Media Silence on Muslim Rape Gangs in Finland

Katie & the Wolff report from a courthouse in Finland where the names of culture-enrichers are vastly overrepresented on the lists of defendants in cases involving the sexual molestation of minors. Not surprisingly, these statistics are not being covered by the Finnish media.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

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6 thoughts on “Media Silence on Muslim Rape Gangs in Finland

  1. Wonder if they have caught the German Fascisti who beat up the AfD politician. My guess: they are not even looking. Put out a $1,000,000 Euro reward and they will be ratted out fast.

  2. “Political reasons?” The Muslims are still a small group in Finland. Even if they vote as s bloc, they seem to be scattered and probably aren’t a pivotal voting sector. That is, they don’t determine who is elected. In the US, with the finely-balanced numbers between red and blue, many smaller groups, voting as identity groups, can heavily influence a local or regional election.

    So, what gives with the “political reasons”? Why is the reporting of small, but vastly criminally overrepresented minority groups a political matter? Any advantage the Finn party could get would be neutralized by the other parties simply withdrawing their support for massive immigration.

    Any government-funded program, such as migrant resettlement, generates its own bureaucracy with its perpetual pressure to expand its scope of activity; but again, it should be small enough at this point to not be irresistible. The US has several large-scale immigrant aid societies, generally linked to organized religion, all receiving government funding. For the US to reduce immigration numbers, including legal immigration, there would have to be some push back against the bureaucratic pressure of theses bureaucracies. Of course, pushing back against pressure for greater government spending is not a strong suit of the establishment Republicans, part of the Deep State.

  3. They not even looking 100%, all this dirty games and lies make sick in my stomach, when this people in Germany and all over Western Europe, stop voting for this traitors, ???, they like frozen or in the deep sleep, and they don’t want to wake up , terrified…

    • Indeed I think most people are still more afraid of the changes that might come than of voting Merkel or else, where they at least know what they can expect.
      And then if you beat up someone from the AfD (or any other moderately well know anti-imigration party) every so often, most people will subconsciously think this is going to happen to them if they support the party.
      Most people don’t think in propaganda terms, because they think that’s we’ve left behind in WWII or after the Cold War ended, but of course that couldn’t be further from the truth.

  4. I lived in finland for 8 years, the country was great, until 1992, 5000 somali bogus asylum seekers arrived ti finland via russia,

    This with the collapse of soviet union, and finnish unemployment at 30%, in 1992 it started, plus lots of arab sex tourists preying on finnish women, plus the homosexual scene began to emerge, sickening!!!

    Poof clubs like lost and found, dont tell mama, and a sickening homosexual public sauna in very center of helsinki, close to the torni hotel, [redacted] in queer public sauna, finns better wake up, the countrys a breeding ground for left wing commies, the helsinki university is loaded with usa marxist professors, spreading communist ideology to students, finland is full brainwashed feminists, its now a lunatik asylum, full of somali drug gangs, and knifings by turks, and African freeloders, and welcome to finland! I spent good years there, 1989/2003

    The problem is the eussr has stolen the country, and finns, better take up arms to get it back. Or finland is gone.

  5. The British media is similarly quiet on the recent arrest of 50+ Muslim paedophile rapists in the Bradford/Dewsbury area if Yorkshire England. Yes, that’s right – 50+!

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