Vehicular Jihad in Melbourne

Here we go again. A downtown street in a major city is cordoned off. Police guard the perimeter. Emergency vehicles clot the area, lights flashing. Medical personnel and passers-by huddle over crumpled figures on the pavement.

And the first thing the authorities say? “No connection to terrorism.”

This time it’s in Melbourne CBD (Central Business District), on Flinders Street. Late this afternoon (early this morning our time) a car ran down pedestrians on a crowded sidewalk, wounding 19 people. The accounts emerging after the incident follow the standard playbook: a lone-wolf driver with a history of mental illness who has no connections to terrorism. The second man arrested is just a bystander taking photos who happened to have three knives in a bag. And, yes, both of them are Muslims, but so what? Are you a WAYCIST??

An Australian reader named RA sends this report:

The police have just held a media conference and it turns out this has nothing to do with terrorism. One of the two Muslim guys arrests was just filming the incident and (though found with three knives in his bag) it turns out he was just an innocent bystander.
The attacker was the sole guy in the car, and is a 32-year-old man of Afghan descent who was known to police and has mental health issues. And though it was definitely deliberate, according to police it is not related to terrorism.

He was known to police because he had some minor driving charges and a minor assault arrest or conviction. He has mental health issues because he has used or was being treated for drug addiction. So apparently his deliberate running down of (now) 19 pedestrians was not terror-related.

And from Salome, also in Oz, summarizing the news articles:

  • A white SUV collided with pedestrians on Flinders St just after 4.30pm
  • Police say 19 people were injured during the incident, 15 of them are stable and four are in a critical condition
  • Police have emphasised there is no evidence to connect the incident with terrorism
  • Victoria Police have arrested the sole occupant of the car, 32-year-old Saeed Noori, who is of Afghan descent and has a history of drug use and mental illness
  • A second man who was filming the incident was arrested. He had three knives in his bag
  • Police have not established a relationship between the two men who were arrested
  • Nine patients have been taken to The Alfred hospital
  • Three have been taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • A child with a head injury has been taken to Royal Children’s Hospital and is in a stable condition
  • More patients are at St Vincent’s
  • Two men are in custody and are being questioned by police
  • Buildings fronting onto Flinders St were evacuated
  • All pedestrians and vehicles are advised to avoid the area
  • Premier Daniel Andrews says there is no intel to suggest we need to change our current threat level or threat assessment

From The Herald Sun:

Pedestrians hit by car in Melbourne CBD, two men arrested

ICE-addicted Afghan-Australian Saeed Noori has deliberately mowed 17 pedestrians down in the CBD in an “act of evil”.

Noori, who was known to police and was on a mental health plan, roared through the Elizabeth St intersection on Flinders St and slammed into innocent shoppers, workers and tourists.

After his Suzuki SUV smashed into a tram stop bollard an off-duty cop — hailed on Thursday night as a hero — dragged Noori out of the vehicle.

Victoria Police Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said Noori, 32, had a history of drug abuse.

Sources said he had missed a medical appointment earlier in the day.

“He is still in custody, under arrest for what we allege is a deliberate act,” Mr Patton said.

Pedestrians aged four to 83 needed hospital treatment after the horrifying rampage at one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections, with four critically injured.

The four-year-old, a boy, suffered a serious head injury but was said to be in a stable condition in the Royal Children’s Hospital on Thursday night.

The off-duty police sergeant suffered an injured shoulder as he fought Noori after the white Suzuki slammed into victims at 4.41pm. The critical incident response team then swarmed the SUV.

One witness said the driver, dressed in blue jeans and a white T-shirt, appeared to be unconscious when he was dragged from the vehicle.

“They (police) were knocking him … trying to wake him up. He got pulled out from the passenger (side of car).

“He was pulled out of the car with a gun at his chest, like the big one (large gun) … they dragged him out … he looked unconscious.”…

A second man dressed in a flannelette shirt and blue jeans, who was seen filming the attack on his mobile phone and had knives in his bag was arrested at the scene, but was not believed to be related to Noori.

Australian resident Noori, of Afghan descent, was on Thursday night under armed guard in hospital.

Police said he was known to authorities, with a history of drug use and mental health problems. He was expected to be questioned by detectives on Friday morning.

From Yahoo News:

Police Identify 32-Year-Old Man as Alleged Melbourne Driver

The man allegedly behind the wheel of the vehicle that ploughed into pedestrians in Melbourne’s CBD has been identified.

The incident unfolded on Flinders Street shortly after 4.30pm as a white 4WD mowed down pedestrians, injuring 19, with four critical including a four-year-old boy and an 83-year-old man.

Victoria Police identified the driver as a 32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan descent. Police confirmed he was the sole person in the car.

He was previously known to police with a history of drug use and assault matters.

The 32-year-old also has a history of mental health issues and police believe he has been receiving treatment for his mental illness.

He is one of the 19 hospitalised and is in a stable condition, remaining under police guard.

