Viktor Orbán: “The Center of the New Internationalism is Brussels”

On Sunday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave his annual State of the Nation speech in Budapest. Below are excerpts from the speech that have relevance for a non-Hungarian audience.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

18:36   Usually we do not speak about the opposition here, and this is usually correct.
18:40   The reason why not is because we
18:44   could scarcely say any new or more serious
18:48   fact than that the opposition are a collection of
18:52   politicians who support migration, and
18:56   who are kept on a ventilator by George Soros and the EU bureaucrats.
19:00   …The reason
19:04   that we still talk about them is that the painful moral lessons of Hungarian history
19:08   force us to. Ladies and gentlemen,
19:12   in Hungary it happened; it managed to happen:
19:16   the coalition of the socialists and the right-wing forces.
19:20   One’s first thought is:
19:24   this is political pornography.
19:28   A joint march of brown and red shirts.
19:32   The old military story [joke] comes to mind:
19:36   “My commandant, I have to report: soldiers are coming,” reports a sentry.
19:40   Commandant: “Friend or foe?” Sentry: “They must be friends,
19:44   because they are coming together…”
19:52   …well…
19:56   Well, they really are coming together,
20:00   and they could be friends with each other, but our kind,
20:04   the true national patriots, were always seen as the enemy by them.
20:08   This is a kind of marriage between the Communists, who
20:12   hanged hundreds of thousands from Hungarian families, and
20:16   the Nazis, who destroyed many hundreds of thousands
20:20   of our Jewish citizens. With that behind them in their history,
20:24   we must hear from them now that “listing representatives
20:28   of our parliament by their Jewish heritage does NOT constitute
20:32   anti-Semitism.” And this man [Gergely Karácsony — opposition politician and professional traitor]
20:36   wants to be the Lord Mayor of Budapest,
20:40   instead of toddling quietly off to the backstreets…
20:44   We can only say: SHAME!
20:52   …It’s a shame for the whole of Europe
20:56   that the International Left fully
21:00   supports this. Moreover, they send their leader here
21:04   to give his blessing on this political aberration.
21:08   But it would be much better if Mr. [Frans] Timmermans [European Commission VP]
21:12   were to think about how the marriage of the Left and
21:16   the extreme Right can be compatible with European values,
21:20   and instead “entertain” [“screw over” = sarcastic] at home the
21:24   poor Dutchman. To make our situation easier…
21:28   …To make our situation easier,
21:32   the politicians of the Socialist-Nazi coalition
21:36   look like comedians rather than political leaders.
21:40   Storm a closed door [and produce a fake fall],
21:44   drop to the floor on the stomach, hands behind the nape [to produce a “f***ing strong image”],
21:48   playing “Spiderman” on the railings of
21:52   the television headquarters — looks rather like entrant [amateur] actors’
21:56   path-finding attempts…
26:46   Ladies and gentlemen…
26:50   …this week the German Chancellor
26:54   and the four Central European Prime Ministers [V4]
26:58   together celebrated the anniversary of the
27:02   fall of Communism and the last hours of the Soviet Union 30 years ago.
27:06   As I look around, I can see there are many of those
27:10   who only know The Internationale [Communist anthem] from history [lessons].
27:14   At the time, we were forced to sing it at every state celebration.
27:18   For those not alive at the time, I quote:
27:22   “and for tomorrow, the world will be international.”
27:26   — end quote. Thirty years ago we thought
27:30   that we threw onto the midden of history
27:34   the Communist mindset, which wanted the
27:38   end of nations, and advertised internationalism.
27:42   It seems that we were wrong. The catchword is the same today:
27:46   “and for tomorrow, the world will be international.”
27:50   Once again they advertise a world without nations.
27:54   They want “open societies”, and they try to
27:58   cobble together a One World Government. And here they are again: those
28:02   who would wipe out our traditions,
28:06   and would flood our countries with a foreign culture.
28:10   Thirty years after the change of system,
28:14   on the eve of the pan-European parliamentary election,
28:18   Europe has ended up in such a state that we must once again stand up
28:22   for being Hungarian, for our Christianity.
28:26   We must protect our families, our communities,
28:30   and we must protect our freedom.
28:34   It would be nice — we could use some peace [and quiet],
28:38   but we also knew from the Internationale
28:42   that they [Communists] could never rest. Because… I quote:
28:46   “because this fight will be the final one.”
28:50   Today they are also being directed from abroad.
28:54   The center of the new internationalism is Brussels.
28:58   Their tool of choice is MIGRATION. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen,
29:02   the drawers of Brussels are full of plans,
29:06   and if they get the chance, they will pull them all out.
29:10   In Brussels it has already been completed and is ready for deployment:
29:14   that seven-point work plan, which after the European election
29:18   would turn the whole of Europe into
29:22   a migrant continent. First of all,
29:26   they can’t restrain themselves, and
