Callers to an Italian Talk Radio Show Say: $%@!?*&# Islam!

The following clip is an excerpt from a free-for-all on an Italian talk radio show that was broadcast on June 9, 2017.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   Who’s there? Donato? Mustafa wait, we have a friend of ours on the line here.
00:09   Tell me, my friend. Tell me. —Hi, Giuseppe —Tell me, Donato. Tell me.
00:13   Said with this voice: “Hi, Giuseppe.” —Giuseppe, listen to me.
00:17   Have you heard this Mustafa fellow? —Too bad they’re always timing the minutes when I speak.
00:22   So… —Not really. —Is Mustafa on the line? —Yes, he is. —Mustafa?
00:28   Yes I’m listening. Go ahead —I’ll speak informally, not out of disrespect, but just because
00:35   I don’t love formality. —Yes, just be informal. —Umm… —Go ahead, Donato. —So, do you know that…
00:42   Do you know that Christians… Listen to me! Listen! —Yes, I’m listening!
00:46   For 2,000 years we’ve never had to deal with Islam in Italy.
00:51   2,000 YEARS! We’ve never had to deal with Islam. —So? So?
00:57   Therefore… firstly, I would jail all the left-wing politicians who have let all these Muslims in.
01:02   Well, then? —Not because I hate these people [Muslims]! I don’t hate these people!
01:08   These people just worship a god who is not ours! It’s not mine!
01:14   So? —Allah doesn’t belong with me! I’m afraid of Allah! —You’re afraid of Allah?
01:17   Just mentioning the word “Allah” makes my heart stop! Our God, and Christians should get it
01:23   through to their heads! The Christians m… And that horned pope! That horned one!
01:29   No, no, stop it! “Horned pope” once again? Parenzo, say something —OK, OK, OK…
01:35   Anyway —I consider this offensive. I consider him to be a cretin. Shameful!
01:41   Why do they want polygamy? —What? —They want polygamy, for what purpose? —To do what?
01:46   Tell me —Not because they want to screw around, not because they want to ejaculate in abundance!
01:52   They want polygamy to reach the point where they dominate Europe.
01:58   They take five wives per head! four kids per wife! 5 x 4 —Yes, 20.
02:05   I think it equals 24 each… —It’s 20. —You also need to multiply it by one million Muslims in Italy!
02:10   in 10 years where the f*** are we gonna go for shelter!? —Mustafa?
02:14   Where the f*** are we going to take refuge!?
02:17   I’m not mad at Mustafa! Mustafa needs to follow his god… —What should he do?
02:22   Go back to his country where Islam is. —In Morocco, that is.
02:25   And leave this land alone! This land is holy!
02:28   It’s got nothing to do with Allah! Allah and this land have n… Of course Mustafa would say —
02:33   So Mustafa needs go home? —“This land belongs to Allah!
02:37   Italy was created by Allah!” It’s over for us.
02:43   I am an Italian citizen! —Oh, he’s Italian. Mustafa says he’s Italian. He’s Italian.
02:46   I have as much of a right as you have to stay here in Italy. Number one.
02:49   No… but you’re still… I don’t presume you to be a fourth-generation Roman. I don’t think so at all.
02:57   And so what? —So what? Since I’m an Italian citizen, I have a right to stay here.
03:05   Number two: he’s wrong. Islam has known Italy since more than 500 years ago.
03:13   Whatever! Let’s leave history out of it, Mustafa. He’s saying you need to leave.
03:17   Then don’t even let him speak, because history… —He’s saying you need to leave! He said that.
03:21   No! I’m not going back to my country; THIS is my home!
03:24   In Morocco there aren’t 1.6 million Christians!
03:27   In Morocco 1.6 million Christians don’t exist! How about WE go to Morocco to have polygamy!?
03:34   1.6 million Christians should go to Morocco with their d***s in their hands: I want five wives!
03:40   Why?? —I didn’t get it. —They’d kill us! They’d destroy us! They’d cut our throats!
03:46   Why the f*** would Christians go to Morocco to propagate? And who the f*** gets in
03:49   if Allah is there? —These people come to the land of the true God YAHWEH, the true God
03:55   Allah came later. 700 years later… —Whatever. Parenzo, what do you say about Donato?
03:59   These people don’t even know who Christ is! Do you know what Islam calls Christ? “A prophet.”
04:04   I got it; wait, Parenzo what do you think? —I think Donato from Varese has hit the lowest point
04:11   of his life today. —Come on. —He’s insulted… —You have no valid points! —He’s insulted…shut up
04:18   You are an entropy! —Shut up! Shut it! —You’re an entropy! —Shut up! Shut up!
04:23   Sooner or later you’ll reveal that nothingness within you! —You’ve offended millions of people.
04:29   And be brave enough to tell it like it is! —MILLIONS. Millions… —piece of s**t!!!