Another male, aged 24, who police believe was not related to the incident, was also arrested at the scene.

According to police, he was seen filming the incident with his mobile phone and was in possession of a bag containing three knives.

Fifteen people are in a stable condition in hospital and four are in a critical condition.

Additional articles:

Hat tips: RA, RW, SS, and Salome.

31 thoughts on “Vehicular Jihad in Melbourne

  1. Everyone present was terrified. Police say this is not a terror incident.
    We have to add to our word list of contradictions – War is Peace, Black is White …..

    • It is not considered terror as it is not linked to a modern day group, like “Boko haram”, “ISIS”, “Al nusra”, “Al qaeda”, etc.
      We are blinded by the willful ignorance of today’s bureaucracy/elite to 1400 years of history of supremacist Mohammad’s followers.
      Does a memorial garden /seat/plaque etc. assuage the public?

      “Everyone present was terrified”
      1st the 4wd… Then?

      Was another vechicle going to be coming through?
      Was a bomb going to go off in a vehicle? or a bombers vest?
      Was a knife slasher, stabber going to run amok?
      Was some one going to be coming out firing a gun?

      The off duty police man is a hero, in immediately coming forward, to apprehend the driver.

      With drugs, mental un-wellness, and being of Afghanistan descent, shows that ideology of islam also has a major influence, whether quoted or not.

      “I have been made victorious with terror ” Bukhari (4.52.220)
      With “The “context”, ten “remarkable” facts” [islamic sources]

      For the Australians of the Bourke Street attack Jan 2017, now Flinders Street.
      Read the koran in chronological order, and take in the abrogation verses. Read the hadith, sunnah to gain context.
      LEST WE FORGET, 1400 years of Mohammad’s terror doctrine.

    • Plenty of people have drug problems, it’s just coincidence right that this guy is from a country with a known history of exporting murderers to Western nations and chose to plow into a group of people which thus far has been the favoured attack of moslems living in Western nations.

    • What I find most sickening in all of these ‘accidents’ (incidents) that the first responders are on the scene minutes into tending to the injured and the lackeys,lapdogs and groveling apologists of Islam in the corrupt political class are issuing statements prior to any investigation , interviews, or collection of evidence. This is Political Correctness (cultural Marxism) gone mad.

  2. Uh huh, so a mentally unstable man with drug dependency issues is able to get hold of a reasonably new SUV. How does that happen?

    “Premier Daniel Andrews says there is no intel to suggest we need to change our current threat level or threat assessment”

    So why did Melbourne’s acting police commissioner feel the need to reassure people that with upcoming events there would be hundreds more police on the streets if this was a one off?

    They don’t know that, they’re playing Pollyanna.

    Also who walks around with three knives in their bag?

    • “Also who walks around with three knives in their bag?”

      You never know when you might need to halal butcher a lamb or two or three… The wise islamist is always prepared!

      • Did you mean sheep instead of lamb. Still plenty of sheep around, lamb not so many.


      Concrete bollards were erected along the side of some Melbourne city roads by the government in June, after a number of vehicle-related terror attacks around the world.
      [Bourke Street attack, 6 killed, 30 injured, nearby Flinders Street. Melbourne January 2017]

      The streets and landmarks around Melbourne’s Flinders Street station have been the target of multiple attempted terrorist plots, all foiled by police within the past year.

      Less than a month ago, a man was charged with terrorism offenses over a plan to shoot “as many people as he could” on New Years Eve at Federation Square, a large public space beside the [Flinder street] station.

      In December 2016, Australian police announced they had foiled a plot to blow up improvised explosive devices around Melbourne’s city center on Christmas Day, including Flinders Street Station.
      It was described as “one of the most substantial terrorist plots that have been disrupted over the last several years.”

      LEST WE FORGET 1400 years of slaughter, “Premier Daniel Andrews says there is no intel to suggest we need to change our current threat level or threat assessment”

  3. The propaganda channels don’t even have to do the news massaging, the delivery channels have been streamlined: the propaganda comes straight from the police department. And what for?
    The save the derrieres of the jackasses who brought in on their country when the native uprising begins?

  4. Clearly, law-abiding and patriotic Australians need to turn in their firearms, so that these car attacks won’t happen.

  5. The propaganda from the Acting Police Commissioner is straight from the Premier’s office. the Premier of Victoria is in power courtesy of the feral marxist union movement and of course Melbourne being the hub of that pestilence they usually vote leftwing. They have been most welcoming of “refugees” in recent years, primarily as most of the inner city suburbs are green-left or labor left voting stock – rusted on if you will. They will not wake up until there are mass murders occurring on a daily basis and then I repair of any civil unrest. Disarming the population by the former “conservative” PM back early in his reign was a marked accomplishment, although the muslim and african refugee lot seem to be able to obtain guns and other weapons with impunity. Maybe this is because of a number of their confreres are in key positions in the border force and customs and have been for a number of years now. More of this sad nonsense will happen until people in OZ get some cojones and stand up to the police nonsense and perhaps lynch a few politicians. Most idiots here fail to realise that there are very few police compared to the population at large and also there is not much in the way of armed forces to control them if the Govt so desires.

