. They covered my eyes so I couldn’t see.
01:12   It was really just like in a gangster film. —His wife died ten years ago. He lives on his own.
01:18   This is the ninth time his home was broken into, he tells us.
01:21   That’s emotionally unbearable enough, but this time it was different.
01:25   They were just so brutal. I was just lying on the floor
01:30   while they kicked me. Afterward, I lay on the floor.
01:35   I was knocked out or dazed from one of the punches,
01:39   then one of them was checking my pulse. To see if I was still alive.
01:43   They beat the 90-year-old repeatedly, and even
01:47   rummaged through his car. The pensioner was able to escape.
01:51   Still tied up, he fled to a neighbour’s house. His neighbour called the police.
01:54   They are searching for the three “southern-looking” culprits.

6 thoughts on “90-Year-Old Man Severely Beaten by Culture-Enriching Home Invaders

  1. If the judiciary system caught them, and expelled them, and made it clear that this behaviour would not be tolerated, this will reduce. By all means blame the perpetrators, but don’t let the co conspirators off the hook.

    • Public hangings need to be brought back to effect any type of change from these 3rd worlders. Besides? Why in the bloody heck would you allow your enemies to live to fight another day?

    • I was thinking more along the lines of Skeeter & Bubba; wife-beater tank tops with assorted stains, toothless, barefooted, and wearing coveralls, beers in hand, a couple of hound dogs and a worn out old pickup truck…

      Leave it to the Germans to make the euphemism “southern” shorthand for african savages.

  2. are there any more links to this? I have tried to find more on this and in Germany there is nothing to be found about the burglers except the police is asking the people to help and look for three guys dressed in dark clothing.
    Of course they are not changing their duds.

  3. “Southern-looking “ that’s the best expression, by propaganda machine media , that means Merkel favourite pets , nothing else ..

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