Halal Slaughter of Employees’ Cars in an Asylum Center Parking Lot

Actually, I don’t know whether this angry Nigerian is a Muslim or not. Nigeria is about 50% Muslim, probably slightly more than that now, but still pretty close to 50-50. I flipped a coin, and it came up heads, which is what Muslims cut off, so I’m making this car-killer out to be a Muslim.

MissPiggy, who translated the video for subtitles, also translated these notes from the original on YouTube:

(July 10, 2019) A 19-year-old Nigerian from the Augsburg area deliberately smashed the glass panes of several of the employees’ vehicles in the Donauwörther Refugee Center and caused property damage amounting to €50,000. According to police reports, after his arrest he spoke “confused stuff” so that he was admitted to the district hospital. After his release from the KKH, he was temporarily arrested. On July 12 he will be brought before the investigating judge.

The Nigerian apparently wanted to return to Nigeria, but he was refused his exit documents.

Donauwörth, Bavaria. On Wednesday, a 19-year-old Nigerian smashed the front and rear windows of parked cars of the employees employed there with a thick branch at the anchorage centre. They only watched it, whining, and wisely preferred not to interfere.

Notice that the alleged perpetrator wanted to leave Germany, but he wasn’t allowed to. The Germans esteem their culture-enrichers so highly that they can’t bear it if they leave.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Nooooo! —No, my car! —S**t, what’s his name?
00:07   No. —Do you know who he is, destroying the cars? —He’s breaking everything.
00:15   Do you know? Oh, oh! —A**hole!
00:19   My car! —That’s really silly, to do such a thing.

7 thoughts on “Halal Slaughter of Employees’ Cars in an Asylum Center Parking Lot

  1. How pathetic.

    To go from a generation of men who came within a hair of conquering Europe to a bunch of feminized soy-boys afraid of their shadows within two generations is unbelievable. No wonder German females no longer produce children; if this sorry bunch that just stands around helplessly watching is representive of the available pool of males.

      • Well CHANGE THE LAW! Western European countries are supposedly democratic. I recognize that isn’t entirely true (nor is it completely true in the USA), but you have the nominal framework to DO SOMETHING. There are many ways you could attempt to change the system without breaking any laws. You can also disobey “the law” in various ways, something that leftists are always encouraging over trivial concerns but which others tend to shrink from.

        As an American descended from various Europeans, I am perplexed at how the continent that produced world-conquering armies for 500 years is now populated with people unable to stand up to some annoying schoolmarms with insane ideas. Yes, I am very well acquainted with 20th Century history. This affliction seems to be largely absent in Poland and Hungary, and to some extent Czechia, which historically were not fearsome military powers like England, Germany, France or even Sweden.

      • of course self defence is legal, but… your action will be meticulesly scrutinized by the judges and they will find prove of excessive self defence if you do it right!

  2. One among hundreds of thousands who wanted to leave and they wouldn’t let him? Oh, I don’t know: he didn’t need an entrance document, I guess he doesn’t need a farewell one either, provided he WALKS back home, instead of taking the plane.

  3. These refugee workers are paid too much! Mercedes and Audis in the employee car park?!! And no doubt they’ll claim costs from the public purse.

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