Katie & the Wolff Get the Brush-Off From the Mayor of Oulu

Katie Hopkins and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff — who now comprise the team known as Katie & the Wolff — are currently in Finland to investigate and report on the “grooming gang” problem that is now surging in the country.

The city of Oulu, on the Gulf of Bothnia in northern Finland, is known as the rape capital of Finland. Needless to say, most of the rapists of underage girls are culture-enrichers.

Katie & the Wolff attempted to meet with the mayor of Oulu, but were fobbed off on a subordinate. Afterwards they talked to the camera about what had just occurred.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

After the two met with the mayor’s representative, Katie Hopkins was interviewed by YLE, the Finnish state broadcaster. It’s a standard progressive state media outlet, roughly the equivalent of the BBC or the CBC. We don’t have anything analogous in the USA, but CNN would be a close enough match.

It’s unlikely that YLE will ever actually broadcast the interview. However, our Finnish correspondent KGS was there with his video camera, so what Ms. Hopkins said about Rotherham North will not be lost to posterity. Here’s the recording KGS uploaded to his YouTube channel:

15 thoughts on “Katie & the Wolff Get the Brush-Off From the Mayor of Oulu

  1. I am really of two minds here. I am thinking of a country like Sweden. In a country where the men let barbaric foreigners harass, frighten and even rape their own daughters, wives and sisters and then keep their mouths shut out of ‘political correctness’ – does such a pitiful country deserve to even survive?

      • A generation of Finnish girls will hate and fear foreigners thanks to the mass rape of Finnish children by migrant child rape gangs.

        Thanks Angela Merkel for opening the gates to the barbarians and ruining the lives of children all over Europe.

        Hitler thanks you for saving him from going down in history as Germany’s most evil leader .

      • It’s worse than that. The political establishment is comprised of people seeking the destruction of Western civilization so that global Communism can take over. They are literally deliberately destroying the society. Muslim killers and rapists are doing their job for them by marginalizing and disenfranchise the Swedish people. It is happening everywhere. The U.S. now too.

    • »In a country where the men let barbaric foreigners harass, frighten and even rape their own daughters, wives and sisters and then keep their mouths shut«

      “With law shall the country be built” states already Codex Holmiensis


      and this is the principle our countries are built on. No self-justice. We believe in rules and if the current rules don’t work, the task is to modify them, not to discard the principle.

    • Does Finland deserve to survive?

      Finland single handed fought the Soviet Union to a standstill in the Winter War of 1939. That counts for something.

      In a broader sense, both Sweden and Finland deserve to survive. The real question is, do they take actions, voluntarily and without coercion, that predictably and inevitably lead to their destruction. The definition Aristotle gives of tragedy is that the actor indeed commits a stupid or evil act, but the punishment or consequence is out of proportion to the actual offense.

      I saw both tapes, and in both cases, Hopkins and Wolff were talking way, way above the head of the interviewer. It was like trying to convince your dog logically to not cross the street. The conceptualization faculty was simply not there.

      Finland managed an independent existence for almost 50 years bordered by an aggressive USSR with which they had two wars: 1939 and 1941-45. So, Finland at one time had the right stuff.

      By the way, the local collaborators of Hopkins and Wolff included Junes Lokka and his fiancé, Tiina Wiik. Tiina is co-host of the Happy Homelands livestream by Ramzpaul on YouTube once or twice a week.

  2. They are not grooming gangs.
    They are racially motivated paedophile and rape gangs.
    Don’t buy into the airbrushed nomenclature, call it as it is.

  3. On our radio news this morning, 50 ‘men’ have been arrested for sexual offences. Where do the live? In bandit country, aka, Batley and Dewsbury in Yorkshire. Unbelievably, they have all been released pending trial. I wonder how many of them will fail to turn up for their trial.

    muslim crimes against young white English boys and girls is far from over. Reporting in the MSM is as usual scant and cursory.

  4. The West is finished – it has surrendered to Evil. A conspiracy of Absolute Evil will very soon achieve total victory over the entire Earth. At the present rate of corruption, within no more than another generation there will no longer be any civilisation: It will be HELL. Just HELL.

    The rest of human history will most assuredly be nothing but utter devastation and misery. As a species, we are no more than the most spectacular failure of that tragic conscious life that sprang from the meaningless union of Night and Chaos.

    No offence to the undoubted heroism of the admirable Katie Hopkins – but the species is no longer worthy of her efforts, nor is it in any case capable of benefiting from such selfless concern. We are damned, utterly damned, damned by the very fact of our birth, congenitally incapable of either conquering or redeeming our true nature – comprehensively and forever lost. Get used to it.

    • You are currently quite dysphoric. I’m not dismissing your feelings/judgment, but I am calling them a clinical problem based on your writing. If venting here brings some improvement to your despair, then that’s a good thing. If it doesn’t then you might consider getting some help for the bleakness.

      In an earlier iteration, following the destruction of WWII, such experiences caused widespread existential hopelessness.

      The world has been in worse shape than this, and such cycles will simply continue. It may be that you’ve been infected with a Leftist virus, a “Henny-Penny-the-sky-is-falling” gloom that seeps into everything and creates a global pessimism for the sufferer. Usually, this concerns things so large/amorphous that any “solution” is impossible. That’s why they choose things like climate, mass starvation, poverty, over-population, etc. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are always just over the next hill…

      This is your saddest gnash: We are damned, utterly damned, damned by the very fact of our birth, congenitally incapable of either conquering or redeeming our true nature …but if you truly believed that in the core of your being, you wouldn’t have the energy or will to post here.

      I hope you get help.

      • Dympha, I admire your very kind response to Mr. Davies. Mr. Davies, despite the bleakness of our times, remember that we still have options. And as long as we can make choices we can have hope.

        Ultimately it is possible to retrain one’s mind to choose happiness over sadness, and optimism over pessimism. It is possible to choose to fight over the acceptance of defeat.

        It is also possible to choose forgiveness to brothers-in-arms you may have disagreed with. You will be stronger for it.

        GoV, I have wandered over to your house from VTB looking for our lost friend, Yucki. If you see her please tell her to call home.

  5. They are as yet a tiny minority and this is how they behave. Imagine what is going to happen when they are more numerous and constitute a voting bloc. We know: the UK.

  6. I disagree. I think the interviewer didn’t have a real grasp of the English language, being that he speaks Finnish, a very difficult language. At least he didn’t interrupt or contradict Katie’s answers, which is more courtesy than many British and European media can manage. Those two women are courageous and clear thinking. I hope this video goes viral.

    • I was there. The interviewer knew exactly what he was saying, implying, and – even more importantly – what Katie was saying. Most Finns speak excellent English, so language is not an excuse for this [fill in the blank].

      He did not interrupt Katie because he did not know how to respond to her clarity, while he’d only muddy the already muddied water. What could he have said without making himself look even more a fool than he already did. Anyway, I don’t feel sorry for him given the monthly salary he likely receives for enduring this charade.

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