29:30   again try to use mandatory quotas to spread the migrants everywhere.
29:34   The bill for the new EU relocation framework
29:38   is already prepared. They want to weaken
29:42   the border-protection laws of the member states.
29:46   Brussels again and again takes away our provisions of authority and then
29:50   can’t do anything with them. George Soros openly publicized
29:54   that his goal is the protection of migrants, and
29:58   for him the biggest obstacles are national borders.
30:02   Next on the agenda is the issue of migrant visas,
30:06   which was already voted in by the European Parliament.
30:10   This is an invitation for many millions of migrants.
30:14   In Turkey alone, four million migrants
30:18   are waiting for the road to Europe to open up.
30:22   The European Parliament has also already voted
30:26   to increase the support for
30:30   all political activist groups that help
30:34   the migration. Beside all these, they give
30:38   bank cards filled with money [to the migrants].
30:42   They began experimental immigration programs with African countries.
30:46   As the President of the European Commission phrased it, I quote:
30:50   “We must create the possibility for legal migration
30:54   into the EU.” End quote. And finally,
30:58   to break down any resistance, they blackmail
31:02   opposing countries by inflicting financial punishments
31:06   on those who refuse to obey.
31:10   As you can see, ladies and gentlemen,
31:14   there are huge bets on the table in the European election.
31:18   Concerning migration: so far only our own citizens have been able to
31:22   express their opinions. Now the opportunity is here for the whole
31:26   of Europe to do it. We could argue till the cows come home
31:30   about the different types of democracies:
31:34   liberal, illiberal or Christian. But it’s certain
31:38   from the formula of democracy the “demos”,
31:42   the “people”, cannot be left out.
31:46   Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, migration
31:50   increases crime, especially crimes against women,
31:54   and brings the virus of terrorism to our midst.
31:58   But we cannot remain frozen in fear.
32:02   We must look past our fears and move on.
32:06   We must understand that the European people
32:10   have arrived at an historic crossroads. Those nations that
32:14   have decided on the side of migrants and immigration
32:18   — no matter for what reason they are doing it — will become
32:22   mixed-population countries. The historical traditions
32:26   of such countries will end and a new world will begin.
32:30   In the migration-accepting countries
32:34   a Christian-Muslim society is being created, with
32:38   an ever-shrinking Christian portion. There are those
32:42   who do not mind this, and some who have just spat,
32:46   because they think it will be a slow process.
32:50   They are wrong, and they will be surprised!
32:54   The 10% minority first becomes 15%, then 20%.
32:58   Then everything will speed up,
33:02   and the rest does not require imagination, only mathematics.
33:06   People my age will be still alive to see
33:10   the rapid changes in the once-upon-a-time large
33:14   Christian countries. Our hearts are in pain,
33:18   but we are scarcely able to help. The ones who take a seat on this express
33:22   will travel on it to the final station.
33:26   And there is no round-trip ticket!
33:30   As for us Central Europeans, we still have our own future.
33:34   Our own future, which is the continuation
33:38   of the lives of our parents and grandparents.
33:42   The preservation of our thousand-year-old traditions,
33:46   the protection of our economy, family, and the Christian culture.
33:50   The future will be like this. Or more precisely:
33:54   our future could be like this.
33:58   Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we have seen through their game.
34:02   We have understood the situation. We know the travails of
34:06   mixed-population countries; now we just need to act.
34:10   To the financiers who imagine themselves to be demigods,
34:14   the bureaucrats of Brussels who are doing their bidding,
34:18   and the fake civilians who are fattened on their money,
34:22   who are wont to tell us with whom we should live, and how,
34:26   telling us how to speak and what to teach to our children:
34:30   WE MUST SAY NO! They cannot break through,
34:34   they cannot even find a gap. In fickle times
34:38   a shaky government is dangerous. That is why our
34:42   immigration policies remain steady. So no “hippity-hops”.
34:46   These financiers think…
34:50   …these financiers think…
34:54   because they are successful, they must rule
34:58   the world. But it’s for us to know that
35:02   their success comes from other people’s loss.
35:06   We do not know of any country
35:10   which was made strong and rich by speculators, but we know
35:14   more than few that were tossed into poverty and misery by them.
35:18   The European Left after the world war [WW2]
35:22   came to the mistaken conclusion
35:26   that because of the destruction wrought by national socialism,
35:30   the nation needed to be wiped out and the socialism needed to be kept.
35:34   This is how the European Left became the vanguard of
35:38   speculators, world citizens, one-world government,
35:42   and finally world migration.
35:46   They become the gravediggers of nation, family and Christian culture.
35:50   The fight became open
35:54   after George Soros became the leader of the migration-supporting armies.
