Muzzled by Google in Hungary

The major Hungarian Counterjihad site Dzsihádfigyelo has been under increasing pressure for several years from the international tech giants. Its resistance to Islamization is considered acceptable within the Hungarian milieu — which allows complete freedom of the press — but it violates politically correct norms west of the Iron Curtain.

Now its YouTube channel has been deleted. Here’s the report sent by Dzsihádfigyelo:

Major Hungarian Counterjihad YouTube Channel with 4 m. Plus Views Gets Deleted by YouTube Before the EU Elections

Under pressure: Hungary in the crosshairs of the globalists since the country has openly resisted the hijra

by Dzsihádfigyelo

On January 10, 2019, YouTube shut down the channel of the Hungarian Dzsihádfigyelo blog, the most significant counterjihad news site in the country.

The videos on the channel had had more than four million total views and had been regularly embedded in the news articles of the Hungarian right-wing media (, Mandiner, Ripost, Magyar Idok, Pesti Srácok, etc;

During the last two years, the leftist-Islamic alliance has tirelessly reported our YouTube videos, and in December 2018 we got two warnings within two weeks. (An example: we got warnings for this Tommy Robinson video: Moreover, some of the reported videos had been up on the channel for several years.

Then, to avoid losing the 450 videos and all our subscribers, we temporarily suspended the channel until the 3-month warning expired. To no avail: during the second month of our voluntary suspension, the channel was permanently deleted by YouTube — apparently for no reason.

So the channel had not been active since it had been suspended for one month and nobody could see it — how could anyone possibly report any video on it? … It goes to show that this again is a planned attack against the Hungarian counterjihad.

Back in 2017, Dzsihádfigyelo’s Facebook page was deleted six months before the Hungarian elections. ( And now its YouTube channel — curiously — was shut down six months before the EU elections, too — can it be a coincidence? …

Seemingly, the big social media platforms are not only censoring right-wing opinions, but they are interfering in the elections as well.

Since Hungary has openly resisted the Islamic invasion, it has been under pressure from all sides: EU institutions, the globalist mainstream media of the West, and social media platforms have been attacking the country.

10 thoughts on “Muzzled by Google in Hungary

  1. I suppose us conservatives must once again use the techniques for communication used during communism. For example: print newsletters and distribute them personally by hand.

  2. Elections in EU… It is logic. This is only the beginning. Think at all the people with an Android mobile, tablet, TV…
    IoT…think about that…
    And a lot more…
    Do you dare to speak with friends against the system ?

    • Instead of rage against the machine, why not laugh at it for the bas joke that it is. The Russians had it correct, in Pravda there is no Tass, and in Tass there is no Pravda.

  3. The same kind of censorship is practised by some social media companies through all of EU. In Finland for example The True Finns party candidates for the Finnish parliamentary elections that are to be held in next April, are having their Facebook and Twitter pages deleted, accounts locked and subjected to writing bans. This simply amounts to foreign electoral intervention and is very much against democratic principles. This kind of political discrimination shows how far the path towards dictatorship the EU has walked.

  4. This is to be expected from the Globalist/Islamic alliance. They will and are failing throughout our Lands. Laugh at them – and take advantage of the multitude of alternate platforms available (Minds. BitChute etc) available. Present our would-be rulers with so many targets they die from frustration. Never let Them silence you.

  5. This is another corroboration of my thinking that the large companies should be broken up simply because they are too large. This is different from the classic free-market theory, which views potential competition as the most effective rein on arbitrary pricing. The US government already has anti-Trust laws making it a crime for large companies to use their market share to affect the market other than through offering competitive pricing. For some reason, the US government is totally ignoring these laws in permitting the large tech companies to destroy customers holding views they don’t like.

    I think the future in internet communications will be paywalls. Subscribers will get the information they are willing to pay for. Those not willing to pay for the content they want will get bland information, censored viewpoints, and filtered content.

    It’s amazing what we put up with to save a few bucks.

    • Maybe a basic contradiction of capitalism, RonaldB, but it needs to be addressed, with more conviction than the failure of the banking system in 2010.

  6. Outlaw all moslem forms of dress and custom, then make sure to deport all moslems from your country. You will never regret it and we should all do the same. There’s plenty of wide open deserts and other wastelands they can infest and we can monitor them from space.

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