04:34   Think of your children, you piece of s***! —You’ve offended…
04:38   —And that Sgarbi pig!? —What? Why? —Call that swine up! —Why?
04:42   Call Sgarbi —What did he do?? —Let’s see what he tells him. Call him!
04:46   Call him! —The radio will explode!
04:49   It’s useless for him to invent stories about paintings, thinking about paintings…
04:52   Call him! —with religious references. —Call Sgarbi now. —Why? —Has he thought about them? Has he?
04:56   What’s the matter? —Sculptures… —What? —of Botticino, Raffaello… —His name is Botticelli.
05:02   Has he thought of these things that have a religious reference? When Islam settles in Italy
05:06   they’ll become 15 million… those works of art…
05:09   that son of a b****Vittorio Sgarbi, does he know that
05:12   they’ll be destroyed!? Does he know!? —What’s this got to do with anything? What’s Sgarbi done?
05:16   That d***head! —What’s he done? —He needs to tell Islam:
05:21   Get the f*** out of here! For me, art works should be protected
05:27   Of course… —Why are you… —Of course they will destroy them.
05:30   Have you seen what happened in Mosul? That architect whose… —What… —head was cut off?
05:36   But why are you mad at Sgarbi? It’s not like he wants…
05:39   Sgarbi is a cultured person who has crammed a million books into his head,
05:45   but none of that helps him to understand that paintings and sculptures with religious references
05:50   will be burned to the ground! Because when Islam sees a Christian church,
05:55   do you know what it sees? Less than a s***hole. But they’re not telling you that now!
06:00   Parenzo? —They’re not telling you! —Parenzo, what do you say in conclusion?
06:03   I’m advising you to call Sgarbi up and to make him reason with Mr. Donato from Varese.
06:08   Try it right away. Call, Vittorio. —Go ahead. The f***… —Call him, call him, call him. —Hold up.
06:13   I want to see what Vittorio tells him. Calmly… I’ve lost my voice. —Hold up, hold up.
06:18   I commission Prof. Sgarbi, who maybe hasn’t yet met Prof. Donato from Varese…
06:24   I believe it’s time to have them meet on the eve… —Or Paco! —of this nice long weekend. —Or Paco.
06:30   No, no forget Paco. Call Sgarbi and tell him: “Excuse me Vittorio, there’s this gentleman called
06:34   Donato from Varese. Do you know him?” Then you put him on the line, he repeats what he’s said
06:39   and we have a debate on art. Let’s see, try it.
07:44   Well, we have here Mr. Donato from Varese who has insulted Vittorione Sgarbi heavily,
07:50   even calling him a son of a b****, a piece of s***…
07:54   I hope Sgarbi skins him right in the courthouse.
07:57   We don’t even understand the reason, though. Do you want to repeat why, Donato?
08:01   Simply put, why did you call him a son of a b****? Explain. —It’s figure of speech, I apologize.
08:07   You’re apologizing? Why? —I do. —Why is he a son of a b****?
08:12   He is because… because… because I know Sgarbi. I know him.
08:16   Why? What’s he done? —Well, OK, on the whole, he’s an intellectual to be respected, because…
08:23   And then? —he’s read lots of books —Oh, so he’s backing down now? Tail between his legs.
08:27   5,000 10,000 books. —Your tail is between your legs.
08:30   But it’s impossible for someone like him not to realize
08:33   (since he’s the defender of art in all its forms)… How can he not…how does he not understand
08:41   that Islam will soon destroy those works of art? —He knows it full and well that Islam may destroy
08:48   those works of art! —Fight, then! Fight! I love music; Sgarbi loves art. He should fight for art!
08:56   Sgarbi? Vittorio? —Well, I have to say that I agree with him wholeheartedly. I mean… apart from
09:02   my being a son of a b**** [more epithets]… but I don’t feel offended, because not only do I share
09:07   his views… —Exactly —but I without his knowing I say… do you hear me? —Yes, I do —Not only do I
09:13   Approve, but without his knowing, I tell this every time I do a show.
09:17   Every time I talk about Caravaggio I praise the crucifix
09:20   and I compare a Lorenzo Lotto painting to Caravaggio. I praise the nativity scene,
09:24   which some of our own (not so much Muslims)… —Exactly! —some Italian chairmen take out of schools,
09:29   as if being a Christian is something to be ashamed of. I agree on everything! I also know that
09:33   what he says is so true, that some progressive Bolognese moron
09:37   was thinking about having the frescoes
09:41   of Giovanni da Modena in San Petronio Basilica destroyed because they depicted Muhammad
09:47   crushed under the foot of Christ. But it’s no wonder,
09:51   it was the end of the 1300s, beginning of the 1400s.
09:55   Dante himself says these things. —So Donato doesn’t knows s***.
09:59   Sgarbi is a great defender of Christian works of art. —No, of Christian values.
