The Show Trial

MC uses the upcoming trial of Tommy Robinson as a jumping-off point for a survey of the various tides that are currently at the flood in the affairs of men — at least, the affairs of men of the West.

The Show Trial

by MC

So the TOMMY show trial goes to a new episode in true Roland Freisler style, with the pseudo-fascist fuchsia pink ‘Conservative’ government making it all up as they go along, aided by a justice system who have lost sight of the need to be independent and to serve, all in the effervescent excitement of zealots of a new anti-hatey political religion.

The alt-right of Europe is described as ‘populist’, but I ask: is not populism supposedly at the heart of democracy?

Maybe the critics of ‘populism’ regard the supporters of populism as the great unwashed. Like any other religious fanatics, even political-religious fanatics, they have a name for those who do not believe as they do: Kuffar, yocks, goyim, shixas, left-footers — unbelievers all.

And Tommy Robinson is everything that the leftist pseudo-culture hates, a class system bounder who is clever if unsophisticated, a pleb who can tear holes in the warped opinions of the patricians of both the UK and European establishments.

If the aim is to go back to feudalism, then Tommy must be shut up. He cannot be allowed to embarrass his would-be betters — you know, those who believe that they KNOW best, and are thus self-entitled to inflict their perverted religion(s) on everyone else.

At the centre of Judaism and Christianity is the idea the each of us is individually accountable for our actions at the last judgement, but in this (new?) religion, one is judged at the whim of the reigning power-broker.

At the centre of Judaism and Christianity is a Law which applies to all, great and small. At the centre of this (new?) religion is a flexible opinion to which not only must one be seen to adhere, but for which one must also keep up with the changes as dictated by the hierarchy (to whom the laws don’t apply in the same way: “do as I say not as I do”).

Three little women now dominate the US Left. one is a poor little rich girl, another is a 9/11 apologist, and the other is an overt anti-Semite. These three curiosities, all from failed backgrounds, have one thing in common: they hold a virulent hatred for the white male. So “double, double toil and trouble.”

The white male built the USA as we currently know it, ably supported by the white female. The foundations of the USA are overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly Judeo-Christian, and you cannot remodel the foundations of a building without seriously undermining any superstructure built upon it.

It is naïve to believe that the future of the USA (or any other Western country for that matter) can be ethnically re-engineered to conform to a new religious mythology of multicultural diversity.

The Religion of Peace has been making war against the unbeliever for 1400 years. Islam is the same now as it was yesterday, is today and will be forever. To believe that it has suddenly reformed is stupid in the extreme, and to try to lurve it into acquiescence is tantamount to doing the same thing time and time again and expecting a different result.

But then that is a central tenet of all the socialist political religions: the belief that this time it will work, and that the other failures were because the theory wasn’t applied correctly blah blah blah. This time the magic is powerful; this time there will be a miracle and the pumpkin will turn into a limo instead of rotting on the vine — bibbity bobbity who? Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, May, Merkel, Clinton, AOC, Omar, Tlaib?

I find the ‘Left-supremacy’ movement deeply disturbing for its arrogant hypocrisy and naivety. It will fail as usual. It will fail to deliver on its promises, as do all tyrannical leftist regimes, but before it has run its course, it will have cost us dearly in toil and in gold, and for many, in life itself. The imagined ‘white supremacists’ were eventually very inclusive and shared their supremacy with all people of ability no matter what colour. The ‘left supremacists’ seek to enslave and eliminate any opposition to their Stalinist agenda. Yes, STALINIST. If you really want to know what that means, research it. Read The Gulag Archipelago as a starting point. Stalin’s death toll may have been over 200 million, but we will never know, and the official figure is about 23 million. And still, we are letting the Left-supremacists have another go.

The Democrat Party is riddled with the disease, ably supported by RINOs and the US judicial establishment, who now seem to believe that political judgements are ‘constitutional’, just as in Nazi and Soviet regimes. And how long before the first US show trial begins? Julian Assange, maybe…

The UK has already gone there.

Also, just imagine what the internet version of book burning would look like. Would it be the removal of prohibited material and the de-platforming of the opposition?

We are wrong to expect history to repeat itself exactly. There will be new twists, and the visuals will change. The strutting minions may well be replaced by an assortment of mindless thugs: the slick and slimy swindlers, the deceivers, the phonies and their cronies, the fellow travelers and their sycophants. But they will hide behind all the old Pathé perceptions, a whole horde of nasties given air time as long as they keep to the current leftist narrative and don’t show their true goose steps.

The ‘New Green Deal’ is in reality a very old and very dark swindle. Ask any of the victims of previous leftist takeovers. Look up what happened when Stalin enforced communal farming and food output plummeted. Look at the Holodomor, millions of people starved to death to reduce the population of the Ukraine. Look hard, o ye Democrats and Progressives, look hard at where you are taking the people that you have sworn oaths to.

But then, if you believe that there is no God, an oath sworn on a Bible is just a meaningless bit of theatre. Until, that is, you find yourself trying to explain away your arrogance before the Great White Throne.

A foreign correspondent reported, “Apparently nobody regretted his death.” Luise Jodl, then the wife of General Alfred Jodl, recounted more than 25 years later that she had been working at the Lützow Hospital when Freisler’s body was brought in, and that a worker commented, “It is God’s verdict.” According to Mrs. Jodl, “Not one person said a word in reply.”