35:58   He put into position a socialist named Timmermans.
36:02   He leads the migration-supporting parties.
36:06   Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is what
36:10   the European Parliamentary election is all about. This is what Brussels is preparing.
36:14   And we are preparing to stop the
36:18   migration-supporting majority. We want a European Parliament
36:22   that respects the decisions of countries
36:26   and nations about their own future,
36:30   and accepts that we Central Europeans want
36:34   to follow our own path. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen,
36:38   we are living in a time when,
36:42   all over Europe, fewer and fewer children are being born.
36:46   Westerners are responding to that [trend] with immigration.
36:50   Whatever number is missing, they let in the exact amount.
36:54   Then the numbers will be OK. The Hungarian
36:58   thinks differently. We do not need
37:02   numbers, but Hungarian kids. By our lights,
37:06   immigration is capitulation.
37:10   If we accept the fact that we are not capable even biologically
37:14   of sustaining ourselves, we are admitting that
37:18   we are not very important, even to ourselves.
37:22   Then why would we be important to the world? The fate of such a nation is slow
37:26   but sure disintegration, until
37:30   it becomes dust on the great highway of nations.
37:34   There is nothing written in the great book of Humanity
37:38   saying that Hungarians of necessity must exist in the world.
37:42   This is only written in our hearts, but the world does not care.
37:46   The Good Lord can only help those
37:50   who are willing to be helped. We could argue all day long
37:54   that we have fewer children because the people
37:58   have changed, or circumstances are to blame.
38:02   This debate cannot be decided;
38:06   moreover, it leads nowhere.
38:10   That is why the government had to make some decisions instead of engaging in sophistry.
38:14   First of all, we created national unity
38:18   concerning the family. In the national consultation,
38:22   1,350,000 citizen participated. According to research,
38:26   the government’s family policies are supported by
38:30   80% of the people. In our profession it is as rare
38:34   as a white raven to have a government with
38:38   such solid support. The people want us to continue
38:42   what we started. In the last nine years we doubled the support for families,
38:46   which is proportionally the
38:50   highest in Europe.
39:02   Now I would like to announce a seven-point action plan.
39:06   The government decided on seven measures,
39:10   but this is not a closed list, as life never stops.
39:14   First of all, we will introduce childbearing support
39:18   for young married couples.
39:22   Every woman under the age of 40 who enters into
39:26   her first marriage, at the start of her shared life, may
39:30   have a ten-million (HUF) preferential loan.
39:42   Repayment… repayment may
39:46   be suspended for three years when the first child arrives.
39:50   When the second child arrives there is another
39:54   three-year suspension, and a third of the debt’s principal is released
40:02   from repayment. When the third child is born, the entire debt is released.
40:18   …Secondly…
40:26   Secondly, we will expand the CSOK (existing family-friendly loan).
40:30   Families with two or more children may use the loan
40:34   for dwellings as well.
40:38   People in the countryside — please wait a little bit — because for them in a couple of weeks,
40:42   for you, we would like to announce a support specifically tailored to your needs.
40:50   All of this means that in Hungary
40:54   a young couple that has two children,
40:58   at the start of their life, receives
41:02   22 million; those with three children,
41:06   will receive 35 million (HUF) in subsidy.
41:18   …Thirdly,
41:22   up until now, after the birth of the third and every additional child,
41:26   we released over one million HUF from the loans to the big families.
41:30   Now we are expanding on that.
41:34   After the second child we release over one million,
41:38   after the third child, four million HUF,
41:42   for every additional childbirth, one million HUF,
41:46   paid by the government…
41:50   Fourthly…
41:54   Fourthly, I would like to announce that those women
41:58   who have given birth to and raised at least four children,
42:02   will never again have to pay income tax.
42:18   …Fifthly,
42:26   Fifthly… fifthly, we will start
42:30   the car-buying program for large families.
42:34   Families with at least three children, with the purchase of
42:38   a new car (minivan) holding at least seven persons, the government will provide
42:42   2.5 million HUF non-refundable support…
42:54   Sixthly… sixthly,
42:58   We will establish the full nursery service.
43:02   To have enough nursery space, in three years
43:06   we will create an additional capacity of 21,000 new accommodations.
43:10   By the end of this year, we will build 10,000.
43:14   In 2020 and ’21 another 5,000 and
43:18   6,000. This means that by 2022
43:22   every parent who wants to
43:26   may bring their children to a nursery.
43:30   And finally, seventhly, we will introduce the GYED [maternal support, first 3 years]
43:33   for grandparents: if the parents decide it, the grandparents can stay home for GYED in their place.
43:58   …This is… this is…
44:02   This is the answer for the Hungarians, and not migration.

