We Have a Burka Ban — Not

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this exposition on the recently-enacted burka ban and related matters in The Netherlands.

We have a burka ban — not

by H. Numan

The Dutch government passed a law banning burkas and niqabs in the public space. No, that is not correct. In some public spaces. Not in all. As you can expect, the progressive left and mohammedans are up in arms. The latter for the moment in arms attached to your body. Don’t worry, a burka ban is worthy of a suicide attack. Mohammedans aren’t that broad-minded. Anything that conflicts with the dawah must be eradicated. With blood, preferably.

From the 1st of August women can no longer practice their freedom of religion in public in The Netherlands. They are discriminated against by the evil Dutch. The law has been changed, so that the wearing of burkas and niqabs in (a few) public places is forbidden. The fine is €350 for virtuous women who cover their modesty. From now on, women are expected to dress like harlots as Dutch women ordinarily do. This, of course, is not my viewpoint, rather the mohammedan one. And that of the progressive left.

It’s a silly law. Why? First of all, not that many women dress in tents. According to different sources, about 300-1200 in total. Second and far more important: nobody is going to enforce it. Comrade Femke Halsema, who heads as burkamaster the People’s Republic of Amsterdam, said it will under no circumstances be enforced in her city. For those of you who don’t know: Amsterdam is now effectively a communist commune. During the last elections Green Left (successors of the communist party) took control of the city.

Green Left is what we call in Thailand a watermelon. Dark green on the outside, bright red on the inside. I’ve checked: the only things they changed were the wordings, images and the logo. The party structure itself would be approved by Joseph Stalin himself. That did not change. They fight then and now for a classless society in which the proletariat rules. Class struggle is out, fighting for the environment is in. You can fight your class struggle just as well by pretending to protect the environment.

Comrade Femke is a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ type of leader. She had a hobby: old-timers. She proudly owned and drove an old Mercedes 200 D. I’d be hard pressed to say which pollutes more: a Trabant from East Germany or comrade Femke’s old rust barrel. Given its age, I assume the latter. Nothing wrong with old-timers, but if you are the chairwomen of the party that wants to be environmentally correct, not a good choice. It’s like the chairman of the WWF being an avid hunter. Oops. That was exactly what Prince Bernard von Lippe-Biesterfeld (husband of queen Juliana) did.

Comrade Femke also has children. Two, a boy and a girl. They were send to a ‘black’ school. We don’t have black schools, but for us a black school is a school where the majority of children have an ethnic background. They are also very bad schools. Not the best teachers, huge classes, lots of absentees, etc. So, as soon as the media were finished with the photo ops showing dear comrade mum bringing her kids to the politically correct school, Femke hurried to change them to a 100% ‘white’ school. That’s a school with a high price tag to keep the undesirables out. Lots of ‘blacks’ in those schools: the son of the ambassador for Nigeria, for example. Again, very hypocritical. But then, so is socialism in general. Comrade Femke puts a lot of effort getting ‘white’ children forcibly assigned to ‘black’ schools. “For community cohesion.”

Comrade Femke hates discrimination. She hates it so much she is sending the entire civil administration of Amsterdam (only those with the offending skin color) to an anti-discrimination course so they can learn they enjoy ‘white privilege’ even though they didn’t know it. Are you surprised she openly flouts the law?

Not only Comrade Femke knows all pigs are created equal. So do the Dutch National Police, or as I nowadays see it: the National Quisling Corps. A small digression is in order here. You know that on May 15 1940 The Netherlands surrendered and was occupied by Germany. The queen and the government fled the country to England. The constitution explicitly forbade that, but there you go. The government could have been moved to one of the Dutch colonies, but they choose England instead. Which was not allowed under the then-constitution. After the war this line was quietly removed from the constitution.

Now, under international law, if a government flees the country, the occupier must take control. That’s what the Germans did, and that’s the reason we got a Reichscommissar and not a general in charge of occupation. The Netherlands had ceased to exist, and was now a province of Germany. As such all civil servants were now paid as German civil servants and… got a pay rise of 300%. Not surprisingly, almost all of them turned quisling. Two organizations in particular: the police and the railways. They didn’t became card-carrying members (not a lot anyway) of the NSB, but did their jobs enthusiastically and with gusto. So much so that Heinrich Himmler himself praised the Dutch railroad for its efficient transport of Jews all the way to the concentration camps. He also had nothing but compliments for the Dutch police. We didn’t have a large occupation force placed in the country. There was no need for that. The police were perfectly capable of keeping law and order.

