We Don’t Need No Integration

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

By the way: It reminds me of that old Cheech and Chong routine with Sister Mary Elephant. The sister — a nun teaching school in the ghetto — says sternly, “Give me that knife!” Then you hear the KA-CHUNG of a thrown knife embedding itself in the desk, after which the sister says calmly but frostily, “Thank you.”

Germany: Syrians Get Into “Religious” Argument in Integration Class, Stab Each Other

An original translation from Neue Rhein/Ruhr Zeitung:

Argument in the Integration Class: Man Wounded With Knife

Rita Meesters
December 19, 2017

WESEL. Syrian woman comes into conflict with two men in an integration class; her boyfriend is critically injured afterwards. Homicide Department is investigating.

As a consequence of an argument among the participants in an integration class, on Monday evening around 5pm a 23-year-old was critically wounded by a knife wound in the stomach. The two suspects, a 36-year-old Syrian and a 41-year-old man from Lebanon, were arrested in the early morning hours of Tuesday in their apartments in Wesel by a special police unit. One of the men resisted arrest and was injured during the arrest. He is being treated in hospital, the police announce.

Apparently, it was about religious matters

An argument in the integration class in the community college Ritterstraße. A vocal argument broke out between the two 36 and 41-year-old men, and a further participant of the class. According to NRZ’s information, it was supposedly about religious backgrounds; the women apparently was not wearing a headscarf anymore. There had been a conflict lingering between the involved parties for a while. The head of the class and the chief of the community college, Andreas Brinkmann, tried to appease, and calm down the heated situation.

But the argument continued in front of the community college building. First, a man who is an acquaintance of the Syrian woman was lightly injured in the head by a knife. Over the continuing course of the conflict, the 23-year-old, who is allegedly the boyfriend of the woman, suffered a stab wound in the stomach and was gravely injured. Police established a homicide team. The two suspects were arrested with the support of a special police unit in their apartments in Wesel.

Exact circumstances still not clarified

Police are still investigating the background of the deed, Ramon van der Maat of the Duisburg Police announces. It were still unclear who wounded the victim with the knife.

Community college chief Andreas Brinkmann and his team are shocked by the deed: “We never had anything like that before.” The German language classes at the community college have existed for twelve years; currently there are about 500 participants of different nationalities and religions being taught in 30 classes — in the classes it was, apart from smaller arguments, quiet and peaceful, says Brinkmann.

9 thoughts on “We Don’t Need No Integration

  1. we don’t need no integration,
    we just want your thoughts controlled,
    no Christian worship out in public,
    Hey, faithful, the infidels must be stoned.

    All we want is the crescent to be closed, yeah, yeah
    all we want is the crescent to be closed.

    with no apologies to Roger Waters who helped build the wall we now live with.

  2. Like wild animals – actually worse, animals would not argue with knives and about a “religious matter”.

    This is not gonna end up nicely. Yet – recently I met another German colleague and was assured that “all is fine on the refugee front”.

    Good to know. Sie schaffen es!

  3. Yeah, I want to turn in Muhammad. He sold me some bunk ludes.

    First it was punchlines to dirty jokes.: Nah, it’s just a little ice cream.
    Then it was Freak Brothers. Now Cheech and Chong. I just gotta say, my former impression of you two being the sort of Catholic-school version of conservatives is changing.

    • That same album had the song “Basketball Jones”, featuring the basketball player Tyrone Shoelaces. I loved that one.

      They couldn’t do that kind of thing nowadays, even though they’re “brown”. It’s off-limits, don’t you know…

      • You forgot “let’s make a dope deal” off of Big Bambu in which the contestant opens Door #3 and gets the FBI agent.

        • Germany: Syrians Get Into “Religious” Argument in Integration Class, Stab Each Other

          Who’da Thunk?!?

          After all what sort of “activity” could best describe the way that these “immigrants” enter European society, only to introduce their own neolithic sort of practices?

          Go ahead, infect your Enlightenment Era cultures with practitioners of iron-age values and see what happens.

          What could possibly go wrong?

  4. “The head of the class and the chief of the community college, Andreas Brinkmann, tried to appease, and calm down the heated situation.”

    And therein, I am afraid, lies the problem. The only thing which Arabs understand is strength and force. Any other approach is regarded as weakness and treated with contempt. Middle Eastern dictators (whether the dictator calls himself President, King, Sultan, Colonel, Sheikh or Ayatollah) understand this very well. Unfortunately, Western liberals never will, until perhaps their own necks are on the chopping block.

  5. “We never had anything like that before.”
    – You have seen nothing my friend. Your children, if you have any, will see much worse.

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