Diana West and Katie Hopkins at CPAC 2018

Last Thursday the Center for Security Policy held a panel discussion at the CPAC 2018 conference in Washington D.C. on the topic of “Whither Freedom?” Among the participants were Diana West and the British writer Katie Hopkins.

The entire presentation, which was chaired by Frank Gaffney, may be seen here; it’s worth watching in its entirety. The two excerpts below show the talks given by Ms. West and Ms. Hopkins. The former described the event in her most recent column:

Yesterday [Thursday February 22], I had the privilege to join Katie Hopkins and Deborah Weiss at C-PAC 2018 on a Center for Security Policy panel moderated by Frank Gaffney. Our topic was “Whither Freedom?” and we three panelists each treated a different threat — the Left/Russia (me), Islamization of Europe (Katie) and sharia (Deborah).

In each case, the threat to freedom is compounded if not created by deception — Big Lies entrenched as conventional wisdom, “fake news,” false narrative, all of which drive crucial strategic missteps while disarming our natural reflexes and undermining our natural loyalties.

When it comes to the Left/Russia, just think: If Joseph McCarthy is not the demon child of American history and is in fact the hero of American history then everything we’ve been taught is wrong. …

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading the videos.

Diana West at CPAC:

Katie Hopkins at CPAC:

10 thoughts on “Diana West and Katie Hopkins at CPAC 2018

      • I saw it all from the reference, 2nd paragraph 2nd line.

        Thank you for your work.

        I hope attendance at the Secure Freedom forum was as good as it was for the rest of CPAC. That could be a kind of measure of how awake our conservatives are.

  1. Katie Hopkins is a witty Lady , but when she mentions the Calais squat camps with those who want to go to GB and says ” why would anybody want to go to Germany” she is clearly off track. BTW, Germany is not an island as is GB.

  2. add. to my recent comment: apparently ,Ms.Hopkins is not a keen reader of GoV when Germany is concerned. If she were, she would know better and the Germans could be happier with the few thousand wannabe- Britains instead of the million oriental invaders we do shelter and feed. They know that medical treatement is better than NHS, and there are no restrictions on polygamy.

  3. Also whle I have some admiration for Ms Hopkins’ courage in speaking truths others would rather not hear, her comment about Ebola was frankly disgusting.

    • Do you really think so? Aren’t plagues like Ebola exactly why the African birth rate is so high?
      Do you think the world can sustain people; feed, house and tend to their medical needs, with a burgeoning flood of illiterate, non educated populace that knows full well that if they can only get to a Judaeo-Christian society they will be taken care of to the grave?
      I find that disgusting.

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