Christian Monk in Egypt: “I Think it’s Time for the Islamic Empire”

The following video is an excerpt from a documentary that aired on Duna, the Hungarian public broadcaster. It features an interview with a Coptic monk in Egypt, Father Maximus, who discusses the persecution of Christians under Muslim regimes, and what lies ahead for Europe as it becomes more and more Islamic.

A note from the translator:

This is the translation of the Hungarian dubbing of an interview originally done in English. I was concentrating on the Hungarian version when I was translating back to English, so obviously I could not match word-for-word with the original, which can be heard in multiple places in the interview. Also, because of the nature of dubbing the Hungarian translation, the original English is not always in sync. I matched the translation in sync with the Hungarian dubbing.

The following description accompanied the original video:

The documentary was made by Beatrix Siklósi and Géza Marossy, two Hungarian documentary filmmakers, about the trips to the Middle East and Egypt by Father Csaba Böjte (a Transylvanian-Hungarian Catholic monk, renowned for his homes for orphan children, in which he housed, taught and integrated for society in the most civilized way, thousands of orphan children, in a Romania, where usually the institutions for orphan children are places of abuse, rape, etc.), Szabolcs Sajgó (representative of the Jesuit mission) and György Hölvényi [Hungarian MEP from the Hungarian Christian-Democratic Party, Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz’s ally], under a Hungarian government program for helping Christians from Middle East, Iraq, Syria and Egypt to start a new life in their countries. This documentary shows the life and tragedy of the Christians under Islamic and terrorist rule.

Two documentaries were made. The first part is about the Iraqi and the Syrian Christians, and the second one about the Egyptian Coptic Christians, the terror attacks against them, their harsh life under constant threat.

The part of the documentary presented here was filmed in the monastery of Saint Anthony the Great, where the Christian monk founded the first monastery near Nitria in Egypt. An interview with Father Maximus, who lives in the monastery with 120 monks.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

43:46   Father Maximus lives here with 120 monastic brethren. Here he lives, works and prays
43:50   for every one of us.
43:54   What is happening now is the result of acts by man.
43:58   The result of men’s thinking. For example, see the question
44:02   of immigration. The Americans convinced the Europeans
44:06   to accept the migrants, because
44:10   the plan is to have ISIS all over Europe with
44:14   the migration, OK?! The Americans convinced the Europeans
44:18   to do this in the name of freedom and human rights and
44:22   the other blah blah. But this is not the truth! The truth is
44:26   that ISIS infected the whole of Europe.
44:30   But if they are so interested in human rights, if
44:34   human rights are so important, then why not in Syria, Yemen, Iraq
44:38   and Libya where they protect them, everybody there, where
44:42   they live? Why do they let them leave their country?
44:46   They say: “We fight against ISIS in Syria”, but this is not true;
44:50   they fight against the Syrians, and it is ISIS
44:54   whom they help. The result is that all the Syrians are leaving their
44:58   country.
45:02   My vision for the future of Europe is very bad,
45:06   and of course with USA and Canada the situation is the same.
45:10   They have a bad future ahead of them. But first
45:14   let’s look at the present European population.
45:18   At how old the immigrants are, especially the ones who are not Christians.
45:22   Their population [Muslims] is growing very fast. If you look at France,
45:26   right now there are ten million non-Christians.
45:30   But how big is the French population, compared internally?
45:34   Based on the reports in Canada,
45:38   in 2020 the 50% of the population will not be Christian.
45:42   This will mean that in the countries of the free world, the Muslims
45:46   who live and work there will be voting too.
45:50   True? They will be in Parliament, won’t they? All these countries
45:54   will lose the fight! — And what will happen
45:58   to us, to us, Christians? — I think it’s time for
46:02   the Islamic Empire. The Islamic Empire will
46:06   grow very fast, because they keep this goal in view;
46:10   they have a, goal and that is why they are going there, to develop faster
46:14   and have a larger population. After this
46:18   they can win the fight in Parliament.
46:26   … They want to conquer Europe?
46:30   In the modern meaning of the word, YES! —That is what they want, right?
46:34   Sure! This is the plan. — That is the plan? —Yes that is the plan!
46:38   That’s… The Islamic Empire.
46:42   This is the plan, because
46:46   in olden times they used horses, soldiers and force to conquer
46:50   countries, but not anymore; this is not the same force.
46:54   Just like the Americans, they conquered the world with something else.
47:02   What would you suggest? What would be a solution? Is there a solution?
47:06   What would you suggest to us, Christians living in Europe, connected
47:10   with European culture?
47:14   I think European culture should return to
47:18   its faith, to protect itself with God.
47:22   Because He is the only power, who can protect them.
47:26   And He is the only one who can give faith to them for their fight,
47:30   and when they become persecuted. Because they will be persecuted!
47:34   This is absolutely certain!
47:38   The persecution of Christians will make
47:42   the Christians’ faith stronger. But if you look at the
47:46   centers of Christianity, Greece or Italy,
47:50   these were only the center of Christianity.
47:54   The Christians there are not like the Egyptian Christians,
47:58   because those Christians have been persecuted since the 7th century,
48:02   and the persecution made their faith really strong.
48:06   With that they become really close to God, because they
48:10   asked for God’s help and support.
48:14   And if we see when they [Muslims] go there to kill people [Christians]
48:18   — in Upper Egypt — then the people, the locals say:
48:22   It is good, we are Christians, we are ready for this.
48:30   So there is no change, even in this globalizing world?
48:34   No, there is no change in the faith! —No change
48:38   in the faith? —If we see the martyrs of
48:42   Roman or Byzantine times and the martyrs of today,
48:46   it’s the same; the people are proud to be Christians.
48:50   That is because the families guard the faith strongly?
48:54   They are close to the church? —Yes, they are keeping
48:58   the faith in the families, and the church supports them in that.
49:02   Because are church is still very strong. We can say,
49:06   ours is one of those rare churches
49:10   that still believes in the sacraments.
49:14   We have two sacraments, and among us everybody still practices
49:18   the sacraments, so everybody has to be
49:22   christened; everybody must marry in the church, must
49:26   make confession, must participate in Holy Communion.
49:30   We are still believe all of this. And still
49:34   practice all these rituals.
49:42   The faith of Christianity will be strong forever.
49:46   Because God told us there will be persecutions.
49:50   You will face persecutions, but do not worry!
49:54   Do not worry about who will kill your body.
49:58   You should worry about who will kill
50:02   your spirit.