After the war the whole police corps had to be cleaned out and set up all over again. It took no less than 30 years before the last police officers with a questionable past were gone. And now… they do it all over again. Hubris, thy name is ‘police’. During the ’70s the police gave up the fight against marijuana. It was legalized. Now we can use our force and experience in the battle against hard drugs that really do harm to our society, so they lied.

Really? If you go to any secondary school in the country, you can buy any drug you can think of. Literally. Cocaine, heroine, LSD, you just name it. ANY secondary school. From a huge ‘black’ school in Amsterdam, to a strictly Dutch Reformed ‘white’ school in the small village of Barneveld. So much for their fight against hard drugs.

The police were (and are) highly inefficient. Every large city had its own corps, and a national corps for smaller cities and villages. That had to change. The police had to become ‘more efficient’. So we got the national police. Only 25 independent corps each with a chief commissioner on top. Who is equal in rank and salary to a lieutenant-general. Most of those new corps hate each other just as in the bad old past. Now, do the math. We have about 50,000 police officers in the whole country. With +25 ltn-gen managing them. How many soldiers would that be in an army? Must be a pretty big army!

So our national quislings publicly announced they will not enforce the burka ban. Not only that. If women wearing a burka or niqab appear at a police station, they will have female officers and (halal) rooms for them available. Now, that’s really being politically correct, is it? Doing your job enthusiastically and with gusto, I’d say.

Don’t get me wrong. As happened 80 years ago, the rank and file officers don’t like it one little bit. But what can they do? They have to follow orders. If they act enthusiastically and with gusto arresting women clad in burkas all they will get is a very stern warning not to do it again and no promotion. So they do what their grandfathers did. Do their work, as required, enthusiastically and with gusto. That way they don’t get into trouble.

The newspaper Algemeen Dagblad pointed out people can make a citizen’s arrest if the police don’t act. I have no idea at all why they published that, perhaps to incite violence. Supposing a few intrepid citizens were to make an arrest, you can be certain it would get very violent. Mohammedans don’t like dhimmis to resist the dawah. From experience in the past I know that a lot of ‘looking the other way’ was for the police and civil servants the only way to prevent violence. The Algemeen Dagblad is a fairly middle-of-the-road newspaper. It’s sometimes nicknamed “Allah’s Dagblad” (Daily) for being quite politically correct. That’s why I think their advice about citizen’s arrest could very well be a form of entrapment. “See how those angry white people get very violent? We must do something about it!” That sort of thing.

At this moment it looks like the PVV party is effectively cornered. The new Forum for Democracy (FvD) sort of replaced it. The Powers That Be used Mr. Baudet’s ambition to get him elected. Now that he is no longer useful, all of a sudden there is big turmoil in that party. The treasurer has been accused of embezzlement. He is a newly-elected senator, and refuses to give up his parliamentary seat. Mud is being flung from both sides. He aired a lot of dirt on the party; likewise the party airs a lot of dirt on him.

As I expected. FvD isn’t PVV Lite, or the PVV ‘as it should be’. It’s a new party that wants to be accepted and goes to great lengths to do that. They try to fill up the gap on the conservative side, by being more polite than Wilders is and at the same time not offend too much. Far too often I read between the lines of their messages: “They are here. Forever. Better get used to it.” Now that Forum been has decimated the PVV, they are no longer useful and have to go.

Ironically, it’s Wilders’ proposal of 14 years ago that now became law. A sensible law, long overdue. After 14 years of stalling, they introduced a non-functional law just to pretend. In the hope mohammedans are not offended (which they are) and Wilders voters satisfied (which they aren’t).

— H. Numan

5 thoughts on “We Have a Burka Ban — Not

  1. I am constantly looking at this Dutch site. Praise the gods of progress! Thanks to the online translator, this is not a problem.
    Here is just a publication on this topic. Burka Jihad. A woman in a niqab terrorizes a children’s playground and authorities apologize to her.
    Hm. Yesterday, her twitter, in which she cynically laughed at white people, was opened.

      • When I was looking for information, I saw quite a few other references in the Dutch press to this incident. It’s a pity you didn’t see her twitter before she closed it.
        Very beautiful children’s park. And the children playing there are completely unprotected.

  2. Read the history of the Third Reich. It is all in there…..”Jobsworths”, multiple agencies vying with each other, child abuse and false accusations-same MO. Nazism is simply another “Bolshevism”-National Bolshevism”-New boss same as the old boss.

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