Did A$AP Rocky Beat Up a Mujahid?

A$AP Rocky’s Afghan victim and a dead mujahid with a similar tattoo

By now just about everybody in the world is aware of the case of A$AP Rocky, an American rapper who (along with his entourage) allegedly beat up an Afghan culture-enricher while on tour in Sweden. Mr. Rocky is currently languishing in a Swedish jail, awaiting trial. His case drew massive international attention after President Trump tweeted his support of the rapper.

Swedish investigative reporters have now uncovered a possible jihad angle to the A$AP Rocky case. Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

The A$AP Afghan is said to have an Islamist neck tattoo

Information has emerged about the Afghan man suspected of being beaten by the hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky and his companions. Among other things, the migrant has a tattoo on his neck that is said to pay tribute to Islamist terrorism.

Social media have recently drawn attention to the preliminary investigation protocol on the very controversial altercation that took place in central Stockholm at the end of June. Since the article was published, more data has emerged from the more than 550-page preliminary investigation protocol.

The interrogation shows, among other things, that the 19-year-old man, according to his own testimony, followed the rap partner and that he believes this was the cause of his anger.

[PHOTO with text:

Line 1:   I think they got mad because I followed them.
Line 2:   I don’t quite understand: It happened where I sat (possibly the Afghan’s own broken Swedish about the location of the altercation) (Olofgatan/Apelbergsgatan).
Line 3:   I will be traveling to Iran from the 20th to the 31st.]

It also appears that the man immigrated to Sweden from Iran as a so-called unaccompanied refugee child with the stated age of 14, and that he is now going to travel on vacation to the country he fled from.

In the public debate, Iran has been described by the actors who are fighting for the right of all “unaccompanied” to stay in Sweden as deadly for Afghans to return to. One of these actors is Omid Mahmoudi, founder and chairman of the “group for unaccompanied minors”.

In 2016 Mahmoudi participated in the UR Contemporary to tell about his migrant journey from Afghanistan to Sweden. He stated, among other things, that Iran’s border guards execute refugees at their border; otherwise they risk up to five years in prison.

[PHOTO — Man on stage

Since he immigrated to Sweden, the man has occupied himself by committing several crimes. He appears in the criminal register in two cases of drug-related crime. Furthermore, he was sentenced to youth service for 30 days for assault and shoplifting.]

[PHOTO — Afghan with pixelated face

The Afghan man in ambulance after the fracas. Photo: Police]

Islamic Tattoo

The police investigation also shows that the Afghan man is wearing a tattoo in the form of an Islamic symbol. According to Expressen, who refers to the expert, it says Ya Ali, and means Oh Ali.

[PHOTO — Man with tattoo — pixelated face

It is said to be a tribute to the Prophet Muhammad’s brother-in-law Ali, who was the fourth imam of the Muslims after Mohammed’s death. Shia Muslims see Ali as just as important as the Prophet himself.]

Expert: “Has a relationship with the groups or cherishes their ideology highly”

The tattoo even depicts an AK-47 automatic rifle. Expressen has spoken to Philip Smyth at The Washington Institute For Near East Policy who links the tattoo to several terrorist organizations, including Hezbollah, which means “The Party of God.”

The organization has its base in Lebanon, but has strong links with Iran. They have also committed terrorist acts in other places, including against Jewish targets in Argentina. Furthermore, Hezbollah is identified as a terrorist group by the EU and the United States, among others.

“It is clear that this person either has a relationship with these groups or he or she cares very much about their ideology and thinking,” concludes Phillip Smyth.

Samhällsnytt (Community News) shows a picture that allegedly represents a dead terrorist with links to Hezbollah. On the man’s body, the body bears the same kind of tattoo as the Afghan carries on his neck. An image that the debater Erik van der Heeg highlighted on Facebook.

[PHOTO — Dead terrorist]

The Afghan man’s helper: “It’s just something they find fun”

Expressen has also spoken to the Afghan man’s helper Tommi Nilsson. He dismisses the idea that his client might have links to Islamism, despite the neck tattoo.

“I think it is utterly specious. This guy we are talking about doesn’t have those connections. He has never spoken in those terms. And there are several of these young people who also have that same tattoo. They probably just think it’s something fun to do.”

The trial begins on Tuesday.

Hat tip: SK.

10 thoughts on “Did A$AP Rocky Beat Up a Mujahid?

    • Basically every form of permanent tattoo is forbidden.
      That said, it`s a complex topic.
      First of all those young people belong to an ethnic, social and economic underclass (be it in Afghanistan or Iran).
      And he is a Shiite, they have a different stance regarding some (minor) aspects of Islam then the Sunnis.
      Be it in self mutilation, transsexuality or (temporary) marriage.

