Another Family Medical Update

Our relative was taken off the ventilator over the weekend. I went to visit him today; he looks a little better than he did last time. He hasn’t woken up yet, but I talked to him for half an hour anyway. He moans and kind of thrashes around in slow motion, obviously in pain and trying to get comfortable. I had to leave when they took him out for an MRI, to see if they can figure out why he hasn’t woken up. He has been “intermittently responsive”, as the nurse put it, to instructions about moving his arms, etc.

By the way — based on several emails, some of our readers seem to be assuming that it was the future Baron who was in the car accident. That’s not the case; the patient is a different relative. The fB is fine.

2 thoughts on “Another Family Medical Update

  1. “Sort of” good news but still quite a ways to go eh guys..”Hang in there” and “Hope you’re keeping well” just don’t work in this scenario..Seems to be quite the battler, your relative..(just like you guys)..That’s why I have confidence that he’ll get through this crap..

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