10:04   In contrast with me, since I’m a… —I agree.
10:09   …disgusting, cynical atheist. Vittorio’s much more…
10:14   Vittorio is a major cultural authority. He should do this much more! Much more! —Maybe I should
10:21   Because time’s almost up by now! We’re almost at the end! Time’s running out! —The end of what?
10:26   Don’t you see [inaudible] polygamy? Don’t you f***ing get what polygamy is really about?
10:32   These people are dying to [ejaculate]! They’re bringing all the female Mohammedans here!
10:35   Where the f*** are we gonna go to take refuge? —What, he’s against Mohammedans…
10:39   He’s just saying (in a very excited manner)… —He’s against Mohammedans! —No, he’s against
10:44   the fact that… I remember it well: when I went to
10:47   Middle Eastern countries as a young man, the Muslim
10:51   world was oneiric, dreamlike, their own land…the fact that they now come here to bother the f***
10:56   out of us, that they’re entering our territory, results in a situation that he describes in such
11:01   a manner, but it was also said by Oriana Fallaci and many others. The pope —Well, now, comparing
11:07   Donato from Varese with Fallaci is just a no… —The pope has a rather different theory… —Exactly.
11:11   which says that since God is One, our God also created the Muslims, therefore
11:16   it’s not possible for him to set off a religious war. —Well, Donato insults the Pope all the time.
11:20   He’s right on that, too. The pope should stop getting into epistemological discourse on the creator
11:27   of the world and get into the historical one about the fact that while
11:31   we had our own crusades, now they’re the ones doing crusades. —So… —They come here to Islamize us.
11:36   So you agree… —I agree —that we’re getting Islamized. In fact the numbers… —It’s a huge risk, yes.
11:44   Not so much because we’ll adopt their costumes, but because they could subdue us at any time.
11:48   We may actually be a soft underbelly. Weak in comparison to… —Listen, in regards to their view
11:52   of women… do you agree with any of it? i.e. polygamy? —No! Well, polygamy is holy and noble
11:58   and we too practice it in a masked way. —Yes, without getting married, though. —But in regards
12:03   to sex they have repression. Of homosexuality, of female infidelity,
12:07   and of women that point out their inferiority.
12:10   That is, they’re inferior because they don’t respect homosexuals. That’s enough.
12:15   When homosexuals get into all these great fights (and you guys defend them) you are
12:19   enemy number one of the Muslim world! They can’t even comprehend… And the Jewish world, too.
12:23   The Jewish world and the Muslim one don’t even comprehend homosexuality.
12:27   Well, Tel Aviv, Israel… —There’s a difference though. You can have gay parades in Tel Aviv.
12:32   There’s a marvelous gay pride parade every year —Yes, you can, but the Jewish world…
12:36   But you can’t have one in Rabat… although Marrakesh is full of fags, let’s be honest. —Exactly.
12:40   Well then, goodbye Vittorio. —The world is full of paradoxes. —Great chemistry.
12:43   However Donato IS A HERO! He’s a hero! He’s a hero! —But he called you a son of…
12:49   You two on the other hand are little conformists! —He called you a… —Little conformists!
12:52   He called you a son of a b****! —I’m happy about it. —Come on. —I’m the son of a b****! —Come on!
12:55   I don’t even know him! —My mother is dead! I’m the son of a b****! A d***head! A piece of s***!
13:00   Yes, I am! But the world is full of inferior d***heads who are infinitely more of a coward than me…
13:06   —Goodbye. —We must fight against the cowards! —Bye, Vittorio. Bye-bye.
13:12   In the end… Parenzo, squeezed by the Sgarbi-Donato from Varese duo. —I am stunned. Stunned…
13:20   Donato has been declared a hero by Sgarbi! DO-NA-TO! DO-NA-TO! DO-NA-TO! Full force!
13:28   We’ll hear from you next time! Full force! Full force! Donato? Where are you??
13:33   Piccardo father and Piccardo son need to explain to me why they need five pussies at home!
13:42   What? Five? —When I want to [fornicate] some more, I know where to go! Why? Why? —Boldrini says:
13:48   Watch out, we’ll get sued now —“Let’s welcome polygamy!” because she’s waiting for it;
13:52   she probably wants to bend over herself. —No, no! Stop it with Boldrini! I can’t take it anymore!
13:56   Why? Is it shameful? Because she’s a woman? —Every time there’s a dossier this thick against us
14:02   created by Boldrini! I can’t anymore! —Well, OK. Boldrini? Boldrini? I’m sorry, you’re a good girl
14:09   You’re a friend of Christians! And she’s dead!

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  1. Interesting comment by the smug, smirking radio host, “Lets leave history out of it”. Good idea for him, as all history would show is one continuous invasion by islam into Italy, and islam in turn being driven out only by force. Just look at the Sardinian flag.

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