      And fe. Sunni and Shia also practice Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan.

      • “And he is a Shiite, they have a different stance regarding some (minor) aspects of Islam then the Sunnis.”

        Westerner researchers usually take the bloody Islamic Republic or Hizbollah for Shia. Not completely valid, imho. There are a lot of Shia in Iran who believe Islamic Republic does not represent Shia, but something Satanic. For example Ayatollah Shariatmadari and his followers in Qom believed Khomeini’s theories is not Shia but blasphemy. They do not believe in an Islamic governance. Khomeini killed him in the first days he returned from France. Even today a lot of hardcore Shia believe Islamic Republic is the representative of Satan and obelisque of Satan is standing right in the middle of Islamic Republic logo. If you have time to use google translate please take a look at this, or maybe just look at the picture:

        The other thing about Shia is that it started as a direct confrontation to Mohammed. 80 out of 100 sects of Shia hold either Mohammed is a jerk and Ali is the real messenger of god, or they are both messenger but Ali is the last and greatest. These sects are categorised under Ghalian sect today and majority of them extinct. It seems at some point Shia started to go along with Sunni sects and accepted Mohammed as a valid prophet. But still Mohammed is not the important figure for majority of Shia. I never found any research on this important aspect of development of Shia. The following Wiki page about the list of Shia sects does not have a corresponding English page, so one more time translator is needed:

        Please be informed I’m not saying Shia is good; just trying to reveal what Western researchers do not notice for reasons unknown to me. They simply prefer to take Islamic Republic as the representative of Shia, which is not completely true. For me Shia is just another devious false religion and I’m not trying to defend them. Only some information that hopefully readers may find useful.

    • Pictures of a living thing as on the body in the right-hand photo are definitely haram. That’s why Islamic art & architecture is all geometric designs.

  1. One must give credit to A$AP Rocky for doing what Swedish males no longer have the cojones to do. The invader was harrassing him and his entourage and he got a richly deserved beatdown. I think this is the likely reason for Trump’s public support; culturally it plays very well in the USA the idea of not letting oneself be pushed around, and it is something that is understood here, especially by those who would be the demographic that listens to A$AP Rocky’s “music”. Again, Trump is very much in touch with pop culture and what is culturally relevent to those who he is seeking to gain support from for his reelection.

  2. And the other one ‘Single Arrived Refugee Child’ comes to the court sessions from ” Safe and guarded place ” (according to his lawyer Magnus Strömberg.)

    The “Safe and guarded place(tm)” in this case is….. YES! I think you all guessed it right: from gaol. 😀
    – He committed some criminal offences after the ASAP incident and for some strange reason Swedish system decided to arrest this poor child.

  3. Many of those Afghans belong to the Hazara, an ethnic minority (dating back to the Mongols) who follow the Shia branch of Islam.
    With close ties to neighboring Iran (hence also the connection to Iranian sponsored Hezbollah).
    When they enter Western countries as so called Refugees most of them already have lived in safety for years in Iran.


  4. The Afghan man’s helper: “It’s just something they find fun”

    – In other words. My job depends on a constant stream of people like him. I would like to urge my country to take more.

  5. On other sites, I still see Europeans mocking Rocky, Trump, and the US for this. Their MSM tells them that the rapper and his entourage savaged an innocent refugee lad simply for following them around. Then the President of All the Ugly Americans, Donald Trump, dared to demand that his violent Americans be released. But the brave and noble Swedes told Trump to piss off because justice will prevail! Huzzah!

    … So that’s what the ‘peons are being fed, these days. Let it serve as a warning to all Americans that you are not welcome in western Europe anymore. Can’t you see that the EU is trying to destroy itself? Stay away and let nature take its course!

  6. Iran is deadly for Afghans to return to? Border patrols kill immigrants?
    Rubbish. Though I don’t know what border patrols do, I can see the number of Afghans has increased in the recent years. Official records have it that there are six million immigrant inside this poverty-stricken country, and around 75% of all migrants are from Afghanistan.

    The tattoo is just for fun?
    Rubbish. such tattoos belongs to those who look for trouble, an Islamic one. I prefer to sidestep the sight of such horrible creature. Europeans cannot understand who is who and which is which in lower countries. For them they are all the same.

    Let me put it this way: People outside US know a little bit more about Americans because US is centre of the world with a lot of info available on web. Also Hollywood movies broadcast an American understanding of caste, wealth, dress, personality, etc. Though the image Hollywood broadcasts is usually exaggerated, everyone watches those movies and gets an idea. But how many Afghani movies an average American watches during his/her lifetime? Nothing. That’s why you don’t escape the sight of this man.

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