Jussi Halla-aho: “Finland Has Become a Hunting Ground for Criminals”

Jussi Halla-aho is the chairman of the Finns Party, the only major political party in Finland that opposes mass immigration and Islamization.

In the following video Mr. Halla-aho talks about migrant crime and culture-enriching welfare leeches. He proposes a measured, sensible program to roll back the cultural enrichment and return Finland to the Finns.

Many thanks to KGS for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Finland should be the home of Finns,
00:03   a Finnish refuge in an evil world.
00:07   Over the past few years it has become
00:10   a boarding house for refuge tourists, where Finns have the role of the payer.
00:14   The child rapes of Oulu and Helsinki,
00:17   as well as the public rape statistics,
00:20   has drawn the attention of more and more Finns to the fact that
00:23   Finland has become a hunting ground for criminals in the country
00:28   where Finns — even children — are game.
00:35   The media and politicians running for election are panicking, and are fully energized. However,
00:39   the problem is not new. It has continued and worsened over the years.
00:42   Nor is the problem born of itself.
00:45   It is the result of a naïve policy of disregard for its own citizens.
00:52   Thanks to the Center Party, Conservative Party and present day Blue Reform,
00:55   over 30,000 Arabs, Afghans and Somalis
01:00   were allowed to march from Sweden across the border in the autumn of 2015.
01:05   Prime Minister Sipilä presented an open call to the newcomers,
01:08   promising them a stay in his house in Kempele.
01:11   Ironically, it was Kempele that tasted
01:14   the new normal when an asylum seeker raped
01:17   a 14-year-old girl that same autumn.
01:20   Since then many people have experienced the same fate,
01:23   or have died, for example, in Kajaani, in Pori and in Turku.
01:28   What kind of people allow this to happen to themselves?
01:32   What kind of people elect leaders that allow this happen?
01:37   The good news is that this does not have to be the case.
01:40   This development has to be stopped and reversed.
01:43   Not, however, with populist declarations
01:46   that other parties are now filling the airwaves with in a state of distress.
01:50   But through coherent, sensible reforms.
01:53   The Finns Party offered them before the events in Oulu,
01:57   and offer them after the events in Oulu as well:
02:01   1. Sweden is a safe country. People coming from there
02:05   should not receive applications for asylum,
02:09   or in principle when proven to be unfounded.
02:12   2. Finland grants on the basis of subsidiary protection
02:15   a residence permit issued for four years at a time, when
02:19   in most other countries it is given for one year.
02:22   This has to change.
02:25   3. Residence permits issued on the basis of protection
02:28   shall be consistently withdrawn if there is no longer any need for protection.
02:33   It is a mockery of the Finnish people
02:36   that immigrants are vacationing in countries from which they have fled in distress for their lives.
02:42   4. The criteria for citizenship must be tightened.
02:45   A candidate for citizenship
02:48   must be in the country for ten years, and be able to support himself.
02:52   Citizenship must also be able to be withdrawn
02:55   for serious crimes.
02:58   5. Finland should not provide interpreters for people
03:01   who have been living in the country for years.
03:04   6. Illegal residents should not be provided with public services.
03:08   They attract unwanted and unsolicited migration.
03:11   7. Those refused a residence permit
03:14   should be detained if they cannot be removed from the country
03:17   and refuse to leave willingly.
03:21   8. The spiral of appeals must be cut. It’s ridiculous
03:24   that a person waits two years for the handling of an asylum application,
03:28   then upon receiving a negative decision
03:32   announces that he is gay or Christian, starting the process all over again.
03:36   Much can be done, but you have to want to do it.
03:40   Our goal is that Finland will be the least attractive target in Europe
03:44   for standard-of-living refugees and criminals.
03:48   The Center Party, National Coalition, and Blue Reform have given their evidence.
03:52   They are not worried about your and your children’s safety,
03:55   but about hate speech and their base values.
03:59   The Green-Left still want a policy that is even looser than it is now.
04:03   You decide for yourself what you want. But if you want things to change,
04:08   don’t vote for liars.

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  1. Very clear-headed, sane analysis. Thanks to this video, I now have a new term: standard-of-living migrants. I will use it everywhere.

  2. Agree with you, Plum, Halla-aho sounds like a clear-thinking person with a firm grip on reality and who, while speaking in moderate tones, does not try try to color his sentiment in shades of pastel or to “sweet talk” his way to political power. Uh, I think we could use his sort in the USA!

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