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  1. Wow! now that is a family friendly policy. He supports marriage and childbearing. This is 100% opposite of the feminist abortion promotion cult.

  2. What an amazing speech. I wish great success to this plan for Hungary’s future good health as nation. God bless Viktor Orban, his government, and all the people of Hungary.
    Hungary has experienced first hand the suffering under marxist/socialism. Meanwhile alarmingly, that ‘disease’ is growing elsewhere around the world. “There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.”
    Tess, Australia.

  3. Fantastic! Long live Viktor Orban! What an intelligent man and what great ideas on solving the “migrant” problem. I sincerely hope his program succeeds big-time!

    I have visited family in Hungary and it is a beautiful country with friendly people.


    P.S. I am grateful to be an American who immigrated to USA from Hungary (via Austria) when I was 5 years old… America has been good to our family and I want to be good to America but I DO love Hungary and my family there as well.

  4. Great speech. Children are a blessing from God not a curse. God has infinite resources. Jesus Christ is the only way to know the true God. He is the true God. I wish we had more leaders like Viktor in the West.

  5. with the way things are going here maybe we should all go Hungary. I only wish the winters weren’t so cold.

  6. 30:46 As the President of the European Commission phrased it:
    “We must create the possibility for legal migration into the EU.”
    “We shall move the goal-posts. Border restrictions will be abolished.”

  7. I love Mr Orbán for all the reasons you all do, plus, it would appear to my untutored ear that he speaks Hungarian beautifully–so beautifully and clearly, indeed, that I can even pick up new words from him. The takeaway word today is Pókember. I just love it!

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