Katie Hopkins Talks to the Finns Party About Muslim Rape Gangs

During their recent trip to Finland, Katie & the Wolff met with leaders of the Finns Party, which is the only major political party that opposes mass immigration and Islamization.

In the following video Katie Hopkins talks to the editor of the Finns Party Magazine about the rapidly growing incidence of rape by migrants of underage girls. Ms. Hopkins draws on her own knowledge of Muslim rape gangs in Rotherham and other British cities to help analyze what is now occurring in Finland, and what the future is likely to hold.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

One thought on “Katie Hopkins Talks to the Finns Party About Muslim Rape Gangs

  1. It’s the usual story.

    Finland is in relatively early stages of inundation by migrants, so they still have time for a relatively soft landing. They have the usual spineless, do-nothing politicians who would rather die than take a real initiative that might draw criticism. Finland has a history of a somewhat authoritarian government, perhaps made necessary by their precarious position as a neighbor to the Soviet Union during the cold war.

    In a way, I think a stronger executive branch of a government, whether President or Prime Minister or dictator-for-life colonel, might give a country a better chance to resist Islamization. A strong leader tends to identify personally with the identity of a country. Obama employed an imperial Presidency to make unprecedented executive decrees, but the Deep State (government bureaucracies and law-enforcement heads) worked overtime to tie Trump’s hands.

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