Yellow Vest Demonstrations in Germany

The three videos below feature Yellow Vest demonstrations from last weekend in different cities in Germany. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first clip is from Wiesbaden, which seemed to have the largest demonstration. The Yellow Vests were harassed extensively by the Antifas, and were only partially protected by the police:

The second video is from Stuttgart, where the protest mainly focused on the Greens:

The third clip is from Heilbronn, where the issue was the government’s new ban on diesel vehicles:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Hello “C**t”!
00:06   They way they behave is so dumb.
00:09   Never, never, never again Germany!
00:11   To express one’s opinion in public freely is difficult.
00:18   POLICE CALL FOR BACKUP: “Moving along the right side of the street, need reinforcement up front!”
00:22   Now it is getting really intense.
00:28   We ask you to please maintain the separation!
00:36   Why are the police just standing there? They’re waiting. —So that the Antifa attack us.
00:41   What are the police doing? Won’t you be escorting us further? —Do I have to?
00:45   We are being threatened, you see for yourself! —Then pack up your camera and go!
00:48   On the way home we are attacked by the Antifa!
00:52   You are the one that should piss off! Go on, get outta here already!
00:56   Antifa member then punches a man’s head several times.
01:00   I don’t feel safe here. —You need to be careful! Be careful!
01:02   Hello lovely people! We are on the way to the yellow vest demonstration. —At the main train station in Wiesbaden.
01:10   The folks from Abendl@and TV are here! Ralp Bühler is also there, great! —Hello. —I’m the prettiest in Occident!
01:20   Greeting from Poland! —Thomas from “Bewegt Was” is also here! —Hi! Great to see you both!
01:25   Sign: Not RIGHT vs. LEFT / Not LEFT vs. RIGHT / From the BOTTOM to the TOP
01:28   Sign: No Old-Age Poverty! / Increase Pension Rates / No taxes on Pensions!
01:31   Sign: Yellow Vests —Hessen —Take to the streets, for social justice. We will continue until it is reached.
01:42   Yvonne from “Hand in Hand”. —There are quite a few yellow vests in Germany, aren’t there? —Yes. Thank God!
01:45   I honestly didn’t think that so many people would show up.
01:58   Sandra, organizer from #wirsindvielmehr demonstration (We Are Many More) —“Our life is being sucked out.
02:01   From every side. Starting with taxes, the over expensive electricity, over expensive heating costs, TV tax,
02:05   long term care insurance that is never enough, and the implementation of the refugee policy.
02:09   Rent prices have climbed to an unacceptable amount. All this money is being spent in every possible corner
02:13   right over our heads. Germany shining to world with its generosity, but for its own people —they see very little!
02:47   Even before we start, we are harassed by the first Antifa member.
02:51   Hey look, here’s the first one here from Antifa. You know I’m filming, right?
02:55   Check this weirdo out! Unbelievable!
02:58   Hey Doro, look! We have our first leftist, what do you think? He’s blocking us, just because I am filming.
03:05   Hey, hello, hello! —Can you stop provoking me?
03:10   What’s the matter, Henryk? —We can just go to the police. —I’ll get the police. —Go ahead, get the police.
03:14   Let’s take a walk out of here, OK? —Yeah, but I still want to report him.
03:20   Report who? For what? —I told you, he’s just an idiot. Cute, huh? He’s traumatised for his entire life.
03:36   Here we go! Within the first few feet we encounter the first Antifa blockade.
03:39   We’re about to start and Antifa is standing right over there. Sign: “Get Nationalism out of your heads”
03:45   Never, never, never again Germany!
03:51   Now it is getting really intense. We are being blocked. If the police do not remove them, we aren’t stopping.
03:58   We are not going to just stand there.
04:27   One, two, three, thank the police!
04:47   I’ve been greeted very nicely here from Antifa with “F*** you Stöckl!”. Three times so far.
04:53   The police are doing a great job today.
04:57   POLICE CALL FOR BACKUP (again): “Moving along the right side of the street, need reinforcement up front!”
05:11   The violence from Antifa escalates!
05:30   We ask you to please maintain the separation!
05:43   We ask you to please maintain the separation!
05:56   Nazis out! Nazis out! Nazis out!
06:01   Get out! Get out! Get out!
06:13   There were just some very intense clashes between the police and Antifa.
06:17   It is always so unbelievable how aggressive the Antifa fights against us and the police.
06:22   As you saw, force had to been used to stop them, but at least they did it. Last time the police just stood
06:26   comfortably watching without reacting at all. (Nicole from “Beweg was”) —I think it is good that the police
06:31   are behaving correctly and crack down. That’s the way it should be.
06:34   Proof that the local newspaper, “Wiesbadener Kurier” is playing dirty.
06:37   The journalist Wolfgang Degen, wants me ejected from the demonstration and try to pressure the organiser:
06:41   “Otherwise I am going to write something bad about the Demonstration”
06:45   (Sandra/organiser) —I am pretty annoyed that we were told we’ll be bashed in the press because you’re here.
06:52   Wolfgang Degen (Wiesbadener Kurier): “Stop Mr. Stöckl from doing a Livestream!”
06:56   Organiser: “No!” Degen: “Then I’ll write something negative about you!”
07:00   I was just approached by Mr. Degen and told that I must stop Henryk Stöckl from making a Livestream video
07:06   because if we don’t, he would brand us all right-wingers.
07:12   Who the Yellow Vests really are!
07:16   Are you indoctrinated by leftists? —No, it is important to maintain your own opinion. So when you’re in school and
07:23   25 out of 30 students say the same thing — that’s when you should start using critical thinking. —Are you able
07:27   to voice your opinion? Or do you have to watch out? —Yes, you have to be very careful what you say.
07:31   To express one’s opinion in public freely is difficult.
07:35   (Martina from Wir Schaffen Das 2.0) —We’re wearing yellow vests, why? Yellow vests symbolise a breakdown.
