I Love You, Job Center!

The Lebanese-German character in this video thinks it’s a real hoot that his extravagant lifestyle and opulent goods are all funded by German taxpayers.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It’s our birthday today.
00:03   And have a look at this:
00:06   Look at this nice car.
00:09   Look at these nice bags.
00:12   Look at this nice watch, nice shoes.
00:15   All the Lebanese [in Germany] get their money from job center.
00:22   I love you, Job Center!

8 thoughts on “I Love You, Job Center!

  1. What an enlightened institution. A Job center where the otherwise arrogant can learn the virtue of patience and forbearance.

  2. I actually would need further corroboration before treating this as real. The actor was very aware of the irony of what he was saying, obviously meant it for a non-Muslim audience, and was obviously mocking (or seeming to mock) his audience. If he were really profiting so highly from the public assistance at job centers, would he be so quick to jeopardize his gravy train?

    • »I actually would need further corroboration before treating this as real.«

      My thoughts went the same direction. A single person on welfare gets about 350 Euro per month plus free housing which may cost up to the same amount in the Nuremberg region (less than 300 Euro e.g. near the border to Poland). In addition such people have access to free food “as available” (from supermarkets etc.; stuff that is getting too old to be sold regularly).

      Things may look different for families with lots of children.

  3. Look at those 2 scumbags, no Germans have a chance against this breed of islam arabic barbarians.

    There’s still time for German men to group up and mass de os in the millions like in Romania in 1989 to overthrow Angela Merkel, capture all judges, and all political traitors, install the German army as caretakers.

    Public trials and executions for Angela Merkel and CDU, greens, liberals who have destroyed Germany! I pray it will happen soon. These thugs in this video are raping, beating, terrorising Germans every day all across Germany and Europe, living off of the sweat and labour of German workers. Its got to stop! Please god destroy communism and leftists, socialists, feminazis, please, w must confront now bead on left wing(er)s who have already damaged our countries, cultures and societies. Our children have no future if we allow these barbarians to overrun our nations!

    • I almost deleted this. Not only is it inflammatory, but you openly advocate murder and the destruction of whole groups of people. Your rhetoric is not helpful in any practical way; it appears that you simply want to vent. Please don’t do that here in the future or the B will take the necessary measures to keep our website safe.

      Besides, when you say

      Our children have no future if we allow these barbarians to overrun our nations!

      surely you realize they have already overrun many EU nations. That was always the plan, but we didn’t know it would be so quickly done or so overwhelming. The same is true for the numbers of illegals haunting the U.S. Only Trump stands between us and the same frighteningly downward trajectory.

      • I agree. In 2015 I was in shock… I remember trying to speak with my friends and acquaintances and no one was listening.I was desperate…telling them, can’t you see what is happening??
        They where like… well they need help with the war and such… noooo
        absolutely not this way, ..
        I remember the lines and lines of people coming from country to country…and only Hungary was thinking straight.
        I lost lots of friends from 2015, but I am missing none of them.
        One family had an Obummer banner in garage .At that point I just give up on them.
        So, yes. Churchill is a little late in thinking , it is too late for Europe.
        I know we, in USA, the one that think straight understand this very well.
        This time for good.We will never rescue Europe because it is a cancerous growth based on profit-from muslim countries.
        As long as people profit the scum will roll in.
        As long as people are afraid they loose their jobs and their positions and their livelihood, the scum will roll in.

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