  6. Police in Melbourne are frightened of being ambushed by the Apex Gang after the mass gang brawls. The African gangs are so large they are becoming small armies. The jails can’t cope now so they can’t be locked up and that would be racist anyway. Law and order only works when most people are law abiding. The model fails when most people are not law abiding and then we have chaos. We are nearing chaos.

    • Yep that will happen when leftists preach that black people are a higher order of human being and the problem lies solely with their racist white victims.

  7. Fascinating to watch this disappearing from the msm sites along with widespread deletion of comments.
    So cynical.
    Never once did the media claim OR A or Loyalist terror group attacks were the result of psychiatric problems.

    • But then the English media were tapping into their deep well of anti-Irish sentiment.They were shamelessly channeling the spirit of the days of signs in every English boarding house window :

      “Lodgers wanted .No dogs ,no Irish”

  8. Now they Terrorism and terrorist attack mental disable , very interesting, and having 10 knives on top !!!, I thought only Europe and Germany laying and twisting facts , I guess I was wrong..

  9. Recently seen in Brisbane as well in Sydney, concrete bollards along the roads of shopping centers. ‘Merkill Lego’ as we call it in Germoney. I did not believe my eyes, wondering this was a necessity in Australia (where I visited my brother for the first time in 35 years). But now it proves to be an obliged article, even in this ‘Christian’ country. To which extent the so-called journalists will go, before admitting publically that these attacks are always related to islam, until the contrary is proven.
    I wish all readers happy survival of the next ones.

  10. To be fair, ‘my’ summary was just lifted straight out of the online newspaper. Only the bolding of the important bits was mine. There are now noises being made about the police playing politics by playing down the jihad angle. Oh, and noises about restricting driving licences for the mentally ill–as if being mentally ill isn’t (for normal, infidel, people) hard enough already.

    • It’s just disgraceful. Depression is classified as a mental illness.So now people who are depressed will be banned from driving.There’s a huge stigma around depression as it is ,which causes people to be afraid to seek timely treatment.

      Loosing your licence will be a further bar to seeking professional help.Also the stigma attached to suffering from depression will only get worse if mental illness and mowing down pedestrians in the name of Allah are inextricably linked in the mind of the public ,the police ,the ASIO(Australian Security Intelligence Organization) and the medical professionals

      It’s absolutely ludicrous.

      It would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous as so manifestly unjust.

      The mentally ill have now become the whipping boy of politicians, police and leftwingers.

      Historically princes were educated by tutors.The tutors could not whip the prince for inattention ,laziness ,inability to grasp a subject or outright cheek.

      So a boy was always educated alongside a prince and he was whipped for every infraction of the prince’s ,he was punished his stead.

      This made no difference to the behaviour of the prince but it was a means for the tutors to vent their helpless frustration.

      So why the whipping boy in the modern context?

      Well politicians are too cowardly to admit that letting in Muslims is a vast mistake So they have to find another scapegoat.A scapegoat too demoralized and weak to fight back.

      The mentally ill fit the bill perfectly ,and so the mentally ill must be thrashed every a Muslim a mows down people ,rapes , stabs or bombs in the name of Allah. .

      • Sorry last sentence should read

        “The mentally ill fit the bill perfectly and so the mentally ill must be thrashed every time a Muslim mows down people ,rapes ,stabs or bombs in the name of Allah”

        • Also 7 th paragraph should read

          “So a boy was always educated alongside the prince and whipped for the prince’s every infraction”

  11. In this morning’s news: he’s not a ‘terrorist’, but a ‘fixated person’. Now police are focusing on about 300 ‘fixated persons’. They haven’t yet worked out how these Islamic terrorist organisations work–they simply remind the faithful of their duty and leave it up to them. Then the ‘fixated’ among the faithful go to work. And since the duty is to strike terror into the hearts of everyone else, the ‘fixated’ are terrorists, too. God save us from the present government and opposition, the latter almost as blind as the former to what’s really going on.

  12. To clarify for Melbourne’s “authorities” (sic):

    Jihadist No.1 was the one driving the assault vehicle. 4WD helps with traction so as to kill/run over people better than 2WD vehicles. (See previous such attacks in USA, etc.)
    He is in fact a Jihadist–really.
    He is no more nutty (or drug-addicted) than all the rest of the world’s muslim imports.

    Jihadist No.2 was there to film the action for posterity, recruiting videos, or just for fun.
    He is ALSO a Jihadist–really.
    He is ALSO no nuttier that your average muslim import, either.
    Drugs? We dunno. Yet.
    His ‘knives’ were there to dig the grime out from under his fingernails, or the gore off his shoes, or maybe just to finish off the wounded. Who knows?

    I usually carry two myself–but I’m just an Episcopalian.

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