16 thoughts on “Christian Monk in Egypt: “I Think it’s Time for the Islamic Empire”

  1. The Muslims are playing their part in satan’s end-time scenario and they are too idiotic to realize it. Islam is a 1400-year old plague upon humanity.

  2. The center of gravity for Christianity has moved south and east: to Africa and China. Their ecclesiology will not much resemble that of the churches of Asia Minor or Europe, since Christianity adapts itself to local customs.

    …Change is hard to live through but compared to the rest of history we’ve had it easy…

  3. Why, yes, of course, all the orphanages in Romania, except for those managed by the pious Hungarian fathers, are places of abuse and rape! Well, let me tell you, my friends, you’re well on the same path you took 700 years ago and I suppose you know where that path leads to. And yes, Moslems were involved too, loads of them.

  4. This “blaming the USA” for everything has passed its expiration date.

    “No pushback” against islam as policy is very old, and very failed, and very, VERY lethal. Can I be the only one to see this?

    The inability to “fight back” on the part of those ostensibly on ‘our side’ of the fence in EUrope seems very weird to me indeed. An enemy that comes in huge numbers is not the threat that it once was in 1683–not since the invention of the Maxim Gun, anyway.

    • “Blaming the USA for everything”. The USA government was hijacked by the Globalists decades ago, since then all of its political and economical moves are supporting the Globalist interests. For the outside observer it looks like the US doing this… It explains, the ” popularity” of Americans in many countries of the world.

      • That is indeed the case. If we speak to the fact that the citizens of America – as in Europe, as well – have lost all control of our governments, then we will realize it isn’t America they hate, it is the U.S. government.

        In Europe, it isn’t the people we hate, it is the EU government in Brussels, and the governments in England, France, Germany, etc. They have sold out their people, giving precedence to the muslim invaders that they willingly admit to their countries.

        None of those governments, save in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and (perhaps) Russia, do anything to protect their true citizens or their own borders. Their “leaders” are intentionally replacing them with muslims because muslims don’t need borders, don’t require lines of demarkation drawn. They intend for the world to become one global body – as the globalists want – but that body will be islam, ruled by sharia and the imams and/or ayatollahs.

  5. Exupery wrote an amazing book Citadelle “Wisdom of the Sands” . “I want to stop the caravan going.” Islam is planted to throw mankind back – an ideal tool. Your leftists play along with them, pushing the idea of a perverted future.
    The book has a remarkable chapter – the Berber rebellion (in the beginning). Perfectly describes the mechanism of what is happening now.
    Someone wants (in his own way) to “awaken the god in us” by arranging a great slaughter.

    • ISIS is the perfect expression of islam. It is the truest and most exact example of adherence and performance of the beliefs and commands of the qur’an, hadiths, and sura. So, ISIS is a part of the problem that is islam.
      It is the “poster child” of islam.

  6. To paraphrase: Do not fear those that want to kill your body, fear those that want to kill your spirit.
    A few articles up was a report about a German school that will no longer have their traditional Christmas celebration during school hours or, a few articles down the French town that was ordered to remove their traditional creche from town hall.
    These are spirit killing actions and the people doing this is your government. THEY want to kill your spirit and all else follows from it.

    • I was initially taken aback by this monk’s sanguine attitude regarding the Islamic Imperium. But on further consideration, I realized he’s living in Egypt, one of the first Christian countries to be taken over by Islam and made into a decrepit hellhole. This, in a country which was once the breadbasket of the Mediterranean.

      Islam makes deserts, as Mark Twain noted…

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