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

14 thoughts on “The Show Trial

  1. Leftism like Islam “ism” is a mental illness. Beyond Reasoning and Reason. I would ban both from ever again being allowed into the Political arena. They should be treated for what they are-“Terrorists”.

    • Sorry about that MC, I meant to say you even though the essay sounded just like something Seneca would write.

  2. MC: Although you’ve got the more-than-occasional rocket coming overhead, I’ll tell you that if I had to pick between living in Sderot and living in the UK, the choice would be clear. Israel is at least an approximation of a free country. I don’t think that the same can be said for the UK any longer.

    10 years ago, I’d have considered anyone who said what I just said now insane.

  3. “But then, if you believe that there is no God, an oath sworn on a Bible is just a meaningless bit of theatre. Until, that is, you find yourself trying to explain away your arrogance before the Great White Throne.”

    I am one of them – I do not think there’s God or even a god, MC. Yet – I concur wholeheartedly with everything you put into your wonderful essay. You are spot on.

    I do not think that swearing on Bible is a meaningless theater – symbolic power of this act and covenant between the person sworn and their Civilization as we know it – all beyond and above my parochial existence.

    There simply are godless people who stand with you against the abominations you so aptly described …

  4. Very good essay, MC. The self-procalaimed post modernists and progressives are nothing more than re-cycled Stalinists who will most likely go the same way as Stalin. Our concern, of course, should be the damage they cause before they are found out.

  5. Another excellent re-statement of the obvious. Well done MC and thanks for posting.

    As Michael Savage says, “liberalism is a mental disorder” and nowhere is that more evident than here in the US and also in the UK.

    The only hope we have at this point is that our President Trump will be re-elected so we can get another 4 years of sanity and resistance to the Satanic /leftist/Commie/Stalinist/liberal/infanticide loving/progressive Demon Rats who are trying to destroy our country.

  6. Could it be that we partied away with our rock ‘n roll oblivious of what was taking place around us while in the background chains were being forged. We then woke up in the 1980s only to find iron fetters and manacles on our hands and feet, our birthright mortgaged away and now slaves for the rest of our lives to the powers that be who relish and live for the rule and domination of all those around them.

    • Someone sang “all you need is lurve” and we all fell for it hook line and stinker.

      There are now many people who believe that if we are nice to people they will be nice back, they still believe in cow bells and Woodstock whilst holding up anything to do with Vietnam as the nadir of ‘America’.

      Somehow, the poison Ho Che Min injected into the draft-dodging, guilt ridden, monied classes caused a lasting insanity infused phantasy – the dawning of the age of aquarius – and woe betide any unbelievers or apostate.

      • Uncle Ho was a Maoist. He was quoted as saying, “Better 100 are slaughtered than one counter-revolutionary be allowed to live.” If the MS press had printed that we would have been there with a vengeance and eradicated the VC and then served notice to China. History would have been much different, and the Elite knew that. I grew up with the insanity.
        May a rocket never land near you or your loved ones, but only upon those who hate you.

  7. This comment is from France.

    @ MC

    What a superb article and what style! MC, you are a great master of the English language.

    Watch out for these damn rockets out there in Sderot… Our thoughts are with you.

  8. As man grew in numbers we had to specialize in agriculture because it was impossible for all of us to survive if we continued as hunters and gatherers…too many mouths to feed. But our brains were tribal and we all had to agree with one another and believe the same things in order to survive as hunters and gatherers. Close your eyes and picture the scene at night when raiders were coming over the hill to steal your food and women. We had to be, de facto, a little military force. We were natural collectivists, but now having to live outside our tribe, because of our greater numbers, and to trade with much larger groups. So, we had two choices: one, stay as collectivists in our minds, and try to force our style and beliefs on everyone we dealt with, or two: treat everyone as an individual, develop a system of laws so we can get along, and give up on tribal uniformity. This was called The Enlightenment and John Locke was its singular founder.

    We are stuck with this dilemma. We have an instinct to have uniformity (this makes us idiotic progressives) and equality and homogeneity and egalitarianism from our tribal genes, yet we cannot live as tribes because we have to have trade. There are too many of us to hunt and gather. We would die of starvation. So, we discovered the Enlightenment, which was a way to allow everyone to be himself, to be wildly different and diverse, yet governed by fair rules…. and, lo, this worked miraculously!

    Thank god for John Locke, et al.

    • I think there were quite a few centuries before John Locke in which we refined what still earlier centuries had bequeathed us, developed more advanced systems of law, art, architecture, music, and education, learned more civilized ways of living together, and exhibited much charity to others. We elevated the status of women to heights we have since fallen from.

      You credit Locke with far too much. There was a fellow long, long before him who got the ball rolling. His name was Jesus Christ. You may have heard of him?

      If anything, Locke and the Rationalists paved the way for the French Revolution and the revolt against God … to Whom you offer thanks for Locke !

  9. Will the judge in the show trial be like Judge Haddon-Cave?
    He said:

    “You’ll have plenty of time to study the Koran in prison. The Koran is a book of peace.”

    English judges are woefully ignorant of Sharia.

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