Halal in the Family

The following amusing clip is apparently from a French Islamic-themed movie or situation comedy.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   And you can also find champagne red wine, white wine halal
00:04   with no alcohol. I recommend it for you, it’s wonderful.
00:08   The bookstore. And the boutique with Islamic clothing and underwear,
00:12   with a very very large choice. —Oh yes, there’s plenty of choice! —With all you need
00:16   for the outside, but also for the inside.
00:20   Everything is halal-certified? —Absolutely. We have Islamic permission for all products offered.
00:24   See, for example this doll: certified as conforming. It’s very important
00:27   for all the children and recent converts, or people who
00:30   want to have fun learning the prayer. —So that way we can buy with full trust!
00:33   —“To be a good Muslim while having fun” —Exactly. It’s our motto. And we also have
00:37   a service boutique we are very proud of: the Islamic hands-free kit. With a niqab
00:42   with the integrated phone, or also with a Bluetooth. And let’s not forget the halal apps
00:46   for smartphone. There are always moments when you doubt whether something is allowed or not.
00:49   You can ask ANY question. I don’t know: to scratch your behind
00:53   during the Ramadan: halal or not halal? —Answering to the vital need isn’t a sin
00:58   provided that the ablutions follow in due course.
01:02   True… it’s not too bad. —We are also offering an entire range of smart trips for Ramadan.
01:06   We find you the best country for the fasting period. Depending on the seasons.
01:10   Like this you can eat earlier. It’s an Islamic comfort. For example, if Ramadan
01:14   happens in August the best it’s to go to Patagonia [a region in the south of Argentina & Chile],
01:18   because in this time of the year, the day only lasts three hours. —Ha! —Oh… Patagonia…
01:23   Those trips are deplorable! —What are you saying? —Ramadan is for surpassing yourself; you
01:27   cannot make a detour around it like that. —Go back to your aisle, we haven’t asked you anything!
01:31   Do you really think it’s halal to make money with halal? —I’ll let you have a look around.
01:35   What are you insinuating?
01:39   That I’m not a good Muslim? —Only Allah can say that.
01:43   You’re only an employee here. I hired you because you’re from the neighborhood, so don’t push me.