07:39   And we’ve had a serious breakdown in this country. How clean is an electric car anyway?
07:43   During the production of a battery for an electric car 17 tons of CO2 are pumped into the atmosphere.
07:49   These electric car batteries are just as environmentally harmful as the combustion engines of diesel or gasoline
07:53   cars that reach a mileage of 200,000 km. Cobalt is needed during production of these giant batteries, which
08:01   is mined under inhumane conditions in Africa. The mines are so small that children are used for this difficult and
08:10   dangerous work. They are enslaved and exploited so that the ecology fanatic politicians of the green party
08:17   feel especially good when driving around in electric cars. —I would have never dreamed that
08:22   I would be walking along a street hearing children scream “Germany you piece of s***, die a wretched death”
08:30   Never, never, never again Germany!
08:33   It is sad enough that we nearly have 1 million homeless in Germany according to statistic from the housing
08:37   department. That’s 1 million since 2014. So from 2014 to 2016 this number has doubled. The statistic states
08:44   very clearly that this homelessness is caused by the recent migration influx.
08:48   We’re coming back! We’re coming back! We’re coming back!
08:54   But it’s not over yet: On the way home the Antifa were lurking and stalking us!
09:04   Hello “C***”!
09:08   (Inge Steinmetz) —They are walking along side us and are yelling vulgarities.
09:16   What are you going to do with this? It is illegal by the way.
09:20   Exactly. It is you who are unable to have civil discussion. It is impossible to speak with you.
09:24   Why are the police just standing there? They’re waiting. —So that the Antifa attack us.
09:29   What are the police doing? Won’t you be escorting us further?
09:32   Do I have to? —We are being threatened, you see for yourself! —Then pack up your camera and go!
09:39   This police officer refused to escort us further although we were obviously being threatened and asked for his
09:43   help. Just a few minutes later Antifa became violent. Despite our warning the police stayed 30 feet behind.
09:47   That’s not better. —Leave us alone! —If you don’t want to walk in front of us then stay behind us, but a few feet
09:52   away. Or just stay here. Just stay there! —Be careful! Be careful! —I don’t feel safe here.
10:00   Be careful! Be careful! —I don’t feel safe here.
10:04   Why don’t you just stand still? What do you want?
10:22   They way they behave is so dumb. —What we are hearing is just embarrassing.
10:26   Honestly, my 3-year-old grandchild behaves better.
10:30   IT ESCALATES! Antifa punches a demonstrator several times in the head!
10:40   Nazis out! Nazis out! —You are the one that should piss off! Go on, get outta here already!
10:52   (Police officer) Please move along! Please move along!
10:56   Multiple punches from the Antifa member with his fist on the head of the man.
11:09   The Yellow Vests take over Germany! When? Every Saturday. Where? In every city.
11:13   Be a part of Europe’s biggest movement.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Greens get out! Greens get out! Greens get out!
00:07   And by the way, I reject any ideological taming of people.
00:16   Back when these monitoring station were set up,
00:20   the CDU had no idea that we had a Green party member
00:25   in parliament who was in charge and later would order driving bans. Greens get out! Greens get out!
00:34   Those who can’t hear: Listen! We are yellow and NOT green.
00:40   And just in case the CDU is serious about the
00:46   position it is taking about the driving bans, that raises a
00:50   question, Mr. Strobl. Why doesn’t the CDU leave
00:55   this disastrous coalition in our state and let it break up?
00:59   In our democracy, the strongest weapon we have
01:07   as citizens is the upcoming elections. Greens get out! Greens get out!
01:16   It is up to you which box you check,
01:26   but you should know one thing: Green is better on a traffic light than in parliament.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   We only have one demand at the moment, and it has to do with
00:03   the ban on diesel cars. Because of the diesel lie,
00:06   the environmental lie and the driving ban. I’m telling you,
00:10   after the diesel cars, they’ll come for the cars
00:13   running on gasoline. Then after that they’ll come for your junky electric cars, too.
00:17   The ones they tell you to buy. And after that we’ll be riding horses again.
00:21   Think about it. You are being impoverished. They just take your cars away
00:26   and say you have to buy a new one. Can you afford that?
00:30   How many of you don’t have enough money
00:33   by mid-month? But now you have to buy a brand new car. How’s that supposed to work?
00:42   Over 30 million liters of water, of drinking water,
00:46   are pumped into the ground to get lithium for the electric
00:51   batteries that the e-cars need. In the Congo, child labor
00:55   is used to mine cobalt. There’s a video showing how the
00:59   children are beaten. For electric autos. You need to think about
01:03   whether or not you want to support that. To switch
01:06   the entire world to electric cars is not even possible or realistic.
01:10   We already have good hybrid cars. We already
01:15   have good diesel cars. The diesel is being demonised,
01:19   which is nothing but lies. We have the hardware, and
01:24   the air quality has been improving, but the German Environmental Rescue,
01:28   this non-profit association, claims
01:31   something else. I think the German Environmental Rescue
01:36   has no [?]. And you smokers, are there any here?
01:42   When you smoke a cigarette, you are poisoning yourselves a
01:46   million times more than what is measured
01:50   at the monitoring station in Stuttgart. You are killing yourselves
01:53   and the environment while you’re at it.
01:56   How many smokers lived to be over 80, 90, or 100 years old? Just think about it.
02:02   We have flyers here and you are welcome
02:09   to take a few with you. The flyers explain who we are, what we do
02:12   and where the next demonstration will take place.

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