Diana West: “The Victors in America Were the Communists”

In her latest book, The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy, Diana West investigates the Communist influences on various players in the “SpyGate” and “Russian collusion” conspiracies that aimed to take down Donald Trump. The focus on the Red Thread has reopened discussion of the issues discussed in her earlier book, American Betrayal, which caused so much controversy back in 2013 by daring to question the hagiography surrounding Saint FDR.

Concerning the video below, Ms. West says:

There is something so timely about this 2013 interview with Erick Stakelbeck, an excellent interviewer, that I decided to repost it. The topic is my then-new book American Betrayal, but the conversation is all about the introduction of socialism and subversion into the US government, which soon flourished as “the Swamp.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for re-uploading this video:

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  1. I love that GoV is using BitChute rather than BoobTube at every opportunity.

    Going back on my own word, here is a link for an extended, detailed and very well-organized discussion of McCarthy and the background of truth and facts that he was working from:

    As far as Eisenhower, West is careful to not make any direct inferences about his viewpoint, but he has some history that just doesn’t pass the smell test. Probably the most egregious by far is the fact that the American Army in Germany was very close to a Soviet prisoner camp that had American prisoners inside. Eisenhower and the American command knew the Russians were keeping American prisoners, but instead of confronting the Russians, Eisenhower, probably following orders, left the area and left the American prisoners to their fate, which was probably death by starvation, torture, and overwork.

  2. It does not take much research to find proof that up to 25000 US soldiers were taken to the gulags at the end of WW2. It then goes downhill extremely fast from there with the US funding and helping the USSR rise to prominence.

    • I can’t find the link now, but when Rolling Thunder did their Memorial Day ride through D.C., I located their page of MIA POWs still unaccounted for. It goes all the way back to WWI. Diana West mentions that even then, (1918 ff) the Soviets were taking our fellows to work in the gulag.

  3. Not entirely on topic, but is this clip typical of US tv? In the UK, non-BBC channels of course have commercial breaks (and I sometimes record interesting shows so I can watch later and skip them), but so many in so few minutes would never be allowed.

    • I don’t have a TV, but I don’t think these irritating interruptions would be permitted under some communications law or other. I wanted to watch it, but the “music” is so blaring it started triggering my PTSD so I clicked off. Too bad, since I generally like Erik Stakelbak; he’s done some fine work.

      The human interest back story lies in the subsequent horrific pile-on when David Horowitz and Ron Radosh began their systematic attack on Diana West’s book. This piece is pre-Horowitz, which makes it of historical interest to those who’ve followed this awfulness.

      Not all of us were on board with putting this up, but mine is a minor pov since I have to give at least an alternative, and I don’t have one. An authentic alternative that would show the pre-Horowitz reception for “American Betrayal” sans the interruptions…is there one? I don’t remember anymore. Since the former Communists, Horowitz and Radosh, began dropping their nuclear bombs all over Christendom, Diana West has been under siege. It won’t end until they’re dead.

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  4. No, strike that: use uBlock Origen and/or the Enhancer for Youtube plug-in.

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